Upcoming Business Ideas in India

Top 25 Upcoming Business Ideas In India With Low Investment

Are you looking for upcoming business ideas in India, then you are at the right place here we have listed the top 25 upcoming business ideas in India which you can start with low investment.

We know that choosing the right business is difficult for a beginner, a wrong decision about business can break you and as we all know that India is becoming a vast platform for new upcoming business ideas. So you should need to choose the right business idea with the market research here we give you the top 25 upcoming business ideas in India which give you ideation about which business to choose.

What Do You Need To Study In Upcoming Business Ideas In India?

The Indian government’s Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency is encouraging young entrepreneur and they are providing capital to growing business in India, Also Foreign investors showing interest in an upcoming business idea. But while entering an upcoming business idea you need to do some research and study about future business ideas in India.

Points That Consider While Studying Business Ideas

  • Study of the market of upcoming business product and service
  • Customers behavior and pattern about an upcoming business
  • Capital investment required for a business idea
  • Registration and documentation required for business
  • Proper business plan for upcoming business ideas

List of top 25 Upcoming Business Ideas in India

1. Interior Designer

Interior Designer

With the present lifestyle, people are showing interest in the upgrading and beautifying the places where they live as well as where they work. People want their home and offices attractive and well design for their work, for that purpose people are looking for decor and interior according to their demand for the interior design.

As a changing lifestyle, the demand for interior designing is increasing day by day people are interested in decorating their home, offices, and shops as well. Therefore if you are having good knowledge about the decor and interior designing you can consider the Interior Designer as a profitable future business idea in India.

2. Pollution Mask

Pollution Mask upcoming business ideas in india

As we all know that all metro cities are dealing with the air pollution which is becoming a serious problem for the living things especially for the human being, controlling pollution is a big challenge nowadays but the civilization of the cities are also important therefore it is difficult to control pollution

So what is the solution to protect human health, people prefer pollution mask to get secure from the pollution, therefore the demand for the Pollution Mask is quite good in the market. By considering the development of cities and ruler area we can surely say that the demand for the Pollution Mask will increase day by day.

That’s why we added the Pollution Mask business into Upcoming Business Ideas in India because the manufacturing of Pollution Mask will give you a profitable business.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the trending businesses in India. Affiliate Marketing is the business where you can sell another company product using your marketing strategy and platform and you can earn through the commission that you will get after the product will be sold.

The main reason why people are choosing the Affiliate Marketing because you don’t have to buy product physically also don’t have to build inventory that saves your money, you can only use your marketing

If you have a great platform such as website, YouTube channel or any other platform, where you strategy to sold product. Are getting a good amount of traffic you can easily start the Affiliate Marketing business while starting Affiliate Marketing business you need to choose the right product by considering your audience.

4. Recruitment Firms

Recruitment Firms

With the increasing need for jobs for the employees and also the increasing demand for hiring the best candidate for the vacancy available in the firm, Recruitment Firms comes under other upcoming business ideas in India.

Nowadays Recruitment Firms is the growing business in India, Recruitment Firms business is doesn’t required any technical knowledge all it needs is small office space and contact, to begin with.

While starting Recruitment Firms you need to set your specific niche and you need to build a network in that specific niche apart from these you will require the proper business plan, recruitment strategy and system for Recruitment Firms

Apart from planning, you will require a solid marketing plan for your Recruitment Firms.

5. Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

Yes we know that you are wondering how Beauty Salon will be the upcoming business ideas in India because it becomes traditional business now but have you observe that the Beauty Salon is till trending business in India, Beauty Salon is the business which will never lose its charm and it will never get shut down Beauty Salon will remain in profitable till the earth continue to exist.

People are getting conscious about their looks, everyone wanted to look attractive and charming and the best option for it is Beauty Salon, therefore the Beauty Salon is coming under the upcoming business ideas in India.

The important part about the Beauty Salon is people are happy to pay if your service is good.

6. Coaching Institutes

Coaching Institutes

Every parent want their child to stay in the competition, most of the parents are working and not able to give time for the study of their children so they are preferring Coaching Institutes for the best academics of their children

That will make Coaching Institutes as a trending business in India, if you are good in any subject and love to teach you can start the Coaching Institutes where you can easily get the profit by simply sharing your knowledge, the best part about Coaching Institutes is you don’t need any physical product all you need is space where you can deliver knowledge.

7. Language Translator

language translator upcoming business ideas in india

The human is a social being and therefore they need to interconnected and interactive in their personal as well as professional life, with the increasing number of the foreign customers by the Indian startup, businesses need to get connect and interact with the foreign customers.

While interacting and interconnecting the main model is language, language is the only way to communicate with the people if you are not getting the language that your customers are using that will be a serious problem for your business.

Therefore the business is looking for the language translator which can speak, write and read many languages, by considering the growth potential in new startups and business the Language Translator will be the best upcoming business ideas in India.

8. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Now every individual wants to look attractive and the outfit is also one medium to look attractive therefore people are focusing on their outfit and fashion, people are having fashion sense they are searching for the good fashion accessories and dresses.

With the increasing demand of fashionable outfit, the Fashion Designer is growing business in India if you are the one who has the creative fashion skills and fashion sense and ready to serve the best for your customer you can consider Fashion Designer as a business idea.

While choosing Fashion Designer business you always need to get updated with the new fashion trend.

9. Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers

With the increasing number of the health issue people are getting conscious about their health also the youngster is getting attracted to the fitness, therefore, all age group is looking for the fitness centres.

With the increasing number of people who are interested in fitness, the Fitness Centers are growing rapidly the fitness is becoming a lifestyle which helps you to make money through fitness centre business.

10. Cyber Security

Cyber Security upcoming business ideas in india

As we all know that India is getting digitalize all business are showing their presence in the online platform also with the increasing number of digitalization the cybercrime is also getting increased.

Every business owner who has an online appearance look for the cybersecurity which secures their online properties like website, app and other online accounts, Cyber Security upcoming business ideas in India which give you huge returns.

11. Organic Product Stores

Organic Product Stores

People are aware of their fitness and diet, so they are searching for organic products, therefore, the organic product is getting popular day by day.

Organic Product Stores is becoming a growing business in India with the demand of Organic farm, organic dairy farm, organic livestock farm services, Organic Product Stores has great market potential, therefore, we consider Organic Product Stores as a profitable upcoming business idea in India

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12. Market Research Services

Market Research Services

Market Research Services’ job is to analyze the market of a specific business in the analysis of Market Research they study customer behaviour, their needs, their likes and preferences, cost sensitivity, the brand they prefer, product analysis.

Once they did with the Market Research they provide the data to companies which have customers driven business, this data will help them to improve their product and services.

Nowadays everyone wants to start their own business also the existing business wants the customer data, therefore, the Market Research Services come under future business ideas in India

13. Reusable Energy

Reusable energy

With the global warming red alert, the government of India generating the alterative resources and encouraging people to use and made the alternative energy, also Indian government offering special scheme and subsidy for the business which is ecofriendly and helps to generate reusable energy.

People are also getting a stand to protect the environment and they will prefer the eco-friendly sources, such as people are setting up solar panels and solar product which helps to generate energy.

By considering the global warming red alert and government approach toward the Reusable energy business we can surely say that the Reusable energy business is the future business ideas in India.

14. Share Market

share market

If you have well in speculation and you have knowledge about the Share Market you can start the business Share Market advisor.

People are curious about the Share Market and ready to take the risk. So if you will give them the exact guidance about how Share Market will work they will ready to give you a good amount of money.

Share the Market a good way of making quick money, but does involve risks if you are willing to take.

15. 3D Printing

3D Printing upcoming business ideas in india

Application of 3D printing is vast it can be used in manufacturing, art, and craft, architecture and medicines. 3D printing is technology by which you can make the 3D product. It does not require any technical knowledge with the small training you can start the 3D printing business.

With the considering the use and demand of the 3D printed product we can say that the 3D Printing is growing business in India

16. Podcasting


Podcasting is a fantastic way to earn money by simply sharing your expertise in specific niche podcasting is not only use to share information it is used as an entertaining medium as well. So if you are one who loves to entertain the people then you can consider podcast as a business.

17. YouTube Stardom

YouTube Stardom

This is the age of the digitalization and with the digitalization, people are spending more time on YouTube, every YouTube starts their journey with the camera and good concept, so you are the one who has the fantastic idea about YouTube channel you can start the YouTube as a business.

Once you will get the good and potential audience you can use them as a customer for your product of for affiliate marketing.

18. Drone Videographer

Drone Videographer

Nowadays people have craze about the videos they want video grader for the events as well as businessmen are looking for the videographer to market their product and service which helps to aware customers and grow their business.

In videography, there is another care about drone video people are shooting their videos by drone and ready to pay good money for it, so if you are the person who loves to shoot the creative videos and If you like piloting drones, perhaps you should consider working as a Drone Videographer.

19. Nutritionist


Everyone is conscious about their health and eating habits, if you are having good knowledge about the nutrient and diet you can create a diet plan for people and they will charge a good amount for you.

You can consult people about what to eat and what not; by considering the awareness about the health in people we can consider Nutritionist as an upcoming business in India.

20. Career Guidance

Career Guidance upcoming business ideas in india

Career Guidance is simply advising people on a career which suits on them, Career Guidance is not only rewarding but as a profitable business idea, Career Guidance business can be run on referral once your clients get satisfied they will refer others to get your consultation.

21. Jewellery Business

Jewellery Business

Indian people having craze about the Jewellery, especially women are looking for the matching Jewelry on their outfits. Jewellery items are largely accepted by Indian people and nowadays there is a trend of fashionable Jewelry people are looking for funky Jewelry.

If you are the one who is interested in manufacturing of Jewelry items then you can consider Jewelry business as a profitable venture, any individual can take a part in Jewelry upcoming business in India

22. Business Consulting

Business Consulting upcoming business ideas in india

People are looking for the business ideas and they wanted to start the business but they don’t know how to start the business so you can help them to start the business by consulting them for a specific business idea.

If you have experience in the specific field and you are expert in it you can share your knowledge and experience about that specific business and earn a good amount of money. To start the Business Consulting you need to study the specific business and its market growth.

In this competitive era, Business Consulting is a trending business in India

23. Extracurricular Activities Center

Extracurricular Activities Center

Apart from the academics student and parents are looking for the Extracurricular Activities in which they are having an interest like dancing, singing, acting, etc. people are finding the career opportunity through Extracurricular Activities.

If you are the one who is expert in any Extracurricular Activities and love to train other people then you can start the Extracurricular Activities Center which will help you to make good amount of money, by considering the competition in the surrounding people are looking for the one in which they become expert, therefore, the Extracurricular Activities Center will become an upcoming profitable business in India.

24. Embroidery and knitting

Embroidery and knitting

knitting and Embroidery is a time-honoured art of Indian culture. Embroidery and knitting work is loved by the people they are ready to pay a good amount of money for Embroidery and knitting, if you are the woman entrepreneur looking for the trending business in India then trending business in India is the best option for you.

25. Solar Businesses

Solar businesses upcoming business ideas in india

With the increasing awareness about the environment people get stand for the environment they prefer the eco-friendly product and service over other services, now people are building the solar energy system for energy generation.

Also, the Indian government is encouraging people to use the solar product, if you want to start the solar business you need to acquire the knowledge and skills about the solar or you can hire the team which helps you to build the solar system for your clients.

Solar businesses will be profitable upcoming business ideas in India.


No matter what kind of business you would like to start first you need to study that business and need to establish the proper business plan for it.

Just good business idea is not enough you need to implement the thing according to your business plan and also look for the marketing strategy by which you can promote the product and service.

If you think you have a great business idea that will be a fantastic upcoming business idea in India let us know via comment.

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