Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Best 111+ Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas – Low Investment

Are you searching for small manufacturing business ideas? Here we are listed down 111+ Small Manufacturing Business Ideas that will help you to build and grow your own business with small investment.

Being self-employed is the dream of every person running that daily nine-to-five treadmill.

Manufacturing doesn’t just mean putting parts together it includes converting raw materials into GOODS; the development that allows better and greener products to come to market that meets a customer’s expectations or specifications.

If you have the right training, education, and detail study about manufacturing then it is not a difficult task to do, so we started Step Toward Business With a Mission of Educating Students and People who want to Start Business and want to be an Entrepreneur.

New List of 111+ Small Manufacturing Business Ideas with Good Profit Margin, Low Cost Investment.

#1 Cashew Processing Business

cashew nutCashew is Seasonal Fruit, you cannot eat cashew in raw form it needs to process before make it edible.

Nations that create cashew have nearby fare markets. There are strict arrangements to Trading Cashew Nuts abroad. Cashew Nut Processing Unit can be initiated at any location by considering the raw material availability

Strong global demand coupled with compulsion on the part of the exporters, Arabian countries have a high consumption of cashew nut.

Cashew Nut Processing Unit started in the late 60s, which is became major producing crop after tea and coffee, processed cashew nut are consumed directly or in various form of food.

Cashew Nut Processing Unit is profitable Small Manufacturing Business Ideas; this article will help you to get through an idea about Cashew Nut Processing Unit.

#2 Mineral Water Plant

mineral drinking water plantMineral Water Plant is evergreen business. Everyone is conscious about their health there they prefer the Purified Mineral Water over the normal water so Mineral Water Making Business is best opportunity to make some handsome money in this health-conscious world.

Before initiating the Mineral Water business you need to does market reach and as this business is somehow intricate therefore it is advisable to take a Proper Guide. In this article we will get you through the detailed about the Mineral Water business that gives you rough idea on how things work in this business.

#3 LED Light Manufacturing

led cfl lighting bulbAre you looking for LED light manufacturing Business? Here you get a detailed business plan for LED manufacturing

LED stands for light emitting diode, it is a semiconductor, when current pass through this semiconductor it emits the light, LED gaining huge popularity day by day, LED lights are available in different colors, and range varies from 2700k to 6500k.

The LED bulb is having most Lumen efficiency of 110 lumens per watt, therefore, LED bulb consumes low electricity and give bright light as an output compare to CFL, Traditional Bulb, and Tube Lights

LED bulbs have a great life which is around 50000 to 80000 burning hours

LED products have great demand in domestic as well as international market, anyone can start LED bulb manufacturing business by an individual or in a group, and LED light manufacturing is a highly profitable business with low capital investment.

#4 Garment Manufacturing Business

garment manufacturing clothesEveryone wants cloth and nowadays People are conscious about their lifestyle and their outfit; this provides lots of demand for garment manufacturing; Garment Manufacturing is a multi-dollar industry

Anyone who is passionate about fashion design or has enough knowledge of the textile industry can initiate the Garment Manufacturing Business. Before starting the Garment Manufacturing business you need to study the skills required for Garment Manufacturing.

Garment manufacturing business required knowledge about the process technology and textile marketing.

In this article, we analyze the business plan for the Garment Manufacturing Business Plan which gives you enough information to start the business.

#5 Lathe Machine Unit

image result for Lathe MachineLathe machine is called as the Mother of All Machines; rounded work pieces are made with the help of lathe machine, there are many machinery operations are done with the use of the lathe machine such as facing, turning, threading, drilling etc.

Lathe machine is the multipurpose machine which is used to manufacture prototype pieces for special orders; therefore it’s no surprise that people starting the Lathe Machine Plant Business to make money.

People who want to start the lathe machine plant have the bigger question is that how to open the lathe machine unit and they have fear of contracts for running of the business, In this article will provide you a step by step guide for Lathe Machine Business that will help you to become a successful owner in this business.

#6 Detergent Powder Manufacturing

image result for detergent powder in cupIf you are looking for Small Manufacturing Business Ideas with low investment then Detergent powder making is a great choice for you Detergent powder making is consumer based business

India consumes around 2.7 kg per year and use is around 10 kg per year, the expected growth rate is around 8 to 10% per year in term of volume

A detergent powder is an essential and important ingredient in washing and cleaning purpose, therefore, the market demand for detergent powder is high

In this article, we discussed some points regarding business that may help you to get through Detergent powder making a Business idea.

#7 Honey Processing Business

image result in honey bee combDo you want to start Honey Processing Business? Here you get all detailed information guide for honey business.

Honey is a most consumable item for nutritional, medicinal and industrial use.

Bee farming needs more attention and better handling, the moisture content in honey plays an important role, honey, with 20% more moisture is thinner in consistency, the increase in moisture content is called Gyroscopic nature.

Farmers are collecting the honey and sell it in the market, but nowadays Honey Farming has become a professional work.

#8 Packaging Box Manufacturing

image result for packaging gift boxThe Packaging Box Manufacturing Business doesn’t demand any specific Educational background.

But it is having a great opportunity for whom having experience and knowledge of Commercial Packaging System which is plus point.

Attractive and durable packaging box is needed a product to send to the users, more than 80% of packaging is done with cartoon box for effective cushioning, easy fabrication, lightweight, easy storage, and disposal.

Packaging box comes with customized size and shape according to a requirement which is made with 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply etc variety of paper.

Printing and Advertising on packaging box is beneficial also it can be recyclable Packaging box are used in different sectors in good and every household items.

This article helps you in getting a basic guide to starting a packaging box manufacturing business.

#9 Agarbatti Manufacturing Business

Incense Stick AgarbattiAgarbatti Business has huge market potential as a manufacturing business in India because its demand is high at all time and in a festival season, it goes higher.

The burning of agarbatti in religious or social functions and in festivals has been adept in India as a Fragrance Creating substance has insecticidal and antiseptic properties.

Agarbatti is worldwide known as “Incense Sticks” termed as a thin piece of bamboo sticks coated with aromatic powder or paste of fragrance of natural ingredients like flowers or some kind of artificial chemicals.

#10 CNC Manufacturing Plant

The CNC Manufacturing Business is a productive business which has a lot of scope for growth. Anyone who likes to operate the machine and to build the things may enjoy running CNC machine.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, we all know that the NC (Numerical Control)machine are works as per the instruction program feed into the control unit(microcomputer), you can change the program data as per requirement.

Starting CNC machine unit in a crowded market with strong competitors can be challenging for the entrepreneur, here in this article we gathered important detail information about CNC business that will help you to start and grow your CNC machine unit.

#11 Bio-Diesel Production

image result for Bio-Diesel Production business planThe Bio-Diesel Production process is done by ethanol the use of ethanol or fat oil (Circus oil) which obtains from animal and vegetable fat.

The process where ethanol is used to produce bio-diesel is called Etherification and trans-Etherification process, Bio-diesel is renewable and organic, used in Automobile and Industrial applications,

Bio-diesel is a clean emission which makes it Eco-friendly; also the emission of bio-diesel is much lower than conventional diesel fuel.

Therefore bio-diesel is gaining the attention and the awareness about bio-diesel is rapidly increasing, so if you are looking for Bio-Diesel Making Business then it will be a good choice to make money in low investment.

Starting Bio-Diesel Production business required serious planning and research; the following article might help you to start Bio-Diesel Production.

#11 Potato Chips Making Business

image result for Potato Chips businessAre you looking for Potato Chips Making Business? Here you get the detail business plan that will help you to start a small-scale manufacturing business.

Potato chips making is one of the profitable small manufacturing business ideas a individuals can start this business even from home.

Potato chips are the crispy and crunchy slice of potato which is fried in oil and preserved in salt, potato slice goes through the dehydration while getting in contact with oil.

Potato chips are available in different flavor and taste with some attractive shape and texture, additionally; you can start the French Fries Making Business from using fresh potato.

#12 Spice Powder Business

image result for Spice PowderSpice Powder Business ensures good return with low investment, any individual can start this business; even home-based spice making business is profitable.

India is known as the land of spices because India is largest producer and exports the species.

Spice powder is an essential ingredient in cooking, none of the Indian food is made without spices every food industry consume spices, spices are available in various form according to the base material is used to make the spice powder.

Spices help to bring Aroma, color and good taste of food, Commonly consumed spices in India are turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin etc; spices are always in the glossary list of every Indian home

The demand for spices in the Domestic and International Market is growing day by day; estimated 6 million tones spices were exported from India during the year 2016-17; Chili Powder and Garlic Powder are on the top of the exporting spices list.

#13 Sanitary Napkins Business

image result for Sanitary Napkins padsSanitary napkins or sanitary pads act as an absorbent product used for personal hygiene by a woman while their menstruating, the demand for the sanitary napkins is increasing due to Hygienic Awareness.

There are popular brands which are producing the sanitary napkins and acquire the market but there are the women who are living in the rural area looking for the lowest cost sanitary napkins.

Therefore it is advisable to target this type of markets while starting this Sanitary Pad Making Business.

#14 Tomato Processing Business

image result for tomato sauceTomato is a popular vegetable people consume tomato raw or processed form. Tomato is fresh food item therefore the processing it enhances their shelf life.

Tomato Processing Business is easy to start, Additionally you can deal with the single or multiple value added tomato processed product.

Tomato is used raw to make some delicious recipes and the processed tomato like Tomato Catch-up is used to make a food more delicious. The demand for the tomato processing food is always there is a market, therefore, starting tomato processing business is a great venture.

#15 Chocolate Making Business

image result for CHOCOLATE MAKING PROCESSChocolate is produced from the seed of the Cacao Tree. Shockingly for some home plant specialists concerned to have their own reserve of chocolate, trees become just in tropical locales: Central America, the Caribbean, Indonesia, and Africa.

Chocolate is having some medicinal use.

There different types of chocolate such as Unsweetened chocolate, Bittersweet, semisweet, or dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, White chocolate and Cocoa powder.

#16 Sunflower Oil Manufacturing Business

image result for sunflower oilSunflower is Editable Oil used in home, restaurant, hotels canteen etc on daily basis, sunflower oil is extracted from the sunflower using De-gumming, neutralization solvent extraction, and bleaching method.

The oil contained present in Sunflower is around 35% to 40%; therefore, it is the best option for the editable oil. Apart from this sunflower oil light in taste and a great source of vitamin E than any other visible oils, therefore, it is considered as healthy oil. So the demand for the sunflower oil is high.

If you are living in an area where the sunflowers are easily available then the Sunflower Oil Making Business is a great opportunity for you.

#17 Grape Wine Manufacturing

image result for grapes wine beerGrape Wine Manufacturing is the most popular and rapidly growing manufacturing industry.

Grape wine is fermented grapes juice with 13 to 30% of alcohol present in it, sugar and acid is used as an ingredient to create a well-fermented wine.

In 2008 and 2009, the wine industry had the highest growth of $30 billion in domestic and international market.

#18 Groundnut Oil Processing Business

groundnuts imagesGroundnut kernel contains 55% to 60% of oil; Groundnut is a seasonal crop found all the time, there are different types of groundnut crops grows in a different season; Groundnut crop grows throughout a year.

Groundnut Oil Business is done with a simple process which can initiate with the low capital investment and high-profit value, anyone can start the Groundnut Oil Processing Plant.

You just need to study the raw material purchasing, registrations, processing, and marketing part of Groundnut Oil Processing; here in this article, we give you detailed business plan about the Groundnut Oil Processing business.

#19 Microbrewery Business

microbrewery business planMicrobrewery is the wonderful place where beer lover can consume fresh and chilled beer that has been brewed the brewery house.

The microbrewery is the brewery that processes the small amount of beer; the microbrewery is generally characterized by their unique flavor, quality, and their brewing techniques to produce BEER.

Microbrewery owner always looking for the ways to produce better beer, once the customer gets addict your brands then there is no chance to switch the brand.

Before starting the microbrewery you need to study the process to make fresh beer and draw the business plan for microbrewery look for the experts for the service, complete all paperwork regarding the Microbrewery Business.

Here in this article, you will get the detailed business plan for microbrewery which will helps you start the microbrewery business.

#20 Meat Processing Business

image result for meat processing shopTo start the Meat Processing Business you need to draw the proper business plan and need to learn the meat plant industry. Communicate with other meat processing plant owner contact to trade groups, regulatory agencies.

Meat processing, storage, and distribution are highly managed by governments, Meat Processing Plan increased the product life; Meat processing unit needs to follow hygienic rules, this business deals with lots of certification.

If you want to start the Meat processing here you will get the detailed information about how to start the meat processing plant

#21 Jeans Manufacturing Business

blue jeans pant businessJean Manufacturing Business demand for the knowledge about the textile and one need to be updated about the trend, jeans are becoming one of the popular apparel for men, woman, and kids. Therefore the dead for the jeans are increasing day by day.

People are conscious about their Lifestyle and Outfit and looking for trendy clothes, therefore, they are in the favor of the ready-made clothe instead of tailor-made clothes and jeans are one of the perfect options to fulfill the requirements of those people.

There are different types of denim or jeans apparel is available in the markets like jeans pant, skirt, shirts, jackets and many more.

To start the jeans manufacturing business you need to be changed with the changing trend and very important is to draw the proper business plan for initiating the jeans manufacturing; in this article, we will get you through the exact business plan for Jeans Making Business which helps you to start and grow your business.

#22 Jewelry Manufacturing Business

image result for handmade necklace jewelryJewelry is a very popular accessory in a woman, as woman are conscious about their lifestyle and outfit they are looking for the matching and suitable jewelry on their outfit

In this conscious world, jewelry making is having a Good Business Opportunity to earn money, there are different types of jewelry are available in the market which you can manufacture with low cost with the help of the machinery.

The demand for the Handmade Jewelry is more as compare to machinery made jewelry; if you have good skills to make jewelry then you can use your skills to make money.

#23 Leather Bag Manufacturing

image result for leather bagLeather Bag Manufacturing is speculation that required creativity as well as business insight and it has tough competition, it takes lots of technical knowledge and design knowledge to create the leather bag that is in the recent trend.

People are attentive about their lifestyle and personality especially female population is very conscious about their outfit and appearance, the leather bag is most demanding accessory in all age of female Therefore the leather bag manufacturing business has a great opportunity in the market.

The leather bag is a durable item, the quality of the leather bag is, of course, depending on the raw material used to manufacture the bags.

Here in this article, we discussed the business plan for Leather Bag Making which helps you to start the business.

#24 Paper Bag Making Business

image result for shopping paper bagsThe important factor about the paper bag making is its Eco-Friendliness, paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable items, paper bags are essential for every commercial use for packaging their products.

All we know that plastic bags rely on the harmful effect to the environment so the use of the plastic is ban by the government, also the government intention is to provide eco-friendly nonhazardous material, paper bags are one of the contributions for an evolution of eco-friendly vision

So it is the right time to get enter in the Paper Bag Making Business.

#25 Fruit Juice Production Business

image result for Fruit JuiceFruit juice is extraction process which includes water, sweating agent, vitamin, and minerals; fruit squeeze to extract the juice and after removing the juice from the fruits the ingredients are mixed and then packed for preservation.

People are aware of their health and fitness and fruit juice is having enormous health benefits, but in today’s fast moving life it is hard to make fresh juice from the fruit, therefore, the preserved fruits juice is the best option for this problem.

Everyone moving toward the ready-made food and fruit juice one of them, therefore, the demand for the fruit juice is high at the market.

If you are planning to start the Fruit Juice Production Business; here in this article, we get you through the detailed about Fruit Juice Production business.

#26 Dairy Making

image result for milk in glassEveryone who works for nine to five has the dream of becoming self-employed; the only one best option to achieve this dream is to start the small scale business by investing the low amount of money.

Dairy making business is the best option for one is searching for the business which demands low capital investment.

According to desire dairy, you will need to select the dairy cover making the machine, by installing simple machinery you can Manufacture the Dairy Products. Here in this article you will get the detailed business plan for dairy making.

#27 Artificial Flower Making Business

image result for artificial flowers making Another name for the artificial flower is “Permanent Botanicals,” artificial flowers look so real until touch, the Artificial Flowers Making started in early 12th century in Italy, artificial flowers turn into flowers cart in 1920 by silk flower shop.

Today artificial flowers are produced using a different type of materials generally polyester is used to make an artificial flower which is available in low cost.

In another hand, artificial flower with silk material looks more realistic so silk flower is expensive than that of polyester flower no plastic is used in silk flower except in stem and leaves.

#28 Bakery

image result for chocolate cakeYou are the one who makes mouth watery bakery product? And you are thinking to turn your cooking talent into the profitable Open Bakery Manufacturing Business.

You are in right place, in this article we gathered all the plan and idea that help you to get through the bakery business.

The Open Bakery Manufacturing Business is the low capital with high returns business

#29 Coconut Oil Manufacturing

image result for coconut oil businessThe Coconut Oil Manufacturing Business is a profitable business with a low capital investment in this article we will show why coconut oil is on demand and how to start your own coconut oil manufacturing industry

Coconut oil is made from coconut fruit, dry coconut fruit is called as copra, Coconut oil is much better for health than the groundnut oil

Another coconut oil named as RBD (refined, bleached, deodorized) coconut oil, here bleaching is not a chemical process, bleaching is processed filtering to remove impurities by using bleaching clay

#30 Drugs Manufacturing Business

image result for medicine drugs manufacturingDrugs Manufacturing Business is not the same as the service-oriented business, it demands lots of documentation to start the business and the marketing strategy to sell your products.

You will need to come with the drug manufacturing formula to produce the effective Generic Drugs. To start the drugs manufacturing business you need to draw a proper business plan.

#31 Diabetic Food Manufacturing

image result for Diabetic foods makingThe growth of the Diabetic Food Market is increasing with the increasing aging population, nowadays people are very conscious about their, therefore, they prefer the low sugar also the consumer with diabetic risk are consume the diabetic food.

The diabetic food is manufactured by a few organizations, therefore, it has the great market opportunity, locally as well as globally; Diabetic Food Manufacturing needs proper planning.

With the selection of the right production process and marketing strategy, anyone can initiate the Diabetic Food Manufacturing business with low capital investment and it has high-profit margin.

Here in this article we are giving you an exact business plan and step to follow to start the Diabetic Food Manufacturing Business which will help you to start and grow your business.

#32 Chemical Productions

chemical lab businessChemicals are the major raw materials in many industries, there are different types of chemicals and chemicals plants presents, the process for chemical production changes with the type of chemical is to be produced.

The Chemical Industry is the main reason for the growing of agricultural industry, chemical production not only has the great business opportunity but also it comes with the good export market which helps you to earn good profit.

#33 Surgical Products Business

image result for surgical product businessThe Surgical Product helps to doctors to perform operations and procedure to cure the patients, majorly used products are scissors, forceps, scalpels, clamps, retractors etc which are made from stainless steel, titanium, alloy, and other metals.

Surgical product business required the license to sell the product. Before starting the business you need to complete the registrations and licenses work.

#34 Cement Making Business

cement construction workCement is a highly demanding product in Construction Sectors because nothing can build without the cement in this industry. Cement is a fine grey paste that mixed with the sand and water to make the concrete which is used as adhesive to build the walls, window, and other construction.

By considering the importance of the cement in constructions sector it is a profitable opportunity to start the Cement making business.

#35 Rice Mill

Rice Plant Mill provides food for 65% population of India, Rice is an important crop in India it occupies the 45% of total grins production, every Indian consume rice in the daily meal.

The raw form of rice is called as paddy, which it cannot be consumed by human directly; it needs to be processed to obtain rice from paddy.

Rice Mill Plant helps to get the rice grain from paddy it removes the rice husk and rice bran, if you are living in paddy producing area you can start the rice mill plant, rice mill plant is a profitable business with low capital investment.

#36 Plastic Product Manufacturing

If you are looking for a small manufacturing business ideas, Plastic Product Manufacturing Business is a good option for you, plastic items are used on the daily basis and plastic products are easy to manufacture.

The polymer is the basic raw material used to make plastic products; the Plastic product is manufactured using the molding process. Where plastic is heated and then simply pour into mold. Anyone can start this business even from home also.

#37 Nut Bolt Making

nut bolts imagesNuts and Bolts Manufacturing Business comes under in product manufacturing, fasteners are used in various products for the threaded joining purpose. The fastener is a major link in between two product and used in every industry on the daily basis.

Nut and bolts are available in different size and shape the raw material (ferrous and non-ferrous material) required for the Fastener Manufacturing is easily available in marker.

Having the knowledge about the Mechanical Engineering is plus point but it is not mandatory, anyone can start the nut and bolt manufacturing business with proper strategic business planning.

Here in this article, we gather some important points that will help you to make a business plan for Nuts and Bolts Manufacturing.

#38 Phenyl Floor Cleaner Making

Do you want to start Phenyl Making Business? Are you looking for the business plan for phenyl making, here you get all detailed business plan for this business?

Phenyl is a very good cleaning agent; it is a dilute mixture of light creosote oil and water with soap, phenyl is used to kill germs as well as to remove the smell.

Phenyls is available in two type white phenyl and black phenyl, the good quality phenyl is identified by pouring it in water, when phenyl is poured into water it will disappear and mixed with water without stirring

Starting a phenyl making business is profitable small manufacturing business ideas; in phenyl making business you can make 150% off of your initial capital investment

Any individual can start phenyl making business with low investment even from your home.

#39 Sugarcane Juice Business

Sugarcane Juice is a healthy drink, It is a rich source of sucrose, especially in the summer season, the no other soft drinks can beat the sugarcane juice; therefore, there is a huge demand for fresh sugarcane juice.

Additionally, after extracting the juice from sugarcane the by-product (molasses, Jaggery, ethanol) are used as the raw material for biogas making. Also, byproducts are used to make fiber in fiber making industry.

Sugarcane juice making is a profitable venture throughout the year. You can start the Sugarcane Juice Business with proper planning for business and marketing.

#40 Eyeglass Making

eyeglassEyeglasses are fashionable, trending, and elegant and lighter accessories that becoming popular in the young age group. In eyeglass making business there are two sectors one is eyeglass fame making and another is the Eyeglass Manufacturing

Eyeglass is manufactured with the help of Di-cutting from the method, the material used to make Eyeglasses frames either metal or a type of plastic known as cellulose-acetate.

With the help of machinery, anyone can initiate the eyeglass making business.

#41 Engine Coolant

Engine coolant as the name indicates the coolants are worked to reduce the access heat produce in the engine and then cool the engine. Coolant is an essential product in every industry where the pieces of machinery are running.

The Automobile Industry is a major consumer of the coolant; Coolant is simply an oil based product. The process for engine coolant making is not complex anyone can produce and sell the engine coolant. It is a great business opportunity.

#42 Air Freshener Manufacturing Business

Air Freshener product is used in cars, homes, offices, toilets etc, air freshener becoming popular comes in different size color and different aroma.

Air Freshener Manufacturing Business has higher competition; the biggest player is already present in the market. Therefore to survive in such high competition you need to come with your unique brand.

Air freshener manufacturing business can start with less investment.

#43 Jewelry Box Making

Women are conscious about their lifestyle and outfit and Jewelry is a popular item in the woman that magnifies their outfit attraction, they are always looking for the different type of jewelry which will perfect match on their outfit.

To carry and to store such a Quantitative Jewelry there is always need of jewelry box. Therefore it is good opportunity to start the Jewelry Box Making Business, it a good option for the woman entrepreneur.

#44 Music Instrument

Music has been hard-wired into our life. Musical Instruments are the medium to connect with the audience. A musical instrument made with proper tuning to set them on an exact tune so they can play very softy and produce melody voice.

To manufacture the musical instrument you will require knowledge about hoe musical instrument works and their process of manufacturing. You can contact to other Musical Instrument Manufacturer or consultant to learn about this business.

#45 Candle Making Business

Candles have been used as a light source for more than 5,000 years. But nowadays it can also be used for the religious purpose and as a decor item in home and hotels. Candles are a symbol of celebration, romance; soothe the senses, ceremony, joy, and decor items

Apart from the old cylindrical white candle that we regularly use to lighten the room, there is also a very potential market for stylish and decorative candles.

Before we get through steps of Candle Making Business with affordable capital, let you introduce the main component and element that needed to Manufacture Candle.the components are wax, Stearic acid (saturated fatty acid), wicks, dyes to give shape to the candle, production machines, and packaging or packaging machines.

#46 Aluminum door window fabrication

Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing has a profitable manufacturing opportunity in India. Because the use of aluminum in every constructive area for functional as well as a decoration point of view and for stacking purposes.

Manufacturing aluminum windows and doors with different types of frames, fittings are a relatively simple process that can even be conducted from the well-equipped workshop or home-based shop.

aluminum doors, windows, railings, grill works etc. are  normally use for residential and commercial area and aluminum is lighter material that helps to build decorative items, therefore, demands of Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing is increasing.

For the appearance of the flower look alive you can put the glue drop as dew also use your skills to make it look as real as natural flower. Well-skilled workers are required for this business.

#47 Crafts Manufacturing

Starting own business to become self-employed is the most exciting as well as challenging task; if you have the good skills of craft making if you think that you can make the craft which will be sold in the market very easily, then Crafts Manufacturing Business is definitely suitable for you.

The Crafts making business is becoming popular over the last few years. People are looking for the showpieces or something unique that will make house or office more attractive and craft are the best option for those people.

Therefore the demand for the craft is increasing and nowadays crafts are sold on online selling portals which offer the service where the product will hand over to the customer at their doorstep.

Here in this article, we get you through the detailed business plan for Crafts Manufacturing.

#48  Notebooks Manufacturing

Notebooks are always in the stationary list of student, notebooks are essential in every office, institute, collages etc, the increasing demand for the notebook as stationary items have rapid growth.

Generally, notebooks are available in differs size according to market demand the price of the notebook depends on the size and paper quality.

Anyone can initiate exercise Bookmaking Business individually as the small-scale business. With low capital investment; here in this article, we get you through the business plan for notebook making which will help you to start and grow your business.

#49 Flour Production

The flour mill business is a great opportunity for beginners who want to start a business; you can start this business in both rural as well as in urban area.

Generally, all food ingredients is in form of flour and which are consumed on a daily basis, not only at the home, the hotel and restaurant are having a huge demand for flour

If you are planning for the flour mill business this is one of the easy businesses with the good amount of profit and low investment required to initiate the business

In this flour mill business article we put some point related to flour mill business that will help you to clarify your doubts about the business

#50 Food Color Manufacturing

Coloring food can render it engaging in appearance, therefore the use of food color is common and everyone prefers it to make food look more attractive. Coloring agents can also be used as the flavor of the food.

As the food industry growing fast the demand for the food color is also high in the market.

To maintain the food quality we need to qualitative, Food colors are synthetic or of natural origin.

Food Color Manufacturing is and best option for the housewife, student and for one who wants to start the business with small investment; here in this article, we give you detailed about the Food Color Manufacturing Business.

#51 Biscuit Manufacturing

Biscuit Making BusinessIf you are thinking to start Biscuit Making Business then it is very profitable and home base business, in this article we put some analysis and business plan regarding biscuit making unit.

An individual can start this business; even it is perfect for a student, and a beginner who want to start a business

Morning tea with biscuits is the most favorite snacks around the world, every age group people are loved to bite crispy biscuit which is available in every store at a reasonable price

Biscuit is a very delicious food that comes in different types of size, shape, flavor, and variety.

#52 Papad Making Business

image result for lijjat papadWe all know that the popular brand in this papad making industry is lijjat papad. Which start with the motive of woman empowerment, whose very first profit is RS 1 and now it is the top brand in papad business.

Papad comes in rounded shape and different taste according to base material used to make papad, we can call it Indian thin wafer, papad is everyone’s favorite starter menu with the main course, and we can consume it by deep fried or roasting it on fire.

The demand of the papad is steady throughout the year and it will increase during festival seasons. papad making business is the perfect option for the woman entrepreneur and for one who wants to start the small-scale manufacturing business.

Here in this article, we gather information about the papa making business which helps you to draw a business plan for papad making.

#53 Watch Manufacturing Business

Nowadays Smartphone are easily displayed the time but the popularity of the watches is still there and it is one of the essential accessories to carry. Therefore the demand for the watches is steady in the market.

Anyone who is passionate about the business can start the watch making business. Some popular brand already acquires the market but some people prefer the other watches over popular brand according to the appearance of the watch

You need to create your brand uniqueness to sell your product; therefore it required proper marketing planning.

#54 Banana Wafers Making

Banana is one of the most appealing fruits in India. According to the agricultural department each person eats 11.4 lbs. of bananas per year; Banana is a rich source of energy that also includes magnesium and vitamins C and B6. Banana is beneficial for medicinal factors.

You can preserve it for long-term use by processing on it. One of the preservation technique is, the making of banana wafers, the banana wafer is an innovative food product banana wafers are deep fried banana pieces with coconut or edible oil and then salted, spiced or sugar coated

Banana Wafers Making business is very profitable by considering the above importance and requirement of banana wafers

#55 Bindi Making

Bindi making is one of the most profitable Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas with low investment and high returns.

In India woman population which had been used kumkum is replaced with a stylish designer bindi.

Bindi is an essential product in both urban and ruler areas of India; India is a small piece of velvet cloth having different sizes, shape, color, pattern, and design.

Bindi making is a great opportunity for taking your first step in business, by establishing some machinery anyone can initiate the bindi making business individually with low start-up capital.

#56 Blouse Hook Making

If you are searching for the Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas then Blouse Hook Making business is the best option for you; in this article we give you detail about how to start the Blouse Hook Making business.

Blouse Hooks are widely used in the garment industry, therefore garment industry is having demand for Blouse Hook throughout the year. Which makes business booming. Garment manufacturing company, tailor, alteration service houses are the main clients for the Blouse Hook Making business.

Anyone can initiate the Blouse Hook Making business with low investment and good profit margin; it is the best opportunity for woman and students.

#57 Chalk Manufacturing

colour chalkChalk is round shape brittle stick which comes either white or colored

Chalk Making is a profitable small-scale business, in developing county still, chalk is essential for writing on board in schools

Literacy and Govt. regulation for making primary education compulsory it is conventional that demand of chalk will be increasing for next coming years

Apart from school chalks are used in furniture market, constriction work, tailor education institutes so the market for chalk goes beyond from educational purpose

So if you are initiating Chalk Making business this article will help you to get through an idea and planning for Chalk Making business

#58 Cheesecake Business

The interesting fact about the cheesecake is that it accidentally discovered by New York farmer, and then the process for cheesecake making would be famous all around the world.

The birthday parties are incomplete without the cake; every celebration is celebrated with the cutting of the cakes, therefore the demand for the Cheesecake is always high.

If you are planning to start the Cheesecake Making business here you will get the detailed business plan for the Cheesecake Making business.

#59 Concrete Block Manufacturing

Hollow Bricks making business is the good opportunity for initiating your own business individually

If you want to start your own small-scale manufacturing industry Hollow Bricks is the ideal option for you

You can start the Hollow Bricks unit from your home however you will have enough space for unit also it allows you to operate with low investment capital

Common Burnt Clay Bricks, Sand Lime Bricks (Calcium Silicate Bricks), Concrete Bricks, Fly ash Clay Bricks, Fire Clay Bricks and the Hollow Brick are various types of bricks available in the market

Hollow bricks come in a larger size than that of normal bricks

All we knew that Bricks are used in construction sector they are cost efficient, good durability, fire resistance, partial resistance to sound, thermal insulation, small dead load and high speed of construction

#60 Conveyor Belt Manufacturing

The major challenge in every business is to successfully start the business which required technical skills, Conveyor Belt Manufacturing business comes under the mechanical sector which required employees with technical skills.

If you are planning to start Conveyor Belt Manufacturing business then you need to figure out the business plan, in this article, we get you through the steps that will help you to start and grow your business

Conveyor Belt is an essential item in an industry made up of rubber or different types of fabrics

The conveyor belt is attached to the pulley mechanisms and it is used to transport the object from one place to another which makes transportation easier.

#61 Cotton Buds

Cotton Buds manufacturing business is worthwhile business comes with low investment

A cotton swab is product that having a plastic spindle with Cotton coated on both end. Used in various medicinal hygienic purpose; nowadays considerable designs are available in cotton buds

Cotton ear buds are invented in the early 20s but now Cotton Buds are a daily consumable household particularly used for ear cleaning purpose

Ear buds are divided into three component plastic spindle, absorbent material and cotton(rayon) which is having the property of god absorbent, fiber strength, and low cost

The spindle can be made of wood, plastic or rolled paper stick

#62 Designer Lace

Designer Lace is an essential decorative item used in the garment and textile industry therefore the designer lace having a great demand in the local market, as well as one can export the lace.

Designer Lace Making is a craft item that made with machines or manually, therefore, it does not require high investment or skills. With the knowledge of threat and designing a pattern, anyone can start the Designer Lace Making business.

You can initiate Designer Lace Making business with low investment even it is the best option for the housewife, student and one who start the small manufacturing business with low investment.

In this article of Designer Lace Making we get you through the business plan for Designer Lace Manufacturing which will help you to start and grow your business.

#63 Designer Saree Making

Designer SariSaree is traditional apparel wear for the Indian woman.  Apart from India sarees have good market worldwide as an occasional wear. Saree is known as an Ethnic Wear. Apart from Asia Pacific sarees have good market globally as an occasional wear.

Saree is a vital part of our lifestyle, culture, and heritage. Saree comes in different types, colors, fabric, design, and patterns, and now there is the trend that saree comes with the name of actress and film so people get attracted to that saree.

The demand for saree is high that you cannot imagine, therefore starting the Designer Saree Making Business is the profitable business that cannot run out.

Anyone can start Designer saree making business can be initiated at home, saree making business is the best option for the housewife, student and one who want to start the small-scale manufacturing business.

#64 Disposable Cup Glass Manufacturing

Nowadays everyone is aware of the environment with the changing lifestyle the demand for the Disposable Cup is increasing because Disposable Cup is the best option instead of plastic cups which are not disposable.

The sale of the disposable product is increased with 6%; due to increasing demand for eco-friendly and disposal product, therefore Disposable Cup Glass Manufacturing Business can never run out.

Disposable cups are made up of food grade paper lines with wax t to prevent liquid from soaking the food grade paper; food grade paper is hygienic and capable of hot or cold liquids.

Disposable Cup Glass Manufacturing is a small-scale manufacturing business idea low investment and high-profit margin, in this article we get you through the business idea for disposal cup making the business that will help you to start the business.

#65 Disposable Plastic Syringe Manufacturing

We all know that the medical wastes are does not disposable therefore the Disposable Plastic Syringe is the best option, Disposable Syringes are mainly made of the plastic material used in medicinal use as well as in veterinary science.

Previously syringes are made up of the glass material but the replacement of glass material with the disposable material is cost-efficient and eco-friendly, we all know that how important syringe is in medical use, therefore, the demand of the syringe is always high.

Disposable Syringe used for intramuscular and intravenous injections which are disposed of immediately after use; Disposable Plastic Syringe Manufacturing is the best business option for one who is having experience in the medical product market.

In this article Disposable Plastic Syringe Manufacturing, you will get the business plan for the disposable syringe which helps to start the business.

#66 Envelope Making

Envelop is the stationery item which is used as packaging item, it is folded the piece of paper used to contain the flat object.

The commercial sectors, educational sectors, offices etc are using the envelope on the daily basic therefore the demand of the envelope is high; envelope is also used for the domestic purpose.

The quality of the envelope depends on the paper used and printability of the envelope; anyone can start the Envelope Making business with low capital investment.

If you want to start the Envelope Making business, here you get the detailed Envelope Making business plan guide that will help you to start and grow your business.

#67 Eraser Making

If you looking for the small-scale business then eraser making are the best option for you, here in this article we give you a detailed business plan which helps you start the business.

Eraser is an important item for the students which are always included in the stationary list of the students; additionally typewriter, tailor, and shopkeeper are using rubber on daily basis.

Eraser use to remove pencil as well and pen writing, erase is rubber consistency which is available in white color; but modern material allows them to be made in different color.

Eraser is made up of the natural rubber; eraser manufacturing is an easy process. Anyone can start the erase making business with the small investment.

#68 Feather Shuttlecock Manufacturing

The badminton game is incomplete without the shuttlecock; shuttlecock comes with the sixteen-piece of quality feathers and rubber or wooden cork.

Shuttlecock quality depends upon the quality of feather used; therefore, you need to aware about the raw material used and manufacturing process.

Feather Shuttlecock Manufacturing is low investment business which anyone can start from small space, before start the business you need the proper business plan here in this article we get you through the detailed about the badminton shuttlecock business.

#69 Fruit Bar Making

Fruit bar is good option to preserve the properties of fruit for a longer period of time, you will not find the seasonal fruit after their season but you will find it in the form of fruit bar, therefore, the popularity of this food product is growing rapidly.

Fruit bars are made with the process of pulping then the fruit pulp is added with the sugar and form the mixture which further preserves for the long term as processed food. Fruit bar making is a good opportunity to start lo investment business

Fruit bar making business is dealing with the processed food; therefore, you need to complete documentation that required starting the food industry.

#70 Fruit Pulp Manufacturing

If you are planning to start the small scale business then the Fruit Pulp Manufacturing is the best option for you, anyone can start the Fruit Pulp Manufacturing business with low investment.

The demand for the Fruit Pulp is throughout the year; therefore the Fruit Pulp is never run out.

The Fruit Pulp Manufacturing is a preservation technique includes processes like including thermal processing, fermentation, pickling, dehydration, freezing etc.

#71 Gem Clip Making

Gem clip is an essential item in education sectors and in offices; gem clips are always in the stationary list of every office, school, college, educational institutes etc, Therefore There is a huge demand for the gem clip.

The process for Gem Clip Making is simple anyone can start the Gem Clip Making  business, it does not require high capital investment with the help of few pieces of machinery you can start this business from your home also.

Germ clips are either made up of stainless still or plastic material and which are used to hold the papers collectively; nowadays there are designer gem clips are available in the market which are looks attractive.

If you are looking to start the small scale business with low capital investment then Gem Clip Making business then it is the best option for you; here in this article we give detailed about the Gem Clip Making business.

#72 Ginger Garlic Paste Processing

Ginger GarlicThe ginger garlic paste is an essential food making an ingredient in every Indian kitchen. It is used in all Indian dishes to condiment various food preparation

In present-day People are attracted to instant food and spices and garlic paste is ready to use item so people consume garlic paste on daily basis for delicious food

Basically, it is a great opportunity for the women entrepreneurs, housewives and students to initiate paste business. In this article, you can get detailed of a business plan that will help you to start a business

#73 Ginger Oil Manufacturing

Ginger is traditional spices used in every other food recipes as a flavoring agent due to its pungent taste and aroma properties. Also, Ginger oil has medicinal property it acts as an antiseptic, tonic, laxative, and stimulant, therefore, it used in various medicinal products.

Therefore the demand for the ginger oil in domestic as well as the medicinal sector is high.

The ginger oil is contained mainly in the epidermal tissue (outermost layer of ginger); so unpeeled ginger has much appeal for refining than peeled ginger.

Ginger is obtained from the tropical plant name as rhizomes, ginger oil is extracted from ginger by the crushing process.

Here in this article, we get you through the detailed business plan for ginger oil making business which helps you to start and grow your business.

#74 Guar Gum Manufacturing

Guar Gum is ground endosperm (part of the seed which contains starch with protein and other nutrients) of guar beans. Which is in the form of the white powder obtained from de-husk the guar seed and milled it with the help of machinery.

The guar gum has various usages in the day to day life. Therefore the demand for the Guar Gum is tremendously high and Guar Gum Manufacturing is the great way to initiate the business with low investment.

If you are looking for small-scale manufacturing business then the Guar Gum Manufacturing is the best option for you; in this article, we gave you a business plan for Guar Gum Manufacturing which helps you to start the business.

#75 Hand Made Paper Making

Hand Made Paper is an eco-friendly item, therefore, the starting a Hand Made Paper business is the journey toward the eco-friendly venture.

The raw material used in Hand Made Paper Making are organic fibers, wood, jute, cotton rages etc, Hand Made Paper can be made with recycling process where waste or used paper is recycled to make Hand Made Paper.

Students are using this paper in their every school and college activity for making craft or writing purpose, therefore there is an increasing demand for handmade paper in our country as well as in abroad. Handmade papermaking is a simple craft making process.

You can start the Hand Made Paper Making business with low investment and make some handsome money; in this article, we get you through the detailed about the business which helps you to start the Hand Made Paper Making business.

#76 Hing Making (Asafoetida)

Asafoetida is locally called Hing which essential traditional Indian spices used in every Indian food, the raw material for the Asafoetida or Hing is imported from Iran and Afganistan.

Asafoetida or Hing is used as fragrance agent in cosmetics and flavoring ingredient in food recipes, therefore, Hing is always present in glossary list of every Indian house.

Anyone can start the Hing Making business individually or as the partnership firm. Hing Making is the low investment with high-profit margin business.

Hing Making is demand for the few manufacturing processes which you need to study before starting the Hing Making business; here in this article, you will get detailed about the business plan for Hing Making.

#77 Ice Block Manufacturing

Hot weather is also the reason why people often take ice block, Ice blocks are an essential product in hot regions such as the Middle East and India.

Ice blocks are used to preserve the food and drinks; demand for ice block is from caterers and traders which create the Ice Block Manufacturing business opportunity.

Ice block also used to preserve the fish which demand the huge amount of ice block; therefore, the fish market is a targeted market for Ice Block Manufacturing business.

Choosing the best niche is important while starting the business and if you are searching for the small-scale manufacturing business which you can start with the low investment then the Ice Block Manufacturing is the best option for you.

Here in this article, you will get the detailed business plan guide for Ice Block Manufacturing business.

#78 Ice Cream Cone Making

image result for ice cream coneThe demand for ice cream is huge in India as well as in foreign counties, ice creams are viable in cups, some come with sticks but the most favorite is ice cream pour in ice cream cone

Are you looking for the detailed ice cream cone making business, here you get a guide on how to start ice cream cone making business in small-scale investment

Anyone can start this business in individual or in a group; ice cream cone comes in many flavors with different forms and different colors

Ice cream cone is easy and clean to serve with no disposal, with the continuously increasing demand for ice crème; the demand for ice cream cone is increasing

Manufacturing of the ice cream cone is simple; some user-friendly machines are involved in ice cream cone manufacturing

#79 Ice Cream Making

People from every age group love to have a bite of ice cream daily basis. Indian climate is boost the ice cream parlor business, Happiness is the scoop of the ice cream on the summer day, ice cream is best to treat when the sun is blasting.

Ice cream is frozen combine mixture of sweetened cream, milk, 10%  milk fat,20% milk solids(protein, lactose, minerals) and flavoring agents, the variety of the ice cream depends on the flavor used to make ice cream.

Anyone can start The Ice Cream Making business with the right knowledge, the initial business plan is important while starting any business, once you draw the business plan you can follow the plan to complete the task.

Here in this article we gather information and give you a detailed business plan which will help you to start the Ice Cream Making business.

#80 Iodized Salt Manufacturing

salt imagesIodized salt is Crystallized powder equipped by iodine. Introducing the iodine in common salt is the simple process which done with the help of few types of machinery.

Iodized salt is the most common food ingredient used worldwide for cooking. Any recipe is incomplete without salt; India is the third largest country for producing iodized salt. The experts predict that the demand for iodized salt will touch the 500,000 tons by the year of 2022.

The human being needs the iodine which does not get through the common salt for the common salt need to process to add the iodine which is essential for the human being to maintain health by the formation of thyroxin hormone.

You can start Iodized Salt Manufacturing business with low capital investment which gives you a good profit margin; here in this article, you will get the detailed business plan for Iodized Salt Manufacturing.

#81 Jam Jelly Making

If you are looking for the income source from your home kitchen then Jam Jelly Making business is one of the best options for you, you can earn some good amount of money by selling homemade stuff like jam jelly.

Fruit jam is thick nature of fruit obtained by boiling pulp and then mixed with sugar and preservatives; Homemade stuff is better than the processed product therefore people are choosing the homemade product over factory made the chemically processed product.

Some other people are running the same business, to acquire the market you need to be unique in your business. You can experiment with the fruits to invent a new flavor. This will accept by the customer and grab the customer’s attention.

Initiating jam jelly-making business is the profitable business which gives you a good profit margin by investing the small amount of money, but to start the business you need to have proper planning for business; in this article, we give you detailed information and business plan for the jam jelly manufacturing business.

Additionally, this business is the perfect option for the woman entrepreneur

#82 Jute Bag Making

Do you want to start Jute Bag Making Unit with small-scale investment? Are you looking for the detailed business plan for Jute Bag Making, here you get quality information related to business.

Jute is an organic vegetable fiber it is also known as ‘golden fiber’; it is one of the soft, shiny, inexpensive and strong natural fibers which are recyclable and biodegradable.

Jute bags are durable, strong, light in weight by considering this property Jute bags are used for packaging and transporting of cement, sand, agricultural product, glossary product etc.

Designer Jute bags are used as shopping bags, textbook etc.

With the increase of population and civilization, the demand for the jute bag is also increasing; awareness about the environment is also the reason for jute bag demand.

Jute Bag Making is a great opportunity for the person who wants to start a business with a small investment, it is the best option for housewife and students; any individual can start this business even from home.

#83 Lemonade Making

image result for Drink, soda, Ice, Green, GlassThere is nothing like chilled lemonade when the sun is bombarding during the summer day, people consume the more lemonade in summer day than any other soft drinks, Lemonade is commonly called as Nimboo Pani in India.

Lemonade making is the profitable venture in India; you can start the lemonade making business with very low capital investment. You need to just find the right location to sell your Nimboo Pani. And most important is that you need to provide delicious and fresh lemonade which keeps your customer coming back to taste it again and again.

To start any business you need to draw a business plan and then you have to follow the steps according to the business plan, so you need the proper study about the lemonade business; here in this article we give you detailed about the lemonade business which will help you start and grow your business.

#84 Livestock Feed Production

image result for cow eatingLivestock feed production business is profitable venture where the number of livestock farm presents. Healthy livestock feed products include whole wheat, palm kernel cake, bone meal, oyster shells and other healthy ingredients.

Livestock farmers want their herbs to be fat and healthy so that they can attract the buyer because most of the livestock are sold on the basis of their weight and their appearance, therefore, most livestock farmer looking for the healthy feed.

Livestock Feed Production business does not have high competition, therefore, it will give you attractive returns on the low capital investment, livestock feed business starts with the proper planning and study and it will grow with the continuous supply of good quality livestock feed.

Anyone can start the livestock feed production business individually or with the partnership, Here In this article you will get the proper business plan for livestock feed production.

#85 Matchstick Manufacturing Business

You can’t imagine how much matchsticks are used in all over the world at this movement like to light the cigarette, bonfires, for cooking, to light incents Sticks; this daily usage of the matchstick gives it huge demand for the Matchstick Manufacturing Business.

The important factor while initiating the Matchstick Manufacturing Business is the selection of the location for business because the matchsticks are deal with the explosive raw material, therefore, you need to aware about the area selection and you need to complete all registration and licenses before starting the business.

If you are looking to start the Matchstick Manufacturing Business here in this article you will get detailed of Matchstick Manufacturing Business for how to start the business.

#86 Micronutrient Manufacturing

Micronutrient is essential agrochemical used for plant growth which plays the vital role to balance the nutrition value of the crop. It acts as a primary and secondary nutrient.

Micronutrient industry is dealing with the chemistry. a person having enough knowledge about the chemical industry can start the Micronutrient Manufacturing business, Micronutrient manufacturing business involves a complicated process includes inventory management, manufacture, packaging, and marketing.

Micronutrient manufacturing industry has a huge market scope in domestic as well as in the export market; Micronutrient Manufacturing business needs proper planning.

Here in this article, we get you through the exact business plan for Micronutrient Manufacturing which will helps you to start and grow the business.

#87 Milling Business

Are you looking for small-scale manufacturing business idea, milling business is one of the options for you but starting and running milling business is not an easy task, you need to draw a proper planning for milling business.

Milling Business is classified According to the different raw material used to get the final product. Different type of product and raw material is to be processed using different types of milling operations; the government of India provides a different type of scheme and subsidy for this type of business.

Here in this article, we gather information about milling business that will help you to start and run your business.

#88 Naphthalene Ball Making

Naphthalene balls are extremely used household, Naphthalene ball is also called mothballs or camphor balls which are commonly used to keep in clothes. Woolen cloths are used only in special season, therefore, naphthalene ball used to keep them secure from getting damage from insects.

Naphthalene ball containing 98% of naphthalene which is driven from coal tar and crude oil, Naphthalene balls get evaporated and release toxic gas to repel insects and disappear over a specific period of time, the demand for the naphthalene ball is always there throughout the years.

Naphthalene making process is simpler anyone can start the naphthalene ball making business with low capital investment; here in this article you will the detailed about the Naphthalene Ball Making business.

#89 Noodles Making

image result for noodlesNoodles are the most popular snacks food in India, the noodles making industry occupies 45% market share in the processed cereal products in India this is the largest segment in the processed food industry.

Noodles are extruded from the tapioca flour and Maida; noodles or chow mein making process is simple anyone can make noodles. Therefore it is not difficult task to initiate the noodle making business.

Noodles comes in two type fist is ready to eat and another is plan noodles; ready to eat noodles fetches more profit than plan noodles because in today’s fast-moving world people prefer fast and readymade food .noodles are also has a huge demand in canteen, hotels, restaurants and snacks centers.

If you are planning to start the noodle making business here in this article you will get the proper guidance for noodles making that will helps you to start the noodles making business.

#90 Paper Cup Making

Paper cups are disposable therefore they are the best option over plastic cups, paper cups are made up of food grade paper that coated with wax to prevent the liquid from soaking the paper. Food grade paper is capable of storing both hot as well as cold liquid.

People are aware of the environment and, therefore, the demand for the paper cub is increasing day by day, paper cup manufacturing business comes under the segment of the small-scale manufacturing business.

Anyone can start the paper cub manufacturing business individually or in a partnership, the process of paper cub making is easy one can start the paper cub making from home also; here in this article you will get the business plan for paper cup making that will helps you to start the paper cub making business.

#91 Pickles Making

image result for mango PicklesPickle is an Indian traditional food item present in different type according to base material used to make pickle, pickle is popular among major population every age group like to taste the pickle with the daily meal.

People are often to use the ready-made food item, Pickle is ready to use food item which you can preserve for several months. Therefore it is the best option in readymade food; with the small capital investment, you can start the pickle making business you just have to pay attention to the Availability of raw material and the market demand for the pickle.

Pickle making process is straightforward. Also, any individual can begin this business from his or her home area. Moreover, pickle making is an exceptionally lucrative business open door for women entrepreneurs.

Here in this article, we gather the information regarding pickle making business which will help you in making the business plan to start and grow the business.

#92 Potato Powder Making

Potato Powder Making business can be initiated where the potatoes are easily available, Potato powder manufacturing save it from bacteria and preserve it for a long period of time.

Potato is tuber vegetable which consumes all the year in different forms and widely used as an ingredient to make delicious recipes, the potatoes powder making process is simple. Anyone can start this business with proper business planning.

#93 Rubber Band Manufacturing

Rubber band is a useful item that consumes, therefore, the market potential is huge and the rubber industry is growing over 9% per year, and demand will remain the same it never is a decrease

You can start Rubber Band Making Small Manufacturing Business by utilizing a small amount of capital and some machinery from your home also

#94 Rubber Floor Mat Making

Rubber mats are used in industrial application, rubber mats are spread over the ground then machines are mounted on the rubber mat so the damping or vibration will reduce and machine run without making noise.

Rubber mat also used as the insulating material by using it to cover electrical panels, use of rubber mats on flour make it slippery resistant which helps to avoid accidents; rubber mats are having different applications which are used in the home, gym and some other places.

Therefore the demand for the rubber mats is huge in the market, therefore it is great opportunity to start the rubber mat making business; rubber mat manufacturing process is not complicated anyone can learn it with training or guidance.

Here in this article we compile detailed about the rubber mat making business, it will helps you to start and grow your business efficiently.

#95 Rubber Gaskets Making

The rubber gasket is an essential item used in every industry for different purposes as well as it is used in domestic purposes such as the use of gaskets in a pressure cooker, whereas automobile industry is a major consumer of rubber gaskets.

The rubber gasket is used for preventing the leakage of the air or fuel, also used as vibration resistance to avoid the wear and tear or two connecting parts, gaskets are made from the asbestos or cork materials, process for gasket making is simple.

To start the business you need to draw the proper business plan and this business demand for marketing planning, therefore, you need to build the distribution network for long-term success.

Here in this article, we gather information regarding the rubber gasket business that will help you to start the business.

#96 Rubber Stamp Making

Rubber Stamp making business has great revenue and a good profit margin; you can start the Rubber Stamp Making business form you home also with small startup capital.

We all know that the rubber stamps are used in the offices, schools and in colleges regularly, but some people are using them for their personal entertainment such as stamp to mark a report complete or to help decorate a scrapbook. So it is the great opportunity you can fulfill their need for rubber stamp by starting the Rubber Stamp Making business.

The process for Rubber Stamp Making is simple which does not demand special skills you can make the rubber stamp using the technology. The machinery used in Rubber Stamp Making industry depends upon the type rubber stamp want to be manufactured.

If you are interested to start the Rubber Stamp Making business you will need the proper business plan; here in this article, we give you a detailed about Rubber Stamp Making business that will help you to start and grow your business.

#97 Rubber Toys Making

rubber toysIf you are looking for small-scale manufacturing business, Rubber toys making business is a good option for you, anyone can start the rubber toys making business with investing low capital.

The raw materials and machinery used to make the rubber toys are easily available in the market; therefore, there is no worry about these things.

Rubber toys manufacturing business demand for the marketing strategy and planning so you can take an advantage of the online marketing by registering your business on online hosting sites you can sell your rubber toys.

To start the rubber toys making business you need to establish the proper business planning.

#98 Salted Snacks Namkeen Manufacturing

People need instant food while they are hungry, Salted snakes are the delicious and best option to reduce hunger instantly even due to the salt composition the salted snakes are last longer. Therefore the demand for the namkeen is high in the market

Salted snakes are made up of different type of vegetable, nuts, herbs, dried fruit and other ingredients. Children’s are choosing the slated snakes on the basis of the ingredients used; salted snakes are their favorite food item.

Salted Snacks Namkeen Manufacturing business has huge market demand; it is a great opportunity for the woman entrepreneur. Anyone can start the Salted Snacks Namkeen Manufacturing business with low capital investment.

#99 Slipper Manufacturing

Slippers are lightweight footwear made up from rubber used by every age group. The slipper is one of the durable products that found in every household, Therefore the demand for the slipper is always there in the market.

Nowadays the slipper making process became easier using the advanced technology so anyone can start the Slipper Manufacturing business additionally the slipper maker can produce rubber sheet as the main raw material for slipper making.

You can start the slipper making business with small capital investment and proper business planning.

#100 Soya Sauce Manufacturing

Soya bean is a leguminous crop and is rich in proteins. Soya sauce is made up of the soya beans Soya sauce is used as a taste enhancer.

soya sauce becoming the popular product among all the health conscious people and nowadays everyone is conscious about their health there the demand for the soya sauce is incredibly high; Soya sauce making business is great opportunity to earn money in this health-conscious world.

Soya sauce is produced by the fusion of the soybeans (amino acids), wheat starch (glucose), and salt that are the main raw materials. The process for the Soya Sauce Manufacturing is simple and does not require special skills anyone can start the Soya Sauce Manufacturing business.

#101 Staple Pin Making

Staple pins are used to attach the documents collectively, staples pins are made up of using good quality galvanized wire iron wire, staple and Staple Pin are always there in the stationary list of students, teachers, offices, schools, colleges and other sectors which deal with paperwork.

Stable pin making business has a steady market base and large potential growth, this business is the best option for the woman, students and for one who wants to start the business with a small investment.

Staple pin making is a small-scale manufacturing business gives you a good profit margin on the investment of small capital. Additionally, you can operate the staple pin making business from home.

#102 Sugar Candy Manufacturing

Sugar candy is also good for health and can be used as medicine; yes you read it correctly, now you may wonder how sugar candy is good for health? Here is the reason behind it, Chocolate candy reduces the risk of heart disease and increase the oxygen in the brain. Everyone favorite peppermint candy is fought against bad-tempered bowel syndrome.

Sugar candy is a delicious treat that loved by all age group, candy is consumed on daily basis and for special events like birthday parties, weddings, Valentine’s Day and Christmas., you will found candy in every corner shop, supermarket etc. therefore the demand for the sugar candy is huge in the market.

Sugar Candy Manufacturing business is a great opportunity to earn handsome money, the process for the sugar candy manufacturing is not complex therefore it does not demand any special skill or experts; anyone can start this business.

If you are one who can make delicious candy then it is plus point for your business you can invent a new flavor that will become your identity in the market, apart from this you will need proper planning to start the candy making business.

#103 Tissue Paper Making

Tissue paper is act as absorbent, used to clean hand or face .tissue paper are widely used in hotels, restaurants, offices, canteens etc for the hygienic purpose, it is a highly consumable item, so the demand for the tissue paper is steady through the year.

Tissue paper making business has great financial returns with low investment.

#104 Tracksuit Manufacturing

The tracksuit is a sports outfit that comes with jacket and pant and available in different sizes and colors. It is popular among all age group, it is comfortable and functional.

Tracksuits are made up of cotton or nylon fabric the price of the tracksuit is totally depended on the fabric used to make the tracksuit.

Sportspersons are the major consumer of this item. Tracksuit manufacturing is a great business opportunity as a small-scale business.

#105 Tutti Frutti Making

Tutti frutti is confection containing chopped fruit Tutti frutti available in different flavours, Tutti frutti is an essential item in bakery products; Tutti frutti is widely used in the bakery. It is also used in the home as topping on ice cream or cakes.

The major required raw material for Tutti frutti making is papaya. Tutti frutti making business does not demand special skills anyone can start the Tutti frutti making business.

#106 Vermicompost Production

Vermicompost is organic fertilizer manufactured by composting utilizing various species of worms; the artificial fertilizers made using the chemical processes it may affect on the crop, therefore, there is the huge demand for the organic fertilizers

Rural areas with a predominance of agriculture are an ideal location for this business. It is becoming popular among the entrepreneur who wants to start a business on their own.

#107 Vinegar Manufacturing

Vinegar is the composition of water and acetic acid (CH3COOH), act as a preservative, used to preserve food or medicines.

It is available in different flavors such as Apple Cider, Balsamic, cane, beer, and palm vinegar; Hotels and restaurants are major consumers of vinegar, the demand for the Vinegar is always there in the market.

Vinegar making business comes under the food processing industry; therefore, you need to complete the documentation regarding the business

#108 Woodworking

If you have the good skills in woodworking and you want to make some money using these woodworking skills then you start the woodworking business, here we have provided the business plan for a woodworking business.

Wood worked item is becoming popular, people are searching for wood crafts to use it as a decorative item in their homes and offices, and therefore, the demand for woodwork is high in the market. So woodworking business is a great opportunity to turn your hobby into money making venture.

Woodworking business required not only requires woodworking skill but also in demand for research and planning particularly in marketing and business management.

#109 Ink Cartage Making

Do you ever have experience with the changing ink from the printer it is time taking and expensive also affect on the environment, ink cartage making business is provide the cartage that saves the customers time and money.

Ink cartage making is a good idea for one whom looking for the small-scale manufacturing business idea, it is a fast growing industry and has the great earning opportunity.

#110 Pencil Maker

image result for pencil with bookThe pencil is an essential item for student and artist it is always present in the stationary list of students and artist. Pencils are available in different size of a pointer such as B, H, 2B, 2H etc.

Pencils are popular even in this new era of computer. The demand for the pencil is always there in the market, pencil making business is a good opportunity for one who wants to start the business with less investment.

List of 111+ Profitable Small Manufacturing Business Ideas You Can Start with Low Capital

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