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How to start a YouTube channel and make money in India

Are you planning to start the YouTube channel business, and looking for YouTube channel ideas then you are at right place here in this article you will get the complete guide about the how to start a YouTube channel for beginners.

YouTube is 3rd largest site and nowadays YouTube becoming more popular because people had changed their way to search on the internet, they simply gain information in the form of videos.

People always prefer the video information over the written information, and therefore, the craze about the YouTube videos is increasing on the internet.

YouTube can be used as a digital marketing platform, with the help of YouTube you can reach to the global targeted audience.

you can build your client base and sold out any product online, therefore, every individual is searching for how to earn money from YouTube views

If you are love to go through the video camera and have good video editing knowledge and want to spread the information through the video format then you can start the YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel is as creative online business ideas.

Youtube Business Plan

How to draw a youtube business plan; If you would like to use YouTube to advertise your business, you’re going to be generating movies, plain and simple.

While this seems obvious, it is worth noting that while societal programs such as Facebook lend themselves to creating, posting, and sharing with an assortment of kinds of articles (videos, pictures, long-form text articles, brief updates, etc ), generating content on YouTube means you are going to be spending your time in movie production and video production just.

This notice is not intended to dissuade you, but instead to point out a strong fascination with creating video content is essential before leaping into YouTube. Do not just begin a YouTube station in a bid to benefit from all possible kinds of social networking marketing if you are not really interested in creating videos.

The practice of producing videos is time-consuming and has a small learning curve, so be certain that this system is something you have time for and curiosity about. With this out of the way, let us begin.

#1 Why you Should Start A YouTube Channel Now 

YouTube is a platform which allows users to upload and view videos also users can share, like and comment on videos, it is a popular website for videos created in 2005 and it was brought by Google in 2006 for 1.65 billion USD.

YouTube video channel business is coming under the digital marketing, and now every business want to represent their brand on a digital platform.

YouTube is one of the best digital marketing platforms by which businesses can easily reach to the global audience.

YouTube channel is one of the important digital platforms to promote business and products, apart from the marketing platform YouTube is also an entertaining platform very most users come to entertain herself.

Many YouTube are uploading entertaining video contain on YouTube, if you are the one who loves to entertain people then also you can start the YouTube channel business, here you will get the information about how to start a successful YouTube channel.

#2. Start Earning Money From Youtube Channel (7 Steps)

#1. Create Youtube Channel

Its great idea to start YouTube channel but before YouTube account sign in you need to draw a YouTube business plan, without a business plan you cannot run any business successfully here we have mentioned some points that you must have to consider while starting YouTube channel business.

#2. Find a Niche for YouTube

While staring YouTube channel business you need to find out the niche of the YouTube channel.

It is recommended to select the topic in which you already interested.

If you enjoying the video topic then the chances of the success of the YouTube channel will increased.

Here we mentioned some YouTube channel ideas

•    Fitness

•    Infotainment

•    Entrepreneur

•    Entertainment

•    Business ideas

•    Food and recipes

#3. Choose your Target Audience

It is one of the important tasks that you have to do before YouTube account sign in.

Do research on what does targeted audience want to watch.

To discover this you can check the Google trends and social media.

It will give you ideation about what people are looking for.

#4. Study your Competitors

while starting YouTube video channel you need to do research on the competitors video.

Study the way of the representation of your competitors and what audience like in them and what dislike in them.

According to competitors study you can manage your video content and improve your videos and serve them as an audience like to watch.

#5. Check Top YouTubers

Before starting the YouTube channel business check out the most viewed YouTube channels and YouTubers.

Study how they are doing it and what kind of uniqueness they are applying in their videos that will give you ideation about how to start a successful YouTube channel.

Here we have a mentioned top YouTube channel in India

1.    BB Ki Vines

2.    Amit Bhadana

3.    Carryminati   

4.    Technical Guruji

5.    Ashish Chanchlani

6.    Sandeep Maheshwari

#6. Skills Required to Start a YouTube Channel

1. Contain Base

Your audience likes a different type of content, so tries to cover all your content that will be enjoyable by every audience it will help you to reach a bigger audience.

2. Performance in front of the camera

When you are performing in front of the camera it will reveal your different side.

So you need to focus on your performance in front of the camera.

3. Camera handling

You need to be good with the camera handling; videos look great when it comes with a creative mind and different camera angles so you need to learn the camera handling.

4. Post videos on other platforms

Now there is a trend that videos going viral on Instagram and Facebook but only it has worthy content.

So try to be appearing in every social media like Instagram and Facebook.

#7. Equipment for starting a YouTube channel

Nowadays the smartphones having better cameras and other features if you have a Smartphone with better camera use can use it and for the YouTube channel beginner, it is best option to use the Smartphone camera.

Here we have listed equipment for starting a YouTube channel

1. Camera

If you are good with camera handling you can use the professional camera for video shooting.

2. Tripod

This is a small flexible tripod on which you can hold the camera or Smartphone.

You can also wrap it around the wall fixture.

If you want to shoot any steady shot then you will need the tripod.

3. Video editing software

There are many video editing software you will get the list of thousand if you search on Google for best video editing software for YouTube.

If you are using apple computer then you can use iMovie for video editing.

#3 How To Earn Money From YouTube In India?

  • Adsense
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Promotion
  • Paid Videos
  • Crowdsourcing

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