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101+ Small Business Ideas in India 2020

Are you looking for Small Business Ideas in India? So you have a small capital to invest, and looking for high return business opportunities? Here in this article, we have listed Small scale Business Ideas in India.

In a country like India, there was so much unemployment, startup proves to be an excellent idea, then it’s time to wake up and start your own venture to be your own boss.

Another question while starting a new business is that how to manage the investment for the business but you don’t need to worry you can start the business with low investment even you can arrange an investment from your jobs savings.

New & Best Small Business Ideas

New & Best Small Business Ideas

Planning to start a small creative business, you are almost set to open your small business with low investment. Here are 101+ new & creative small business ideas with low investment that we recommend to start.

1. Mobile Accessories And Repairing Service

Mobile Repairing Service

In this advanced technology world, everyone uses a Smartphone. There are new attracting accessories are available in the market that makes smartphones more convenient.

Starting Mobile accessories and repairing service is a good option to earn money by investing in low capital. You need mobile repairing skills to start the Mobile accessories and repairing service, additionally, you can sell mobile accessories.

2. Blogger or V-logger

How to Start Blog as a Business in India

Many of blogger is making the good profit on containing topics like scrapbooking, home cooking, travel, film, lifestyle, business, personal finance and etc.; While starting a blog you need to find out what your audience wants and technical sides to handle blogging.

Nowadays v-blogging is becoming more famous where you can create a blog in the form of video and share the quality information and earn good amount of profit.

Blogging is one of the best Small Business Ideas that you can start today with skills of blogging.

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3. Cashew Nut Processing Unit

cashew nut processing business plan Profit

The consumption of the cashew nut is high in India, therefore the demand for the cashew nut is always in the market, and India is the leading country in the production and processing of the cashew nuts.

more than 70% of processed cashew nut are exported in the world from India, The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India (CEPCI) is work to promote cashew nut and cashew nut shell liquid (CSLN).

If you are looking for a profitable small manufacturing business ideas then cashew nut processing unit is the best option for you, while starting the cashew nut processing unit you have to draw a proper business plan.

4. Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream is a favourite treat for every age group, the demand for the ice cream is always there, therefore, the ice cream parlour never run out.

Ice cream parlour can start with a small space and it does not demand a large investment. one can need to choose the  public area where they can sell their ice cream easily, theatres school colleges are the area where you can easily sell your ice cream

While starting the ice cream parlor you need to come with your unique flavours so customers can be attracted towards you and once they like your ice cream they will never go for others.

5. Manpower Resourcing

manpower resources

Every business is incomplete without manpower; and, the abrasion rate is high in case of restaurant and hotels. Workers are left on short notice which affects the business and put the owner in trouble.

Household also requires manpower, you can help businesses overcome their manpower issues and earn a good income almost daily.

If you are looking to start the small scale business ideas then manpower resourcing is the best option for you

6. Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency

Starting real estate agency business is very exciting as well as challenging task; the growth and success of your business are dependent on many factors so while starting real estate agency business you have to draw right planning for the business.

You can earn from the commission that you get from your clients, but don’t get your excitement to get you’re your client right now the important task in real estate agency is planning and managing budgets.

7. Interior Designer

Interior Designer

The homeowner and restaurants are looking for an interior designer or decorative service in order to make their interior attractive.

You have to research the customer’s comfort and how they want their space to design; you can offer them a good service at an affordable price as compare to your competitor. While starting the interior design of any space ask the client for the room purpose and make sure that space must be pet-friendly only if they want.

If you are looking to start the small business ideas then interior designing is the best option for you

8. Website Developer (Small Online Business Ideas)

Website developer Small Online Business Ideas

We live in a digital era where every business needs a business website which relevant their business online. If you have skills about the website development then you can enter the website development industry which will never die.

You can create the small online business website for your client and convert their website traffic to make an online sale, you can create websites using a Word Press and if you have to take your websites developing skills into next level you must have to learn the languages.

9. CNC Machine Unit

Image result for how to start cnc machine unit shop manufacturing business

CNC machine is an advanced technology which makes manufacturing works easier, therefore the use of the CNC machine is increasing rapidly, and CNC machine is a combination of different advance improved technology which offers high accuracy and less production time.

The CNC unit can be run by two or three people, the growth rate of the CNC machine unit depends upon the client’s order, by considering all the above points it concludes that the CNC machine unit is a profitable small business ideas.

10. Food Truck

Food truck

The food truck is a mobile food business in which the truck is equipped with kitchen utilities and converts into movable restaurant or hotel which services delicious food for the customers.

Running food truck business is very easy you just have to find the place where you can get the customers who are looking for the delicious food. Secondly, you must have offered delicious food and fast service; if people love your food and service then they never go for other food.

If you are looking to start the small business ideas then food truck is the best option for you in the food manufacturing business.

101 Business Ideas

Here are 101 business ideas; This makes great sense. With the number of small business ideas already out in the world, it can be hard to think of the ideal side business though you should really be spending your time .

Bearing that in mind, I put together this detailed collection of the 101 Greatest Side Business Ideas You Can Start While Working a Full-Time Job, to give you inspiration using proven ideas which may be implemented on while you still keep your day job–and main source of revenue.

11. Art Collector

Art Collector

Art collector business takes a lot of time, patience and passion; if you have good eyes for art then you can start the art collecting business, many of art students are happy to sell their arts and there are many buyers who are ready to buy the art at any price.

You can collect the art from the artist and sold them to the premium customers, art collecting business required the creative business mind.

12. Grape Wine Manufacturing

Grapes Wines Manufacturing

India is the largest producer for the grapes wine, the consumption of the wine is around 15 million litres for the present year, the awareness of the wine over the hard drinks are also the most important factor for the growing demand of the wine.

There market demand for grape wine is growing day by day; therefore, the grape wine business is having a great business opportunity.

If you are looking for small business ideas then grape winemaking is the best option for you

13. Pet Care

Pet Care

People have a soft corner for their pets they are always taking care of their pets but wherever they are on holidays or on the business they are unable to take their pets with them, therefore, they are looking for the service that will take care of their pets while they are not there to do this work.

If you are one who loves the pets then pet care is the great business idea you may consider you can open the pet care centre where people will leave their pets for the care and you can charge a good amount of money from them.

14. Buying and Selling Cars

buying and selling cars

If you have good capital investment and have skills of a bargain for products then you can start the car buying and selling the business, many people have dreamed of buying cars but some of them are unable to buy a new car so they are looking for the pre-owned cars or second-hand cars.

You can buy the pre-owned cars and then sell them to good price so you can earn money in the form of the commission, also tie-up with the bank so you can provide the loan option for the buyer. If you are looking for small business ideas then buying and selling cars is the best option for you

15. Handmade Jewellery (Small business for women)

Jewellery making Business (Small business for women)

Women and men are always conscious about their lifestyle their outfit and they are looking for the jewellery, and now there is trend and demand for the handmade jewellery, you can earn a good amount of money by selling the handmade jewellery.

Handmade jewellery is demanding product and has more market value, if you have skills to make handmade jewellery then you can start the handmade jewellery business. this is small business for woman.

16. Mineral Water Plant Manufacturing

Drinking Mineral Water Plant business plan project report

Mineral water is one of the fast-growing industry which reaches to RS 162 billion in 2018 due to the increasing number of domestic as well as a foreign tourist in last 5 years; due to this fast mover travelling population mineral water is easier to sell.

The mineral water industry has remarkable growth in the last 5 year, the major consumer of this product is Indian railways; the Indian railway is a huge potential market for mineral water.

17. Cloth Boutique

Cloth Boutique

With the increasing craze of the craft product, people with the artisanal skills like sewing and designer cloth makings are always had an open market for their products, if you are the person who is good with cloth designing and sewing then you can start the cloth boutique where you can sell your owned design of cloths.

While starting such a business you need to be changed with the fashion trend, additionally, you can sell your product on shipping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. If you are looking for small scale business ideas then cloth boutique is the best option for you

18. Honey Processing

Honey Processing Business plan

Honey is most consumable ingredients in various food items, food processing industries are using honey as a sweetening agent, this industry include, chocolate making industry, bakery, etc. apart from the food processing industry some of the medicines are also using honey as sweetening item, as well as cosmetic industries, are used honey as organic ingredient.

Not only in the domestic market but the demand for the honey is also high in the international market too, the wax relies on the bee farming is an excellent raw material for the candle making; you can sell the wax to the candle making business. Honeybee farming also helps to the pollination of flowers, therefore it has agricultural value, you can start the honey processing unit by individual or groups, and apiary business has a high-profit margin.

19. Baby Sitting

Baby Sitting

Nowadays Baby setters facility are very demanding due to the increasing numbers of working couples, Baby seating business does not demand the large investment, you can start the baby setting business at your home with very low investment to buy toys and mattress.

Additionally, you must have to buy disposable diapers, antiseptic lotions and a first aid box for any kind of emergency.

20. LED Light Manufacturing

LED Light Manufacturing

Let stand for the light emitting diode, Led bulb consume less electric power around 0.6 watts which is lesser than other light sources, the maintenance cost for the LED bulb is around 1/10th of that traditional bulb.

Led bulb saves 50% of electric energy as compared to other light sources it gives high output in low consumption of energy, also the durability of the led bulb is more than a normal bulb, therefore, people are moving to the led bulb, the demand for the led bulb is increasing rapidly.

Therefore starting led bulb manufacturing business is great business ideas.

21. Microbrewery Business

microbrewery business plan

A microbrewery is a new concept in India; Beer sales in India are expected to see annual growth of 7.5% over the next five years despite regulatory hurdles.

Initiating a microbrewery business is not an easy task; therefore you need to study some crucial points while starting the business. Such as, analyze the target market and their purchasing power.

Identify the popular beer that prefers by the customer; write down the business plan for a microbrewery. And the main important task is to found out the right location for your brewpub business.

22. Currency Trading

currency trading

If you are wondering what currency trading and worry about the difficulties about the currency is trading then you should thankful to the video lectures and tutorials which give you exact knowledge,

Currency trading is easy; if you have technical skills, Fundamental analytical skills and a small amount of cash flow you can start the currency trading.

23. Designing Business Plans

Designing Business Plans

People have something unique business ideas in their mind but they don’t know how to write that business plan onto a paper and how to get started business. So if you have business knowledge then you can help them to start a business you can draw a business plan for their extraordinary idea.

Analyze the business market and clients need and draw a business plan cleat an electronic copy of the business plan which clients can customize, clear templates that show steps to start the business.

24. Bio-Diesel Production

image result for Bio-Diesel Production business plan

The production rate of the biodiesel is constant during 2016 and it is suddenly increased between the year 2017 and 2018, the industrial experts predict that the global market of the biodiesel will double over the next few years.

Different types of engines and mechanisms are running on fuel like petrol diesel gas etc. Diesel is a basic and most suitable fuel for every mechanism on other hand biodiesel is very similar to the diesel fuel, therefore, you can run engines on biodiesel there is no need for modified engines to run on biodiesel.

Also, it is carbon neutral fuel which makes it environment-friendly and nowadays people are aware of the environment, therefore, biodiesel becoming a popular source of fuel, so the market demand for biodiesel is increasing day by day.

25. Automobile Repairs Garage

Automobile Repairs

In today’s life, everyone has scooter and bike; they may break down in the middle of busy roads, the owner of the vehicle face the problem about where to get it repaired so you can offer them an automobile repair garage.

All you need is a towing car and the repairing tools; you need to be in a hurry to reach the place where the stalled vehicle is parked. 

Creative Business Ideas in India

Here are some creative business ideas in India; Starting your own company is everybody’s dream. But most budding entrepreneurs view their own fantasies nipped in the bud because of the paucity of funds for investment or lucrative business ideas.

In the event you have some special abilities, you may certainly begin your own little company with reduced investment. Though a few such little business ideas may be managed from your house, in different situations, you might have to rent modest premises.

26. Mushroom Harvesting

mushroom farming business

Mushroom is highly nutritious food and had good market demand and has a high price in the market.

The government is providing subsidies and facilities for the one who are harvesting mushroom; therefore it is a profitable business.

All you need for Mushroom harvesting business is a greenhouse with controlled temperature. You don’t need to worry about the market demand; you can find the bulk customers in the market

27. Application Developer

Application Developer

Before five years it is compulsory to have a website for business and now it is compulsory to have an application for your business that’s how you grow your business and beat your competitors, business persons are looking for the application developer who helps them to create the app for their business and they will pay good money for it, so application development is one of the profitable business ideas.

You all know that the new applications are launched on a daily basis; if you have a good unique business idea for the application then you should do it. You just have to invest some money and then promote the application using the right marketing strategies.

28. Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency

An advertising agency is considered as a creative industry which offers a promotional strategy with the help of business marketing and branding.

Advertising must be relevant that create an impact on customers mind if you notice there are some advertising which we cannot forget easily, business owners use the customer’s emotions to capture their attention on the product, therefore, an advertising agency is most lucrative.

If you are the person who can represent the brand with some unique ideas then you can start the advertising agency business.

29. Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping Service

Nowadays Housekeeping service business is in a whole new level, every business firm, company offices and colleges are always trying to maintain the cleaning environment, so they are looking for one who keeps their properties clean.

You can start the housekeeping service with low capital investment, to start the housekeeping services business you will require the cleaning machine and equipment and need to recruit the team to work on the field.

30. Laundry Services

Laundry Business

People are conscious of their lifestyle and outfit, they always try to keep the outfit attractive and clean; you can make money in this conscious world by starting a Laundry business. Laundry business initially required quite a higher investment but it is a one-time investment which will easily cover.

To find your customer you can start the pick and drop service in which you can pick the laundry from your customer doorstep and after cleaning you will drop it back to the customer so it saves customers time and he/she will be your regular customer.

31. Trash Management

trash management

This might look unspectacular for some people. But on another hand, it is a good business opportunity.

Most of the cities having bad management for trash, people are trying to maintain their area clean, but they will fail to find better waste management, so you can provide them with a good trash management service and of course, they will ready to spend money on your trash management business.

if you are looking for small business ideas then trash management is the best option for you.

32. Used Car Dealership

Used Car Dealership

Buying a four-wheeler is everyone’s dream but very few of them pursue it. This is because of lack of money; many of them go for a second hand used the car. But another problem is to choose the right used car.

You can start the business by taking dealership of used car and work for a commission that you get after selling out the car. It is a rising small business idea in India.

33. Solar business

Solar business

Solar generation is an upcoming business that will be a great profitable business idea, because people are aware of the use of solar energy in daily life,  you need to produce solar energy by means of using equipment and provide the service to the customer tell them how can solar energy help them to reduce their electricity bills.

You can provide the solar electricity generator plant, solar water pump or solar water heater; you have to choose the right niche in the solar business.

35. Hobby Classes

If you are good at something and planning to turn your skills to earn money then the hobby classes are the perfect option for you. Parents want their children to be perfect in other curricular activities like drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, etc

In day to day, busy life parents are not able to teach the children so they can easily look for the classes where their children can learn the things and this will give birth to hobby classes. You can start the hobby classes this can start with your home.

36. Career Guidance

Due to multiple career options, students, as well as parents, are got confused and they look for professional advice, students need to choose the right career option you can help get right career option by consulting then by charging some fees.

Career guidance business needs proper marketing planning; you can arrange the seminar in schools and colleges on career guidance and approach the students to take full career guidance from your service. You can use local media to promote your career guidance service.

37. Aquarium Business

Aquarium Business

People are looking for the showpieces that make their home and offices look more attractive. And it is a very good option to keep the fish tank in the home. It will present experience.

Aquarium tanks need to maintain so you can provide the aquarium maintenance where one can maintain the aquarium.

You can start your own business by initiating the aquarium shop.

38. Photography (Creative business idea)

Photography (Creative business idea)

Nowadays there is crazy of photography people want to capture the memories with the camera. On every occasion, people look for the photographer. If you are one who can handle the camera very professionally then photography is a good option creative business ideas for you.

You can take the parties and event orders and additionally you can provide attractive videos and albums to customers and charge them according to their requirement for photos.

39. Small business idea to start a Meal Service

Nowadays People are aware of their health and they try to avoid junk food, therefore, the demand for the workplace Tiffin delivery is increasing.

You can start the meal service business from your home kitchen by preparing a fresh and delicious homemade meal, the meal service business growth depends not only on your food quality also it depends on the delivery service, therefore  Make sure that you are providing a good delivery service to your customer.

40. Imported Product

The craze about the foreign good in our country is guaranteed that your import product business will make a profit. People returning from the foreign tour have a propensity to buy a foreign product which they can sell here locally.

You can import the goods at the bulk amount at a reasonable price and you can sell it with the appropriate amount, people have an obsession to buy trendy, fashionable foreign goods. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the business potential.

41. Medical Sample Collection

Medical Sample Collection

You are wondering what kind of business model is this, but the medical sample collection business is a rapidly growing business that you can start with the low investment.

In medical sample collection, you just have to collect the blood, stool, urine and sputum sample from home of the patient and then deliver it to the pathological laboratory for inspection and testing.

Once the pathology lab tested the sample then you have to issue the medical report and send it to the customer.

For this medical sample collection business, you will require the vehicle to collect and deliver the medical samples, equipment to store the bio-hazardous material and skills in extracting blood samples. Also, you will need the agreement with nearer pathology labs.

42. Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

Restoration of the antique furniture is one of the best and unique business ideas if you have the required skills to repair and restore the antique furniture. Restoring antique furniture is very complex work; you can hire the well-skilled craftsmen who can restore the good at the premises of your customers.

No one wants to be part of the antique furniture because it has sentimental value attached and nobody wants to take a risk to restore any antique goods therefore in this business you don’t have that much competition but the responsibility is much higher in this business.

43. CCTV & Surveillance

CCTV & Surveillance

Due to increasing the rate of crime people are becoming security conscious, they want to protect their families and properties.

People are installing the CCTV cameras in their house, building, apartments, shops and offices, therefore, the demand for the CCTV & surveillance is increasing rapidly, CCTV & surveillance is low investment business which will give you high returns.

44. Event and Project Planning

Event and Project Planning

People hold parties and events for various reasons such as birthday, marriage, success celebration party, you can offer them services at an affordable price and manage all the events for them.

Event management includes a selection of venue in the budget, decoration of the venue, conducting games and entertaining activities, dance and music, mascot appearance, buying and packing return gifts, etc. event and project planning is one of the best small business ideas which you can start tomorrow.

45. Business Idea to Make Religious Items

India has a huge market for religious items such as a picture of the goddess, cotton wicks for lamps, incense sticks, flowers, worship items, and other minor belongings.

Making this kind of stuff at home does not require high investment. And it is one of the profitable businesses you just have to choose the right location to sell religious products.

46. Air Conditioner Maintenance

With changing the lifestyle of peoples the air conditioners are essential for every household and offices, and people are looking for the maintenance service which offers a low cost for these expensive items.

Air conditioners need to e maintain after a certain period of time, therefore starting Air conditioner maintenance business is a profitable venture

All you need for this Air conditioner maintenance business is basic equipment and skilled manpower. Acquiring knowledge and skills for the window and split air conditioner is easy so if you are planning to repair the air conditioner by own then it is advisable to gain the skills to repair such type of air conditioners.

47. Renting Scooters and Motorcycles

When salesmen, business owners, tourist, etc are going out for vacation or while visiting city or town they always looking for Renting scooters and motorcycles because it saves time and offers easy transportation medium in their budget. Therefore starting Renting scooters and motorcycles business is a great option for you.

You don’t need to buy a vehicle, couples of bikes are sufficient for starting a business.

Many scooters and motorcycle owners are interested in such type of ideas you can take their vehicles for renting purpose and you can earn good amount of money in the form of commission.

48. Yoga Trainer

yoga trainer

Nowadays most everyone is aware of the health and conscious about their fitness but all of them don’t have time to go to the gym and some of them are dislike the gym.

 There is an ancient Indian fitness technique called yoga, and yoga is becoming popular worldwide. Even in other countries, people prefer yoga for meditation as well as from a fitness point of view.

You can learn yoga at any certified yoga training centre, once you get the yoga certificate, you can start the training centres, and probably you need some other certifications to qualify as a yoga instructor or yoga trainer.

You can provide personal training by visiting the client’s premise additionally you can make money by selling the accessories needed for yoga such as yoga mat, belts, bricks, napkins, and other supplies

49. Beautician Service (Small business idea for men and women)

Beautician Service (Small business idea for men and women)

Running a beauty parlour in public place is a profitable business opportunity for women if you are trying to find a woman who does not use makeup they hardly you will found the few of them.

A woman does visit the beauty parlour to look gorgeous when there are parties or any event. parlour services like hair cutting, makeup, waxing,  hair styling, threading and other have huge demand with the indefinite clients and I think there is no need to talk about their charges, therefore the parlour business Small business idea for men and women never runs out.

To start the beauty parlour you need the required skills as well as space and equipment, you can learn the beautician skills by just taking the admission in the well-certified beauty parlour training centre or as we all know this is digital era you can learn the beautician skills by just setting in from of the laptop.

You can start the beauty parlour at your home or if you are looking for space it will require few investments. While purchasing the tools and the makeup kits that ruined for the parlor you need to be aware and search for the dealer who will give you all this stuff at a reasonable price.

50. Skin and Beauty Treatment

Woman are very conscious about their look and fitness but now men are also looking for the beauty treatments, therfo0re starting Skin and beauty treatment business and offering a beauty service is great to venture.

You can create your own unique treatment according to the problems faced by customers. People prefer the herbal product over chemical product; therefore, it is advisable to take your business in the natural therapist format which helps you to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

51. Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

You want to work in comfort then starting bookkeeping service from home is a great business ideas for you, you just need to be good with numbers.

You can offer services like Creating balance sheets, Providing income statements and Creating various monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports etc.

52. Amazon Assistant or Seller

Anyone can sell the goods on Amazon; it is a good platform to connect with the bulk amount of customers by just showing the pictures of your product.

You can buy the goods in bulk amount and resell it on, which will give you a good profit on the selling of individual goods.

53. Phone Case Business

Phone Case Business

Nowadays everyone is using a Smartphone, it became the necessity, people are always looking for the gadgets and accessories that make their Smartphone more attractive and productive therefore the demand for the phone accessories is increasing day by day.

There are some businessmen who are earning 7 digit profit on the phone case business, you don’t need to worry about the market demand for the phone case business, if you came with you unique phone case design it will definitely be sold out in the mobile market. People love to buy a different and unique mobile case.

54. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the simple earning good amount of money by promoting other company product and service; basically, you have to choose a product and promote it by using your market skills and earn money from each sale that stems under your marketing.

If you have a website and have good traffic on a website you can use it for the affiliate marketing by simple choosing right product for marketing and promoting on your website.

55. Wedding Consultants

Wedding Consultants

The wedding industry is never getting finished, the wedding is meant to be a special day for couples but it turns into responsibilities because of the planning of the wedding, it is impossible to bride and groom to be able to plan for a wedding so that often pay for professional to do planning for their wedding.

If you have strong organizational skills, communicative, pay attention to the little details, and love weddings, then you could do bridal concierge.

56. Call Center Representatives

Call Center Representatives

There are companies looking for the call centre representative who willing to work from home on customer care issues.

If you are planning to become the call centre representatives then all you need to get started is a computer and a phone line, apart from the good money you will not have any communication expenses.

57. Vacation Planner

Tour travel agency can make you a good profitable opportunity, people are looking for the break from their day to day work life so they are planning for the long tour but they are unable to plan all those things like transportation, accommodation, and local tourist guild so you can help them to get all those services in their budget.

You can tie up with long-distance travelling busses service and offer online registration for accommodation for clients. Additionally, you can hire a tourist guide to make their journey more informative and entertaining.

58. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Company and business owners are always looking for branding who will help them to promote their business. If you have enough knowledge for the branding and you are the one who can follow company guidelines and clients demands, then all you need to get started the graphic designing.

You can create Logos, Fliers, Newsletters, Magazines, Information sheets, Letters, Advertisements, etc.

59. Cleaning Services

People are aware of cleaning and hygiene they want their offices, restaurant, shops, hotels, and houses clean and neat, but in today’s fast-moving life they are unable to maintain their offices and houses cleaned so they are looking for the agency or service that will provide them with a good cleaning service.

You can provide them with a discount offer, and gave a service better than your competitor in low cost.

60. Coaching Class

If you have something that you are perfect with and passionate about then you can offer service and start coaching classes. You can help people to learn the things that you are master in.

 Coaching classes do not demand the high investment you can start the coaching classes at your home also, there are many coaching classes which are offer service in which they teach the students and they earn handsome money from this coaching class business.

61. Computer Repair

Computer Repair

This is a modern digital era, computers are exceptions for every digital work, People know how to use a computer, but they are unable to do work like changing or finding software issues and repairing hardware. So they are looking for a service which can provide them with a computer repairing service.

Employs are planning for the extra income by using their skills related to computer software and hardware, and they have a chance to get connected in their passion. If you are one of them then you can start the computer repairing service which does not demand the high investment, you can start the computer repairing shop with some repairing tools and software.

62. E-commerce Store

If you have a great product which can easily be sold out in the market but you don’t have an investment to open shop you can represent your product on E-commerce site. Online marketing opportunities are endless you can expand your business with digital marketing strategies.

The audience and clients you get on the e-commerce sites are limitless, E-commerce sites are helping to promote and sell your product, and you can easily get connected with a mass number of customers on one platform.

Benefits of an E-commerce site

  • 24/7 open store
  • Easily connected with worldwide clients
  • Easy promotion
  • The run campaign to aware the people about your product

63. Electronics Repair Services

We lived in the 21st century and no work is complete without the electronic devices, every individual person has at least one electronic device which makes their work easy. And they ensure that their device is secure and run very smoothly if there is any problem or defect occur in an electronic device they are looking for the electronic repairing service.

Electronics reaping service is a profitable business which never is shut down at any condition, you can offer the services for Appliances, Computers, Cameras, Phones, Speakers, Televisions, Gaming devices, and musical equipment.

64. Game Parlour

Game Parlour

Today’s stressful life people are looking for something entertaining then they go for the gaming parlours where they are asking for the newly arrive games that they accept afford at their own.

Starting gaming parlour is an exciting venture, starting gaming parlour is does not demand the huge investment you can start the game parlour with gaming consoles, computers, and some interesting games.

65. Life Coaching or Mentoring

If you have proven track record and system about a particular field or you are the one who can train anyone in matters of their mind then you can start the life coaching or mentoring business.

People who want to be entrepreneurs or businessmen need coaching and mentoring, but unfortunately, they go through seek guidance, you can start the life coaching or mentoring as per their comfort. You don’t have to invest a large amount to start Life Coaching or Mentoring.

66. Signboards

Every small business and commercial establishment requires signboards. There is two types of signboard are used by businesses that are painted signboard and neon signboard (A neon signboard is simply lighting display or decorative designs made up of neon light).

There is a demand for the low-cost signboard that represents the business brand with creative advertising format. If you are looking for business ideas with the low investment the signboard making business is the best option for you.

67. Courier Services

If you are thinking about how courier service business in can survive in today’s digital world. But the reality is business that present in the busy area ate often to use local courier service.

You can offer more flexible pick up and drop time and because of very specific service you can charge a good amount, business owners are ready to give that amount for good service. Therefore Courier Services is another small business ideas with low investment.

68. Tea Stall

Tea Shop Business

Opening tea stall is great business niche because tea is popular for various reasons, many people are health conscious and they aware of green tea and nowadays there is the trend of tandoor tea and it is becoming more popular day by day.

Tea is popular among the entire world, you have to build your uniqueness from your tea recipe, and you can start a tiny tea room where you can offer different types of tea.

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69. Infopreneur

Infopreneur is a neologism portmanteau consequent from the words “information” and “entrepreneur”, Infopreneur business plan can be easily implemented in the online world this will allow you to generate multiple leads.

If you are looking for small business ideas with low investment then infopreneur is the best option for you.

70. Massage Therapist

If you have interest in the health-related industry you can take courses about massage therapist and you can start the clinic in your comfort zone, starting the massage clinic required listening which varies abounding to state government.

Once you get the massage course and learning you can start massage therapist business with a couple of massage bed and massage products.

71. Nursery & Garden Requirements

Nursery & Garden Requirements

Due to increasing awareness of the environment, people start to a plantation in their society and surrounding also they maintain small plants in their houses so you can start the Nursery where you can cultivate various plants and you can earn money by selling such type of plants additionally you can sell fertilizer, seeds, and gardening equipment.

nursery & gardening is coming under small business ideas

72. Online Dating Consultant

If you are the one who found you Mr. or Mrs Right and becomes someone’s wingmen or woman and you want to help them to find their perfect match by becoming an online dating consultant. Then this is the business which you can start tomorrow.

Online dating consulting comes with lots of responsibilities because as you will be guiding someone’s love life people are attached to the emotions.

Online dating consult business includes the following things

  • You have to handle the clients account on dating sites
  • You have to write the bio or information on the client’s profile
  • Offer telephone updates on their matching profile

73. Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant

If you are looking for the business that you can start with low investment then we recommend Social Media Consultant business for but only if you have enough knowledge about social media.

Social media is also business that has unlimited potential and huge client base all across the world you can offer complete professional courses with recognized certifications, You can use social media management tools to make your job easy.

74. Personal Trainer

If you are the one who loves to work in the fitness industry and want to spread awareness about health and fitness then a personal trainer is one of the best options for you, you can train your clients from their home or gym.

Nowadays everybody is aware of the health and fitness but due to lack of information about the fitness they are looking for the one who gave them a right training and guidance, you can manage their workout routine and diet as per their day to day life. You can charge a good amount of money instead of your personal training service.

75. Tax Consultant

Tax preparation is time-consuming, detail-oriented, confusing and the tax law is frequently changed by Indian Revenue Service. If you are the expert in figures and solving problems of financial kinds and you can keep updated with the changing laws of tax then tax consulting business is definitely for you.

You can work for individuals to fill out their yearly tax forms, specialize in small-business tax preparation. You can earn some handsome money from commission.

76. Direct Sales Representative

The income of the direct sale representative depends on your ability to make the sale. If you are the one who has good communication skills and likes to travel then you can start the direct sale representative business.

Direct Sales Representative is an enjoyable and challenging task, you’ll also have the choice to set your own time and make connections with potential buyers in your own way. a direct sales representative comes under one of the best small business ideas.

77. Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is the direct marketing in which you can communicate with your customers about the product by using phone calls, telemarketing helps you to build a client base and good relations with customers who will help you to do better business in the market and this helps you to sell your product in the market.

So if you think you can handle the telemarketing service then you can offer the service to the company who want to sell their product, you can help them to get connected to the customers.

78. Translator Business

If you want to start translator business you can learn about the activities of translation agency owner you have to research the market, potential growth, startup cost, and other legal considerations.

Translation service business provides the translation service for various documents, but you have to make sure that the meaning and context of the original material is not changed while translating into other language and grammar should be correct.

79. Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing

You can find out the lucrative business ideas In the fashion industries, fashion designing is one of the best niches in the fashion designing and it has market demand too, if you like to design the clothes with unique and trendy fashion then you can start your journey as a fashion designer.

To start the fashion designing business you need to be creative minded and must be updated with the new trend in the fashion industry.

80. Making Chatbot

5 years ago every company needed a website and before 2 years ago every business needed an app, now businesses are demanding to embrace massaging with chatbots that bring the new opportunity in online businesses.

Chatbots are making opportunity for business to engage the customers, also helpful to gather data and helps to improve the marketing and customer’s services; chatbots makes the business website more user-friendly and also helpful to improve the customer care service.

81. Stamps & Coins

Stamps & Coins

If you have a hobby of collecting the stamps and coins then you can convert this hobby in money making a business idea, but in India stamp and coin collecting business is almost none existing.

Stamp and coin collectors look at some issues while doing this business in India, but there are some good premium coin and stamp collectors who are ready to buy the antique coins or stamp at a high price.

You can register your business with the postal department of the various countries where you can buy the latest stamps and then sold it to the good collectors.

82. Tester or Reviewer

Business is looking for the reviewer to review their product and encourages others to buy their product if you are the person who is always given the reviews on the websites like Amazon the stop doing it for free.

You can start the profile with freelancing websites or you can approach the companies but this is quite a difficult task to get clients. It is better if you have your own website then you can write the entire post on their product and they will allow you to charge for money.

83. Detergent Powder Making

Detergent powder business plan

The demand for the detergent powder is increasing due to the use of advanced technology like a washing machine which required the detergent powder on a daily basis. Apart from domestic use, the detergent powder is used in industrial sectors.

Therefore the market potential of detergent powder is huge. Therefore if you are planning to start the detergent powder making business then it will be a lucrative business idea for you.

84. Spice Powder Making (Best small business idea in India)

SPICE POWDER MAKING BUSINESS (Best small business idea in India)

We Indian can imagine the food without spice, every Indian recipe is having base ingredient is spices. Spices are the most consumable household item, Indian spices market is growing with the 40000 cores annually.

India produces 50 different types of spices, people are looking for ready-made food and spice powder makes the cooking easier, therefore the use of the spice powder is increasing consistently.

You can categorize the different spice powders on the basis of the base ingredient used to make spice powder, spice powder making is an as best traditional business idea.

85. Address Verification Service

Some of the business such as credit card provider, loan and finance company, banks, Cell Phone Company required the service for the physical verification of the address provided by the customers, so customers cannot misuse the services.

This type of business want the special staff and service to address verification, so you can provide this type of service by approaching business with the right way, to start and run address verification business you will require the manpower and transportation s\facilities to visit the customers address provided by the business.

86. Stationery Supply

If you are thinking that how stationery business cans will survive in this digital world, then you are totally wrong; Every school, colleges, educational sectors as well as business required the stationary to collect the data in written format, the stationary includes customized letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoice books, receipt books.

The demand for the stationary will never decrease therefore starting stationery supply business is a profitable small business idea.

87. Gardening services

Many individuals and housing societies own garden but generally, they are unable to take care of their garden so they are looking for the service which offers them the gardening.

Many societies are ready to pay a good amount of money to the gardening service, if you are good with the gardening and botanical skills then you can start the gardening service business, you have to buy the gardening equipment and you have to hire the manpower to the entire process of gardening.

88. Packing Services

Packaging Box Manufacturing

Small business units don’t have the separate packaging department for their product, so they are looking for the individual service for packaging of their product who will pack their product with the brand name of their business.

You can start the packaging service business, you will require the packaging machine and printing machines, also pack the stuff with care while adhering to the deadline.

89. Financial Advisor

There are a number of youngsters, who are waiting to start the business, but they don’t know how to organize themselves financially or if they have finance but they don’t know how to invest it in the right way, so they are looking for the financial guide.

If you have experience about the financial advisor then you can start the business as Financial Advisor, every client ask for your result so be ready with your success stories and past successful clients it will be definitely worth full to get new clients.

90. E-book

If you have skills to pack the information and training skills into a downloadable eBook then you can start the eBook business which is one of the profitable online business ideas.

If you have a website on a specific niche and have enough traffic on the website then you can easily sell the online book on your website, additionally, you can work as a freelancer for other websites who want to create an eBook for their content.

91. Music Instructor (Creative small business idea in India)

Music Instructor

Do you master in music and love to each other then you can start the business as a music instructor, music instructor is a service-based small business ideas in which you can provide the training and guidance about the music?

While starting music instructor Creative small business idea in India you have to choose the specific niche in music so it will be easy to promote business and draw a proper business plan.

92. DJ- Small Scale Business

It’s time to take your music skills and instrument handling to make your unique music, if you love to handle the music mixer then you can be a DJ, you have to gain knowledge about the sound design.

 Today everyone celebrates their function with the sound and music and they are looking for the DJ service, so you can start the DJ service business which is a profitable and creative business idea.

93. Investing Other’s Money

Helping others in their financial growth is the best way to grow your own financial worth, if you are stock market and finance credentials then you can earn good amount of money by simply advising your clients for their investment.

Many people have finance but they don’t know where to invest, so they are looking for the expert who will guide them to invest their money for a good return, you can start this business for the financial growth of your clients.

94. Junk Removal Service

Junk removal service business might not glamorous but you can make good amount of money from this business, without cleaning up junk the world is a lot messier than it is, to start the Junk removal service business you will need the second-hand vehicle and equipment like shovels, wheelbarrows, sledgehammers, rakes, and garbage cans to.

In manufacturing businesses there are many waste products are produced and the businesses have a question about how to dispose of them so they are looking for the service who will do this task for them, so you can be a junk removal service provider which will help you to earn good amount of money.

95. Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

Every pet owner wants their pet to look good and well from so they are looking for the pet grooming service and there is very little pet grooming service is present so you can start the pet grooming service business.

You will require the pet grooming equipment and machines also you will require the pet groomers, so while staring the pet grooming business you need to plan for the right equipment and pet groomers.

96. Pool Cleanings

Spending time in swimming pool is great fun but the cleaning can be painful, many swimming pools owners building, apartments, and swimming training centres are hiring people to clean the swimming pool, so you can provide the swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service for them.

pool cleaning is one of the best service-oriented small business ideas

97. Dance Instructor

Dance Instructor

Most of the people love to move their body in a beautiful manner its great workout, we called it as dance, you can hang your dancing shoes and start the dance instructor business, and many of people are looking for the dance instructor.

If you are good with dance and want to start the dance instructor journey then you have to choose the perfect niche in the dancing field and give the training to your clients and they will pay good money.

98. Home-Based Makeup

If you have the talent to make people look good with your makeup art then you are the one who can start the home-based makeup service in which you can provide the service in which you have to go to the client’s place to make their outstanding makeup.

Woman are very conscious about their looks and they are spending money on makeup stuff, many of them are tired of going to parlour to get the makeup so they looking for the service who will give them makeup on their places so you can provide this service , so home-based makeup is one of the profitable business ideas.

99. Voice Over Talent

If you have talent of making voices of different characters then you can easily make money using your voice talent, there are many digital publishers who are ready to pay money for the voice talent, Voice over talent is categorized under the small scale business ideas with no investment because you don’t have to invest money you just have to use your voice talent to make money.

You can find the voice publisher like game developers, animated film-makers, and training video producers etc.

100. Podcast


Podcasting is simply the creating audio content which is easily consumed by your audience, it can engage better with the audience than text writing contain. People prefer the audio content over the written contain format.

Once you gain the trust of your audience through the podcast, you can monetize you contain with sponsorship and offers, podcasting is one of the best online business ideas.

101. Personal Chef

If you have strong cooking skills and a working knowledge of nutrition and special diets then you can provide the Personal Chef Service to the clients; you have to plan and prepare weekly or daily meals for your clients.

Many of people are very conscious about their health and diet but they don’t have time to make food by their own and they are don’t want to buy food from any restaurant then they are looking for the personal chef who will make delicious and healthy food for them.

102. Escaping Game Parlour

Escaping game parlours unique business ideas, that has not even started in many India. But the demand for such game parlour, people are getting tired due to the day job and they are looking for something interesting and if they will found out such game parlor then they will be ready for paying good money.

If you want to start the Escaping game parlor then you will require the area space to build the escaping game setup.

103. Retail Store

retail shop

Retail stores are everywhere and they will never shut down, if you think the online stores will lead to vanish of the retail store then it is not going to happen at all because online stores are not that much trustful so people always prefer the retail stores. If you want to start the retail store business then you have to search the wholesaler from which you can buy the product at a reasonable price and sold them to the customers.

104. Foreign Language Coaching Class

Learning a foreign language is a trend today everyone is loved to learn the foreign language. Students and working professionally both are looking for the institutes who will help them to learn a foreign language. French and Spanish are a popular foreign language.

If you are the one who is an expert in forging language then you can start the Foreign Language Coaching Class which is best small business ideas.

105. Oxygen Cylinder Provider

Oxygen cylinder is widely used in medial as well as an industrial field; you can start the Oxygen cylinder provider business.  To start the Oxygen cylinder provider business you will require the laboratory where you can file the cylinders with the oxygen.

 Apart from the investment and laboratory, you will require the knowledge about oxygen gas or you can hire the expert who will help you to run your business successfully.

106. Model or Model Providing Agency

Model or Model Providing Agency

If you got the attractive look and attitude which is fit as a model then you can start the modelling, to start modelling you have to work on the modelling skills, and you can get the clients who are looking for the models to promote their brands and products.

Additionally, you can start the model providing agency where you can provide the model to the businesses or brand that are looking for the models. Modelling is a very challenging small business ideas.

101+ Creative Small Business Ideas.

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