retail business ideas in india

Most Profitable Retail Business Ideas in India

Retail business ideas in India are very Profitable and has a vast count of Opportunities not only in the metropolitan city but also in small towns and tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Now, the retail market is growing very fast. And definitely, there are some reasons behind this growth.

The list includes rising GDP growth, burgeoning population, greater disposable income, and increasing consumer spending.

Here we have listed down 40+ most profitable retail business in India.

Retail Business Ideas in India

Here are several Retail Business Ideas In India that you can start and earn a good amount of money here we have mentioned some of them which will help you to choose the best Retail Business Ideas In India.

Here is a list of 40+ retail business ideas in India.

#1. Farm Machinery Selling

Farm Machinery Selling

As we all know Agriculture is the most important sector in the Indian economy. Still today, most of the village demographics are engaged in agriculture and farming.

Different types of farm machinery and equipment are important items in the agriculture industry. this is the best retail business ideas in India

#2. Fertilizer Distribution

The local supply of different types of fertilizer, pesticide, insecticide completely depends on the small fertilizer stores of the area. With fertilizer, you can also sell seeds and other tools to the farmers.

The proper license and permission from the concerned authority are very necessary for this business in India.

#3. Hydroponic Store

Hydroponic Store

Actually, hydroponic is a specific practice of growing plants without soils. Here, growers use only water and water-soluble nutrients.

As the hydroponic has several advantages over traditional agriculture, the demand is growing for the hydroponics equipment in our country.

#4. Plant Nursery Shop

Any individual can get profit in this business. If you love gardening, you can transfer your hobby into a profitable venture. 

#5. Seed Store

retail business ideas in india

The primary input in agriculture and farming is “seed”. With quality seeds, we get quality products from Framers.

Most sell out seeds in India are paddy, wheat, mustard, potato, and other vegetable seeds.

Most Profitable Retail Business in India

Here are the most profitable retail business in India, There are hundreds and hundreds of companies. But, an individual ought to begin a company based on their curiosity or fire and based on how much they could afford to spend in this type of business enterprise. Retail Business has a broader range when compared with the wholesale company. Are you thinking about what’s a fantastic retail company, to begin with, low investment or searching for the best store to start in India? If you’re seeking such small business ideas, this guide is right for you.

#6. Auto Parts Shop

The auto parts shop business can run in both rural and city areas. Even, the business is perfect for small towns. Basically, the auto parts industry caters to a wide range of subcategories.

It includes two-wheeler, four-wheeler, construction vehicles, etc. However, it is advisable you focus on a specific niche. this is the best retail business ideas in India

#7. Car Washing Zone

Car Washing Zone

The automobile industry is very promising in our country. The vehicle population is also growing very fast.

Washing zones also include providing value-added services like air pressure checking etc.

#8. Fuel Station/Petrol Pump

If you want to start a business in the oil and gas industry, you can consider starting a fuel station or petrol pump business. Also, fuel stations run a coffee shop or restaurant also.

#9. Two Wheeler Showroom

Two-wheeler is an important means of conveyance for both the rural and urban populations. In the villages, it’s more of a necessity and in the metro cities, it’s more of style.

#10. Tyre Store

retail business ideas in india

Tyres have a specific lifespan. And after that certain period, it needs replacement. Therefore, the tire industry is very vibrant

Retail Business Ideas

There are several Retail Business Ideas that you can start and earn good amount of money here we have mentioned some of them which will help you to choose the best Retail Business Ideas.

#11. Altering Shop

If there is enjoyment while sewing and making the outfits most perfect for others, you can consider this business is for you.

Basically, an alter shop is an evergreen business. Additionally, the business demands a very small capital investment.

#12. Apparel Boutique

retail business ideas in india

The very trending business in developed as well as developing countries Apparel boutique offers designer garments and a variety of accessories items with unique designs. this is the best retail business ideas in India

#13. Blouse Shop

Many of designer blouse manufacturers and wholesalers start this business. A small space is needed to operate.

#14. Embroidery Unit

Embroidery Unit

If you have embroidery designing skills, you can open an embroidery unit. However, you will need to procure the stitching machines, threads and other tools for running the unit.

#15. Fabric Store

Well, a fabric store is known as a traditional retail business. The business is easy to start and operate. You can handle the stock of fabrics according to the local market demand.

#16. Kids Store

Kids Store

Open store as small medium and also as a large store. kids stores also sell a wide range of products. The concentration should be on a specific age group and keep the materials of good quality.

#17. Ladies Garments Store

 The lady’s garment is the most promising segment. Women are passionate about their outfits. There is selling of frequently not only in the celebration time but also on a regular basis.

#18. Leather Fashion Store

retail business ideas in india

This business is a high-value business in the fashion industry, you can consider opening a leather fashion store. The store includes leather jackets, gloves, bags, and other utility items. this is the best retail business ideas in India

#19. Saree Shop

Actually, saree is an Indian attire. And you can find a lot of different types of regional sarees here. Some of the most popular are Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Sambalpuri, Tant, Phulkari. Chikankari etc.

However, the overall success of a saree shop hugely depends on the collection and quality products.

#20. Shoe Laundry

Shoe Laundry

Shoe laundry business includes the services of collecting shoes, getting them cleaned and repaired if required, making delivery the shoes at the client’s doorsteps and getting the payments. 

Small Retail Business Ideas

There are several Small Retail Business Ideas that you can start and earn a good amount of money here we have mentioned some of them which will help you to choose the best Small Retail Business Ideas.

#21. Banquet Hall

The Halls are specially used for party, function, ceremony, occasion or celebration. Generally, people hire banquet halls for different purposes. Functions include birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, social gatherings, personal events, festivals, and corporate parties.

#22. Bar with Restaurant

Bar with Restaurant

A bar along with a restaurant is one of the most profitable food retail businesses nowadays. The business demands moderate to high capital investment.

#23. Biryani Shop

In India, you can find a lot of different types of biryani depending on the region and the taste of the local demographics. These are Dhakai biryani, Haji biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Sindhi biryani, Chettinad biryani, Kalyani biryani, etc. Read More…

#24. Butcher Shop

Known as an ideal business in both the small towns and metro cities, In the shop, you can sell varieties of animal protein items like chicken, mutton, etc. However, obtaining registration, and maintaining hygiene properly is important.

#25. Cake Shop

A Cakeshop is a profitable food retail business. The business is easy to start and manage. This business is perfect for women entrepreneurs too. No need to partner any individual who can start this business by taking a minimum risk (finance). this is the best retail business ideas in India

#26. Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is basically considered as the third most comfortable destination after home and office.

Everyone thinks the coffee shop is an ideal destination for having chat with friends’ relatives and even clients and colleagues. Hence, the demand for coffee shops is increasing very fast.

#27. Convenience Store

Well, this business is known as the easiest business to start. This shop contains and sells a range of everyday items.

#28. Fast Food Restaurant

A small scale fast food restaurant is quite a convenient and profitable business. It depends on investment capacity, that store should be kept small and simple or large.

Also, this business is not so easy. You have to conduct intensive market research and craft a business plan before commencing the business. Additionally, select the menu and tariff very carefully.

#29. Food Truck

Basically, the food truck is a moving restaurant. Not every time but sometimes business is more profitable even from a restaurant.

Along with some already made beat and cook foods, you can roam around the busy areas in the working hours. This business demands moderate capital investment and licensing from the Govt. authority.

New Retail Business Ideas

There are always several New Retail Business Ideas that you can start and earn a good amount of money here we have mentioned some of them which will help you to choose the best New Retail Business Ideas.

#30. Ice Cream Parlour

Ice Cream Parlour

Ice cream is the most popular food item in every age group of people. Beyond opening your own brand, you can consider starting a franchise.

#31. Live Bakery

A Live bakery is a new option for the traditional bakery. In this Business, you will operate the entire operation live in front of the customers.

Also, this business demands adequate retail space and substantial capital investment. this is the best retail business ideas in India

#32. Microbrewery

Basically, a microbrewery sells craft beers of different tastes and flavours. This business depends on substantial capital investment and strategic marketing planning.

#33. Pizza Store

Basically, pizza is an Italian food item. Now, a lot of national and foreign brands are getting huge popularity in pizza delivery activity. It’s better to start as a franchise partner of a reputed brand.  

#34. Restaurant

retail business ideas in india

Commonly the restaurant business comes under the food retail segment. Currently, it is a Rs 75000 crore industry according to the industry experts. The quick-service restaurant, casual dining, cafe, and fine dining are the highest growing segments.

#35. South Indian Restaurant

Throughout India, people prefer South Indian foods. Dosa, Idli, Uttapam, Baras are the delicious and tasty food items that have a hot and sour taste.

You can also start a South Indian restaurant as a franchise partner of an established brand.

#36. Sweets & Snack Store

Generally, this type of store sells fresh sweets and snacks to retail consumers. And most of the traditional shopkeepers produce the products of their own. Also, the business is profitable in small towns.

#37. Tea Stall

Half of India is a tea lover. This business is also the most low-cost too. Rs 10000 cash is enough to open a tea stall. Now you also can find some franchise opportunities also in the tea stall business.

#38. Wine Store

Wine Store

 A highly profitable retail opportunity is a wine store. The wine store business requires good location, specific licensing and a lot of funds to take off.

#39. Book Store

Even in this internet era, books are still very relevant for the students, law years, and the researchers. Now also people consider books as a good gift item.   this is the best retail business ideas in India

Retail Business Ideas India

Retail business ideas in India come under agriculture, automobile, apparel & clothing, food & beverages, education, beauty & healthcare, and home & furnishing.

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#40. Coaching Center

retail business ideas in india

Students need proper coaching. Also, they need coaching for competitive exams like joint entrance and service exams.

It depends on your specific area of how much you can open a coaching centre with small capital investment.

There are much more options except above 40 Retail Business Ideas In India, example: Toys Store, Nursing Training Center, Preschool,  School Stationery Store, Xerox Shop.

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