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Are you looking for top 10 Indian mobile company in 2019 then you are at right place here we have listed the top 10 mobile company in India

India reached the record of 34 million units in 2018 for Smartphone shipment, here we have listed top 10 Indian mobile brands, South Korean Smartphone maker Samsung is India’s no 1 Smartphone brand

Since 2013 with the shipment of 21% year on year and 16% quarter on quarter, after Samsung Xiaomi took second place, followed by OnePlus are top-selling mobile brand in India.

Indian mobile company

List Of Top 10 Mobile Companies In India In 2020

#1. Samsung

When we look for Indian mobile company automatically Samsung comes in mind, Samsung is a South Korean company discovered in 1969, and Samsung electronics India was started in India as a part of the Samsung group. And eventually, it became the best mobile brand in India.

Apart from the best Smartphone manufacturer, Samsung entered into develops, manufactures and sells other consumer products as well. Samsung largest android phone manufacturer with a 46% market share hence Samsung is one of the Top Mobile Phone Companies in India.

The market research says that Samsung had record-breaking growth where it registered 39% sequential growth quarter-on-quarter and 23% year-on-year. Samsung is consistently maintaining its top position in Indian mobile company because the company’s budget J lineup, Sustained J-series shipments are created the offline distribution strategy.

According to Indian mobile report, Samsung’s bestselling models are the Samsung Galaxy J2, Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt, and Samsung Galaxy J7 which are most liked by customers and these models has the biggest contribution for making Samsung Top Indian mobile Company’s

#2. Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi is the world’s 5th largest Smartphone Company and one of the best Smartphone sellers in India which is started in August 2011. Xiaomi became China’s largest smartphone company.

Xiaomi is created revolutionary growth in the Indian mobile market with its best smartphones and unique offices. Xiaomi becomes the best Smartphone brand in India because Xiaomi’s offers high-end smartphones at affordable prices, their budget offerings are loved by the Indian audience and they sell millions of devices in India each year.

Xiaomi has its operating system platform which is MIUI and it is becoming quite popular. Xiaomi bestselling Smartphone is Redmi Note 4 which is becoming the best-selling Smartphone in India with shipments of 4 million units and which also helps Xiaomi to be a top Indian mobile company.

Xiaomis pricing approach makes it best seller Smartphone in India, Xiaomi almost tripled its shipments year-on-year and doubled quarter-on-quarter in the last quarter.

#3. Vivo

Vivo Electronics Corp is another best Smartphone brand in India which is based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. The company is another Chinese Smartphone maker which was founded in 2009 and enters the Indian Smartphone market recently. It makes low-cost Android phones and those in the mid-range segment of the Indian Smartphone market.

Vivo Electronics Corp has 2.7% global market share which helps them to tank as a top Indian mobile company. Nowadays every mobile has a fingerprint scanner but it was first introduced by Vivo Electronics Corp in CES 2018, they used the “ClearID” technology developed by Synaptics.

Vivo provides the high-quality camera which is the most important competitive advantages by Vivo Electronics Corp. Vivo always introducing new technologies like Hi-Fi chip. Developed by American semiconductor company Cirrus Logic they had also introduced first 2k-resolution screen phone, the Xplay3s.

#4. OPPO

OPPO smartphones are founded in 2001 and launched their company in 2004, OPPO is chaises Smartphone manufacturing company originated at Guangdong, OPPO’s product is popular in Indian market which includes smartphones, Blu-ray players, and other electronic devices.

The OPPO smartphones launched OPPO Smartphone model R5 in November 2014, which was the world’s thinnest Smartphone at that time. OPPO has beaten the largest homegrown Smartphone manufacturer in India like Micromax as well as the largest brand in the Smartphone industry as Sony.

OPPO is one of the best Indian mobile companies which sales Rs 7,974.29 crore in the year ended March 2017.

#5. Apple

As we all know apple was started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, apple firstly started their venture as personal computer manufacturer but now they are entered in the mobile portal and they have tremendous growth in the Smartphone industry and entered into Top Mobile Phone Companies in India.

In India apple phone has great craze people liking their product, therefore, it helps apple to rank in the first order in Indian mobile company. Their phones are called a phone which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

Apple has their operating system called as the iOS mobile operating system, the first iPhone was launched on June 29, 2007, and there have been multiple new hardware iterations and up-gradation in new iOS releases since that date.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were launched in 2017 with adding a glass back and an improved screen and camera. Now Apple has launched 11 generations Smartphone with Named Face ID, but having no home button, and therefore, no Touch ID. The revenue generated in India is getting double from year to year.

#6. Nokia

Nokia is one of the famous mobile manufacturing company in India which was founded back in 1865 and based in Espoo headquarter, it is one of the popular and well-organized brands in the Smartphone industry. It was the largest mobile manufacturers in the world.

When android comes in market Nokia decided to sell their Devices and Services division to Microsoft. Even their Microsoft windows mobile phones were also popular Smartphone in India at that time Nokia had a fresh start with the Nokia’s best Smartphone model that is Nokia 6 this Smartphone went to sale in India in 2017, now the Nokia is currently operating on the mobile and tablet space under a brand licensing model.

We mention the Nokia in our top 10 mobile companies in India because of Nokia grab 8% of the Indian mobile market and it became Nokia as top 4th Indian mobile company.

#7. OnePlus

OnePlus is the latest Indian mobile company which is known for its ‘flagship killing’ smartphones And growing rapidly in the Indian Smartphone market, one plus is Shenzhen-based start-up. Which enter in India in 2014.

OnePlus smartphones are having flagship-level specifications and features and their price segment is settled between the mid-range segments, the OnePlus’s first Smartphone was the OnePlus One.

OnePlus design their smartphones for greater performance, quality, and price, the companies OnePlus 3 has great market growth potential with very first smartphones to boast of 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor.

With the latest Smartphone segment, OnePlus become the market leader. With the newly launched OnePlus 3T or OnePlus 5 OnePlus become one of the Top Mobile Phone Companies in India, OnePlus

One of the amazing facts about the OnePlus Smartphone is that the latest Smartphone by  OnePlus which is OnePlus 5T was sold out within five minutes of the special one-hour preview sale on Amazon. And with this amazing sale, they broke the company’s launch-day sales record and became the company’s fastest-selling device in six hours.

#8. Lenovo

After suffering from major losses in the late 2000s, Motorola, Inc. is divided into two separate companies. Which are Namely, Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility.

Later on. Motorola Mobility was first purchased by Google, but it turned out that the gaining was mostly about getting access to Motorola’s many patents. Google soon turned around and sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo in 2014 for $3 billion.

Lenovo is another Chinese Smartphone company based in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina. Which is also heading in India to capture the top position in best Smartphone seller in India.

Lenovo is not only selling the Smartphone in India but also its designs, develops, manufactures and sells computers, tablets, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, smart televisions, workstations.

Lenovo is a comeback with great potential and made 83% increment in shipment from the previous year. Lenovo is now trying to climb the ladder towards being one of the Top Mobile Phone Companies in India with its new Smartphone scenario.

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#9. LG Mobiles

LG mobiles are the third-largest phone manufacturer in the world LG not only manufacture Smartphone but also they are in other electronics product as well such as laptops, multimedia players, and home cinema systems. Also, LG is the world’s second-largest TV producer; therefore, it is called as world’s largest technology company.

LG Company is in a tough spot because they are the best Smartphone manufacturing company introducing all the latest technology but just can’t seem to stay in the crowded Indian mobile company competition.

As the report says that the LG Smartphone Company only posted a single profitable quarter from last two years, also the newly launched LG G6 is not able to make a sale. Now LG says that they are focusing on LG V30 which and camera phone and the mid-tier LG Q6.

#10. HTC

HTC Corp was founded by Cher Wang and Peter Chou in 1997and based in headquartered in Taiwan, HTC is a very old company which was firstly operated as an ODM and OEM.

HTC has developed its first Smartphone in 2008 which was HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1, HTC is now selling sells smartphones under its brand running on Android and Microsoft’s Windows.

HTC is now a well-known Indian mobile company but it is one of the best Smartphone manufacturers in India. In the last few years, HTC Corp. managed to give us several high-end, as well as mid-budget smartphones.

India has nearly 482 million, with this growing number of the Smartphone users as well as the upgrading technology in the Smartphone it is obvious that this question is comes into mind that what are the Top Mobile Phone Companies in India. also with the increasing number of smartphone users, the business opportunity related to a smartphone is increasing rapidly

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