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Top 10 Franchise Business in India

Today people are looking for the top 10 franchises business in India because the starting franchise business is alloy you to get the well-established business model and you can use the advantages of brand reorganization and the franchisor will support you for your startup. Here in this article, we have listed the franchises business opportunity

People are looking for the business ideas but they are not sure that their business would be successful or not they are afraid of taking a risk in this situation the franchise’s business is the best option for the entrepreneur who wants to start their business with low risk.

List Of Franchise Business In India

In franchises business, the risk factor is low and you have right to use the well established and well-known brand business model, additionally, you don’t have to spend in the marketing because the parent company gives you service in which they will do the marketing for your business.

Top 10 Franchise Business in India

In this article, you get the top 10 list of franchises business in India which will help you to select the right and suitable business franchises.

Here are the top 10 franchise business in india to work out the ideal investment choice.

Company is a job which is able to enable you to earn infinite gain in a shorter period if you work hard. In modern times, India is among the primary commercial and financial hubs of one of the South Asian nations, and there are a great deal of global entities coming into the country with different franchise opportunities.

Franchises benefit the associations by raising their footprints in India, also it plays a very important part in the nation’s financial growth with more job development. This is only one reason why folks are trying to franchise company in India.

#1. Patanjali

how to start patanjali franchise business shop

Investment Required: 7 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs

Area Required: 300 Sq Ft to 2000 Sq Ft

Patanjali is most trusted and popular Indian brand which has recently exceed the revenue of 200 cores, Patanjali is successfully run with the strategy of Aacharya Balkrishna and under the guidance of the Ramdev Baba, Patanjali ayurvedic medicine is a most value-added product in the FMCG market.

While starting the Patanjali distributorship or Patanjali franchises you will require minimum area space of 500 Sq Ft and capital investment of 7 lakhs to 70 lakhs, the investment depends upon the unit capacity of your business.

The expected break-even point in Patanjali franchises business is of around 2 to 3 years which is quite good as compare to other businesses.

#2. Domino’s Pizza

how to start domino's pizza franchise in india

Investment Nontraditional store: INR 50 Lakhs.

Investment Traditional stores: INR 30 Lakhs.

Area Required: Approx 1500 Sq Ft.

Official website:

domino’s Pizza was started with a small store in 1960 in united state and now it becomes the leading brand for the deliver delicious pizza all over the world, the Domino’s Pizza now arrives in across 70 countries including India.

In India, Domino’s Pizza franchises are coming under the Jubilant Food Works limited, apart from the pizza Domino’s are serving a different type of food like pasta, cake, bread, too Indian, chicken wings and many more. There are more than 550 dominos stores in India and it spread over the more than 120 cities of India, 72% share of pizza delivery in India.

Domino’s Pizza can be opened only as a partner of Jubilant Food Works limited. look for how to start Domino’s pizza franchises business in India.

#3. PMKVY (Pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana)

PMKVY (Pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana) is a scheme that comes under the skill India scheme which was launched by prime minister Shree Narendra Modi in 2015, the pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana) is launched with the aim of the growth of youth of India in different skills.

Different types of skills-based training are provided under the pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana), pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana) will give the authority to the training centers to proved the education for the youth of India.

The pmkvy (pradhan Mantri Kushan Vikas Yojana) scheme is intended to increase the employment rate from 5% in 2014, if you are interested in education industry then you can start the pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana) franchise, for more details you can check the official website of the pmkvy scheme.

#4. CCD Café Coffee Day

CCD Café Coffee Day franchise

Investment Required: INR 10 Lakh

Area Required: 1000 Sq Ft to 1500 Sq Ft

Café Coffee Day is Asia’s largest coffee company with the heritage of 140 years where people are looking for something hot and special, the Coffee Day’s dispensing machines Celesta and Sienna are playing an important role in Café Coffee Day to make customers happy.

Café Coffee Day is proving coffee maker machines which help to make the hot coffee or tea in one button touch machines are comes with the latest technology which makes the work easier and more convenient. Apart from the coffee, they will serve the hot delicious soups even the soups can be made using the celesta machine.

If you are planning to start the CCD Café Coffee Day franchises you will require minimum area space of 100 sqft and capital investment of 10 lakh.

#5. Jawed Habib

start Jawed Habib salon franchise business

Investment Requires: 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs

Area Required: 500 Sq Ft

Jawed Habib is one of the leading hair & Beauty salon chains in India, the company currently reach up to the 21 states and 85 cities of India, the company was started by the jawed Habib with the vision to provide the quality hairstyle and beauty service in affordable price to the customers.

Jawed Habib is becoming a popular brand in the salon industry, if you are planning to get the jawed Habib franchises you will require an investment of 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs INR and the term of this franchises business in India for 4 years.

Jawed Habib is one of the best franchise options from salon franchise among all top 10 franchises business in India

Top 10 Franchise Business in India

This is the top 10 franchise business in India which has great potential, you can start the franchise business in India with low investment and gives you high profit.

#6. First Cry

FirstCry Franchise Business

Investment Requires: 10 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs

Area Required: 1000 Sq Ft

The first cry is a popular brand for the kids’ wear which is providing the best quality product at a low price with great online shopping option. The shipment process for the online shopping of firstcry is very user-friendly and convenient.

The product launched by the firstcry are trusted and people are preferring them over other brands products, therefore, starting firstcry franchises is one of the best business options.

If you like to start the firtcry franchises you will require the capital investment of the 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs in which the franchisor will provide you with the marketing service apart from the capital investment you will require the minimum area space of 100 Sq Ft to establish the inventory for the product of the first cry. Firstcry is one of the top 10 franchises business in India.

#7. Jockey India: Page Industries

jockey store

Investment Required: INR 30 to 50 Lakh

Area Required: 800 Sq Ft to 1200 Sq Ft

If you are looking for the top garment franchises business in India then you can get yourself engaged with the jockey India which is trademarked under JOCKEY-INDIA: PAGE INDUSTRIES LIMITED.

Jockey India is a brand which is well known for the Innerwear/Leisurewear for Men and Women in India for the last 17 years, Jockey India is established  in 1994 and now it is spread all over India

If you are planning to start the franchise business in garment industry then Jockey India is most recommended franchises business option in India, to start the Jockey India franchises you will require the capital investment of 30 to 50 lakhs and minimum area space of 800 to 1200 sqft.

#8. KFC- Franchises Business

start KFC franchise business in India

Investment Required: INR 1 Core

Area Required: 1000 Sq Ft to 1500 Sq Ft

Kentucky fried chicken known as KFC is very popular food and brew brand which is originated in the US which was started in 1939, KFC first franchises opening in 1952 in Utah, and it now becomes well establishes the brand in India.

KFC is serving for more than 12 million customers every day, KFC is spread over the 115 countries and operated more than 17,000 stores internationally. KFC is the world’s largest restaurant company which is ranked on number 201 in the list of fortune 500 lists.

If you are planning to start the KFCfranchises business in India and to be a part of the food industry you will require the capital investment of 1 cr and minimum area space of 100 sq ft.

From the above List Of Franchise Business In India, you can choose the franchise option as per your investment and locality

look for how to start KFC franchises business in India.

Top 10 Franchises in India

Here are the top 10 franchises in india; India is your third-largest consumer of products and services in the worldwide industry. Automobiles, attractiveness, quick meals, education, health, postal shipping, style, and health care are a few of the most sought after domains for starting a company. Franchise firms are among these versions that manufacturers have embraced for growth in India.

#9. Lakme Salon

start Lakme Salon franchise business

Investment Required: INR 25 Lakhs

Area Required: 2000 Sq Ft to 3000 Sq Ft

Competitors: Yardley, Revlon, Garnier, L’Oreal etc

Lakme is number 1 and most accepted brand in a beauty product, which is not only famous in India but it is most popular internationally, beauty product has huge demand wile wedding season and Lakme is one of the trusted brands in a beauty product, therefore, people prefer the Lakme product over other brands.

Lakme establishes in the year 1952 which is now owned by Hindustan Unilever, Lakme franchises are spread over 75 cities in India, to open Lakme showroom you will need 25 lakhs as an investment in which they will provide the training on Lakme product and beautification so you will serve the best to the customers.

Apart from the capital investment, you will require the area space of 200 sq ft in which you can build the Lakme salon and product inventory.

#10. Lenskart

Lenskart Franchise

Investment Requires: 20 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs

Area Required: 1000 Sq Ft

Lenskart is the company that provides the optical lenses and frames, it is one of the fastest-growing eyewear businesses in all over the world, lenskart is started with the mission of giving vision at affordable price. Lenskart has a special program for woman entrepreneur which you can check out on lenskart official website.

Lenskart is started at 2010 by Peyush Bansal and now it has more than 170 profitable stores in all over India, if you are planning to start the lenskart franchises then you will require minimum area space of around 300 sq ft and it must be located in a potential area such as an optical store, clinics, malls etc.

Lencekart is one of the best franchise options from Optical eyewear franchise among all top 10franchises business in India

Franchise Business In India Without Investment

Apart from area and investment, you will have to come with an excellent educational background to start a Franchise Business In India Without Investment.

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