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How to Start Honey Processing Business | Small scale Manufacturing

Do you want to start Honey Processing Business? Here you get all detailed information guide for honey business.

Honey is a most consumable item for nutritional, medicinal and industrial use.

Bee farming needs more attention and better handling, the moisture content in honey plays an important role, honey, with 20% more moisture is thinner in consistency, the increase in moisture content is called gyroscopic nature.

Farmers are collecting the honey and sell it in the market, but nowadays honey farming has become a professional work.

There are forty types of honey with their unique taste and property; some of them are

  • Alfalfa
  • Blueberry
  • Buckwheat
  • Clover
  • Manuka
  • Orange Blossom
  • Wildflower

The targeted markets for honey are food industry, medicinal use, and domestic markets.

Honey Bee Farming Business Plan

Produce a honey bee farming business plan for the own bee farming company and mention every detail including overall expenditures, selection of place for beekeeping. Additionally, do market research and discover the profit margin in most products mentioned previously. Concentrate on producing products that have high gains in a brief run.

#1 Potential of Honey Processing Business

Honey bee farming businessHoney is the most consumable ingredient which is used in various foods.

There are many food processing industries that are using honey as a sweetening ingredient, this industry includes candy making industry, jam making industry, bakery, dairy products, etc.

Some of the medicines are also using honey as a sweetening item as well as the cosmetic industry used it as organic cosmetic, also honey is consumed as healthy food.

Apart from domestic demand Process honey demand in the foreign market,

The wax that relies on during bee farming is excellent for Candle Making Business, also used on surfboard, skin and as a lotion.

Honeybee farming also helps to pollination of flowers, therefore it has agricultural value.

Therefore the demand for honey is increasing rapidly, you can start the honey processing unit by individual or groups, apiary business has high-profit margin.

#2 Registration & License for Honey Bee Business

For starting honey processing unit you have to deal with different permits and registrations

# 1) Register of Companies: You have to register your company with the Register of Companies (ROC), According to your business pattern

# 2) Tread Licensed: You need to take tread licensed from your local authorities.

# 3) FSSAI License: Honey processing is categories under food item or food industry; therefore you need to take the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI license).

# 4) GST Registration: it is mandatory to apply for GST number for all the businesses.

# 5) PFA Act: Agreement with the PFA Act is necessary. Also apply for BIS specified quality standards vide IS 1011:1992o apply.

# 6) IEC code: Additionally, if you are planning to export your honey, then you have to obtain IEC code.

#3 Area Required for Honey farming business

Site selection in Bee farming plan is an important task which affects the honey production so it is advisable to start Honey Processing Business in an open farm area.

The location where bee farming is happening is called a “bee yard”; it is a scientific method of rearing bee that can produce honey and wax

You required decent and special designed place for bee farming, you can start it from your garden area or your rooftop, but make sure that you keep the bee yard away from houses to avoid any kind of trouble caused by a honey bee.

Your location must have sufficient space for haves and Honey extraction machines.

While selecting a location for bee yard you need to check some important factors that are mentioned below

Water Facility: Natural or Artificial source of water should be available.

Tree Covered/Garden or Shade Area: It is essential for saving the bee from extra heat of sun also protection from wind.

Cool Atmosphere: Excessive moisture contained in the atmosphere will affect honey, so try to maintain the moisture content of the atmosphere, the Site must have a dry atmosphere with no dampness.

Plantation: Honey Production Business can be beneficial in pollen yielding plants, it will minimize traveling distance for collecting honey, and it causes fast collection of honey with good quality.

Harvesting honey should be done with care, so it is advisable to hire experienced people to do it for you. Visit extraction centers that will help you in learning all the process

Laboratory: you will need to have laboratory unit for testing honey and bees. However, if you are starting small scale honey farming, then you can use other laboratories for testing purpose.

#4 Raw Material for Honey Business

The Honey Processing Business need more attention and care while handling the hives, you must have beginners kit, apiary armor, hive tools, smoker, smoker fuel, medication etc.

The most important raw material is food for bees.

In spite of the fact that there is a wide range of developments under investigation over the globe, three sorts of hives are most popular.

Top Bar Hive

It allows you to keep your bees at a convenient height. Involving of the alone and long box, this hive goes in for singular frames, which substitute for a characteristic honeycomb.

You should organize around 24 wooden bars under the wide and lengthy roof of the box. Each bar must have a starter strip, which the honeybees will use for setting up the brush.

 Langstroth Hives

It is vertically hanging frames allow the honey bees to set up their honeycomb advantageously. It is expansive and modular in design.

There are spaces between the inside covering of the beehive and the frames. There is space between one casing and the following.

Langstroth hive has enough space that guarantees that bees can’t stick each other.

Warre Hives

Warre hives are square boxes for this sort of hive. He felt that honey bees would prosper in a setting taking after the indigenous habitat, Warre hives, for example. Hollow Tree.

Each box is light and little, making the moving procedure very simple. Of course, there is a progression of slats, which traverse over the surface of each box.

The honey bees guarantee that their honeycomb hangs vertically downwards. The top of the container has material, which is appropriate for absorbing condensation.

 Horizontal Frames Hives

They are portable, instead of being settled as in the Top Bar Hives. The hive is reusable, even subsequent to gathering honey a few times. Easy to maintain

Rose Hive

It requires a lot of rooms since the cases are bigger. Normally, every case will require a lot of frames. Obviously, it is conceivable to continue including boxes, particularly since the broods continue duplicating.

The advantage of the rose hive is you can remove all the honey at one time, instead of going to frame by frame for collecting honey.

Here we have mentioned some various types of beehives

  • Beehaus
  • CDB Hives
  • Commercial Hives
  • Dartington Long Deep Hives
  • Flow Hives
  • Langstroth Hives
  • Long Box Hives
  • Perone Hives
  • Top Bar Hives:
  • Traditional Hives
  • Warre Hives
  • WBC Hives

#5 Lists of Machinery used in Honey farming Business

After selecting an ideal location for Honey Processing Business another important task is to divide it into four parts or key module.

These are collection center, processing center, packaging center, and warehouse.

Packaging: the packaging of honey is totally up to you; you can package it in a bottle with transparent packaging or designer printed bottle packaging and ensure that the honey is free from impurity.

There are some types of equipment you need while bee farming process, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Bee Venom Collector
  • Draining Trays
  • Food Graded Plastic Made Queen Cage
  • Gravity Clarifiers
  • Heating Tank
  • Hive Gate
  • Honey Extractor
  • Honey Filtering Tanks
  • Iron Hive Tools Of L Shaped & Curved Shaped
  • Measuring and Testing Equipment.
  • Packaging Machine
  • Queen Gate
  • Pollen Trap
  • Queen Rearing Kit
  • Smoker
  • Queen Excluder
  • SS Hive Tools Of L Shaped & Curved Shaped
  • Storage Tanks
  • Thin & Thick Beekeeping Brushes

Visit nearer apiary to collect extra knowledge about the equipment and machinery so it will help to choose the equipment for your bee yard.

Apart from the main machinery, you need some minor equipment to handle bee hives is beginner kit, hive tools and many more.

#6 Manufacturing Process of Honey BusinessHoney processing business

We need to follow the 5 steps for processing honey.

Step 1: Open Hive Frame:

Remove the top of the hive box, smoke up the opening to deliver the best lower to the hive box

Remove inner cover you need a mini-crowbar-style hive tool to remove the inner hive.

Step 2: Remove Beehive:

After opening the inner frame of hive you need to remove the bees from the farming area. This helps to take honey from the frame.

Bees are removed using a bee brush, smoker, electric blower, or keep the hive frame aside so bees are escapes and you can get the honey.

Step 3: Unclamp Honey:

After bees are escaped you get the hive frame with the honeycomb which is sealed with the wax.

You need to cut down the honey wax using a knife to open the honeycomb; one hive frame is having 1.5 kg of honey.

Step 4: Honey Extraction:

Honey extraction is the process where the honey get collected from the honey hove comb.

There Are Different Types Of The Honey Extraction Method:

Honey Extractors

Honey extractors are the electrically or manually operated machine which is based on the principle of centrifugal force.

This method is used to extract honey without destroying comb, especially used while the honey is produced using the Langstroth hives.

Straining Extraction Method

Straining extraction method used for fresh harvest, honey.

This is the very simpler method; where the wax is removed from the honey cell and allows it to pass through straining cloth which is placed and tie over the container.

Before packaging collect the scum (wax or cream) from the honey using the spoon.

Bulk Extraction Method

In the bulk extraction method, honey is pass through the various sizes of sieves.

Sump tank is connected to the series which is arranged in a concentric manner.

The semi refine honey is heated at the sump tank with 45°C to 50°C and then it passed through the sieves tank using gravitational force.

Scum (wax or cream) is collected to the topmost sieves and strained honey is getting collected in final sieves.

Pressing Extraction Method:

This is the traditional method of honey extraction.

In this method, the honeycomb is pressed using the honey press, which is done after harvesting.

After pressing extraction method honey is processed using water bathe extraction or strainer extraction method for fine quality.

Water Bath Extraction Method

In this method, semi-processed honey is extracted which is in the crystalline form.

Where honey gets heated in containers with 45°C to 50°C and then it allows passing through strainer cloth.

Step 5: Filet And Packaging

After extraction of honey, there is some amount of the wax or scum is floating over honey you need to remove it using filters.

After done with all the honey processing, honey is ready to pack for the selling you can pack the honey in the bottles using Bottle Filling Machine.

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#7 Where to Sell Honey

Marketing and sale promotion is the most crucial aspect of every business.

You must identify your Target Market, also consider both retail and industrial marketing and selling, build a distribution network.

Also, need to offer some scheme to attract customer, you can use various selling strategies.

Every market demand for Pure Organic and good quality honey if you have one then you won’t have a hard time selling your honey product.

After harvesting, you have to refine honey so that honey get clean from wax, the wax relies upon the honey processing is best to make candles, therefore, you can sell it as raw material for Candle Making Business.

We can sell Raw Honey without processing.

Preservation and Refining of honey are required to maintain the good quality of honey.

The packaging of honey is also an important factor in Honey Processing Business, you can use the bottles to pack the honey also that packing is helpful to promote your brand, print the user-friendly information regarding honey such as the quality of honey, price, your address and some other material that attracts customers

Some target markets for honey are

  • Medicinal Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Domestic Market

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