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50+ Online Business Ideas In India

Most of the people are looking for the New Online Business Ideas because this modern age has allowed the entrepreneur to work from anywhere, many companies handling the work through a digital platform. Creating online business is simple building network and expands the business.

Online business is growing with double-digit rate according to e-market the online business increased by 25% in the previous year. And there are 100 million freelancers who are running their small online business successfully from their home.

Starting a new business online has less risk than that of investing in the storefront and machining unit, here we listed some online business ideas that you can start from almost zero investment.

50+ Online Business Ideas

#1. Blogger or Vlogger

How to Start Blogging and video Blogging Blogger

If you are passionate about the writing and has good knowledge about the specific subject then blogging is another business option for you where you also can work as a freelancer.

Blogging is an online business which allows you to choose the suitable nitch for you and you can make money through affiliate marketing, infopreneur, advertising etc; blogging does not require strong technical knowledge.

People changing their way to search on the internet they prefer video information over the writer informative material therefore Nowadays v-blogging is becoming more famous in which you can create a blog in the form of video and share the quality information and earn good amount of profit.

#2. Online Business Ideas for Beginner (YouTube)

How Start Your YOUTUBE Channel youtuber

YouTube is the third largest site, and nowadays YouTube is becoming more popular, and videos are becoming more efficient and main media to expand the business because people already have changed their way to research on the internet.

If you are love to go through the video camera and have good video editing knowledge then you can start the YouTube channel. Starting a YouTube channel is as creative and challenging online business ideas.

#3. T-shirt designer

superhero t shirt business

There are many websites which give a platform to entrepreneurs to start their online business, they will provide a website where you can create designer t-shirts and you can sell it using your personal online medium, you just have to register on such t-shirt designer websites and create attractive t-shirts.

The websites have their base price for the t-shirts you can earn the money by the extra price that you have declared therefore t-shirt designer is one of the online business ideas without investment.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

how to start affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing is the marketing by which you can earn commission by simply selling someone else’s product on your personal website or other online platforms.

If you are the person who loves to give reviews of any product on sites like Amazon then stop doing it for free and start affiliate marketing business which is a best online business ideas for people like you.

Product selling company are ready to share their some amount for an individual person who promotes their product by selling intention if you have any website and it has good traffic then you can easily start the affiliate marketing by simply introducing the product on your site.

#5. Amazon associate

how sell on amazon

You can sell your product on Amazon website and when a sale comes Amazon will do the send out and delivery work, this is also called as FBA business, FBA stands for “fulfillment by Amazon.”

By Amazon associate, you get powerful distribution network and huge client base of Amazon. Also, Amazon fulfills your orders and provides good service to your clients. All you have to do is just finding out the profitable product for Amazon sell. Amazon associate is best Online Business Ideas for Beginners

#6. Online Business Ideas Without Investment (SEO Consultant)

start your SEO Agency business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which refers to getting a website to rank higher for certain “search keyword” in different search engines.

In today’s digital world Every business is trying to appear on the online with the websites and they are well known about the importance of the SEO of websites, if you are good with Google analytics and has knowledge about how websites are rank on search engines then you can start the SEO consulting online business.

#7. App Development

application development business plan

Mobile applications are becoming more popular and people are ready to pay good money to manage their lives from smartphones, there are billions of apps are available in Google play store and iPhones market.

If you have enough technical knowledge about the mobile apps then you can start a business as an app developer and offer service for the clients to create their app or if you have an amazing idea which you think will definitely a workout and gives you a good income then you can build your own app.App Development is Best Online Business Ideas for Beginners

#8. Buy and Flip Domains

buy and sell domain flipping business

Wherever people want to build a website they first want to buy a domain, and they are ready to pay the good amount for the domain name that they want, you can start the buy and flip domain business in which you can purchase the domain and sell it for good price.

Buy and flip domains is one of the unique online business ideas.

#9. Create a Digital Product or Course

Create a Digital Product or Course

If you have good traffic on your website then you can create a digital product on specific nitch, the digital product can be a course or book or video lectures that will help your customers to improve their skills and strategies. This is Best Online Business Ideas with Low Investment

By creating a digital product or course you can earn good money, make sure that the digital product must be worthy and helpful to your clients.

#10. Dropshipping

Start Dropshipping Business

Drop shipping is an easy option to start an online store without buying any product in advance. You can promote the product using the marketing strategy and your client base by considering base price that you decided, once you will get the order from the customers then you have to place the order to the e-commerce store from which the product will be delivered directly to the customer you don’t have to worry about the shipping of the product.

You will get good commission from the product price that you had displayed to customers. Dropshipping is one of the best online business ideas for the beginner who wants to start the business online.

#11. E-commerce Online Business Websites

start e-commerce website business

Now it’s easy to open your own online store for low investment and also you don’t have to worry about the delivery of product due to dropshipping.

Email marketing automation copywriter and strategist

Email marketing is simple consult clients to assess their emails and improve it in order to marketing, also create the email campaigns, and increase the response rate of their customers also use the words so the email not perceived as a spam

Additionally, you can give advice on how to write an efficient subject that easily helps to engage the clients also structured the email address.

#12. Social Media Consulting

Social media consulting agency

There are many companies who recruit the social media consultant to just handle the facebook and twitter accounts, because the so many responsibilities and busy schedule a businessmen are unable to handle the social media accounts, but the well known about the importance of the social media account so they hire people to handle the social media pages and personal accounts too and they are ready to pay good amount listed of social media consulting.

You can start the online business as a social media consultant and help clients to determine the best strategy, posting schedule and helps them to get the targeted audience. As their followers grow they will pay good money.

#13. Freelance

entrepreneur, lifestyle, millennial, urban, young man, backpack, bike, casual, fashion, freelancer,

Freelancing is the great online business opportunity for the people who are expert in specific trades. Freelancers are based on the business that needs extra help in their projects, Freelance include specific niches such as, writing content, creating graphic design, programming, data entry, etc. Freelancer is Best Online Business Ideas for Beginners

If you have knowledge about such specific trade then you can provide the service to the business.

#14. Graphic designing

graphic entrepreneur

Graphic designers design WebPages, logo, sales pages for the visual communications. Every business need logo for their brand and website that easily recognize what industry is about so they are always looking for the graphic designer to design their logo as well as the websites. Therefore starting a business as a graphic designer is a best online business ideas.

To be a Graphic designer you need to be a visual thinker.

#15. Small Online Business Ideas (Photography/ Selling Photos)

photographer paparazzo photojournalist shutterbug

Nowadays there is an extreme craze about photography people want to capture the memories with the camera. On every occasion, people look for the photographer. If you are one who can handle the camera very professionally then photography is a good option for you.

You can provide attractive videos and albums to customers and charge them according to their requirement for photos. Additionally, you can sell your photos on websites that will pay for you.

#16. Online fitness instructors

balancing act, splits, fitness, girl, bodybuilding, training, sports, legs, exercises, stretching, flexible, fit, muscles woman

If you are qualified in fitness studies and you want to try an independent path as fitness professional then online fitness instructors are the best option for people like you.

People often get confused about fitness training and coaching, therefore it’s also useful to define each term and additionally, you can plan their daily meal, to provide such service you can set up your own website and also connect with people through video presentation software.

#17. Meal plan service

meal lunch food meat vegetable fruits chicken

Nowadays People are conscious about their health and they try to avoid junk food, therefore, the demand for healthy and nutritious food. But due to lack of knowledge about the meal and diet, they don’t know how to follow their daily diet routine.

If you have a good knowledge about the diet and nutrition you can start the meal plan service online business from your home by preparing meal plan as per the client’s necessity, Make sure that you are providing a good meal plan service to your customer.

#18. Online recruiting

Each and Every business is incomplete without manpower; and, the abrasion rate is high in case of restaurant and hotels. Workers are left on short notice which affects the business and put the owner in trouble. And they don’t want to shut down their daily work so they need the manpower urgently.

Household also requires manpower, you can help businesses overcome their manpower issues and earn a good income almost daily, you can start the online website where the people with different occupation will register their information regarding it skills and profession, and you can tie up with different business which required such people for run the business, you can earn good money in the form of commission.

#19. Life coach

life coach businesswoman entrepreneur

If you have proven track record and system about a particular field or you are the one who can train anyone in matters of their mind then you can start the life coaching business.

People who want to be entrepreneurs or businessmen need coaching and mentoring, but unfortunately, they go through seek guidance, you can start the life coaching or mentoring as per their comfort. You don’t have to invest a large amount to start Life Coaching or Mentoring.

#20. Online Dating Consultant

Start Online Dating Consultant Business

If you are the person who found Mr. or Mrs. Right and now you have become wingman or wings woman, then you can help people to find the right match by simple becoming an online dating consultant.

As an online dating consultant, you have some responsibilities like you have to guide someone’s love life; you have to handle clients dating site accounts.

#21. Advertising campaign developer

Advertising campaign developer creates new ideas for advertising campaigns to build the client and business potential, it associates with the creating effective advertising campaign and it also includes the study by which they can prove the recommendation for the company on how to deal with various clients for the same product.

If you have some knowledge about the advertising campaign then you can work as Advertising campaign develop and offer your service to the clients who want to use the online platform to promote their businesses.

#22. Virtual assistant

virtual reality glasses Business

Every business need help to run their daily administrative task, but they don’t want the full-time employees to do it, virtual assistant generally does the various task such as making travel arrangement, manage expenses, paying bills, manage social media accounts, emails etc.

Businessmen and professionals are ready to pay for a virtual assistant who will do various tasks for them, additionally; you can work as an Assist with Lead Generation which is one of the niches of the virtual assistant.

#23. Copywriter

Copywriting is an art where you can deliver information using strategically words, if you are passionate about the writing and love to give information then copywriting is definitely suitable and profitable online business idea for you.

#24. Online business coaching

If you have a great experience then why don’t you start online business coaching with the help of your knowledge about the business that will help beginners and entrepreneur who want to start a new business?

Nowadays people don’t want to be a part of rat race and don’t want to work for 9 to 5 they are looking for the business that will give them a good income source but they are unable to find out the best business ideas which are suitable for them and if they find the best idea they probably don’t know how to run business so you can guide them, communicate your clients with the emails and video conference.

#25. Data Entry Small Online Business Ideas

Every business want to collect and gather data into the sheets format and they want someone to do it for them you can start the data entry from your home which is simply managing the information in the sheet format and arrange it in a specific manner.

Data entry is simply managed information in various types of documents, generally entering data into the sheets and creates a new database, create records and delete a record that no longer to use, you can do data entry with the help of various software that will make your work easy.

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#26. Designing Business Plans

Designing Business Plans

Designing Business Plans is a great online business idea for those who already have experience of building business and business management. Additionally, you will give a serve of the promotions and marketing of the business.

Nowadays people want freedom from their work they want to start the business but they don’t have an exact business plan or they don’t know how to write the business plan on paper, so you can design a business plan for them by using your experience about the business its potential and market demand.

#27. Direct sales marketing

The income of direct sale marketing totally depends upon your ability to make the sale. If you are the one who has good communication skills and has strategies to promote the products for sale purpose then you can start the direct sale marketing business.

Direct Sales marketing is an enjoyable and challenging task, you’ll also have the choice to set your own time and make connections with potential buyers in your own way.

#28. EBay Assistant or Seller

We know it’s an old online business idea that you already heard about, but did you know that the people are still making good money on eBay

To start the eBay Assistant or Seller you just have to simply buy the product from the local seller or wholesaler and then you can listen to it on the eBay for the higher price, it required some marketing strategy and planning but it surely creative online business idea.

#29. EBooks

If you are passionate about the writing and have good information to share then you can create an eBook as a digital product and sell it on your website.

You can select the specific nitch on which you can work and if you already have a website with good traffic and client base you can sell your eBook on such website, if you are looking for online business ideas then eBook selling is a best online business option.

#30. Facebook ads consultant

Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms that help to expand and grow the business, therefore the business is ready to spend on Facebook advertising, but they don’t know how exactly Facebook ads are working out and if they know it very well but they don’t have that much time to spend on learning of facebook ads comparing so business is looking for the Facebook ads consultant.

If you are looking for the online business ideas then you are in the right place because the facebook ads consultant is the business that creates profitable venture but only if you have knowledge about facebook ads.

#31. Financial consultant


A financial consultant is focusing on the guide people on their fiance management, in short, financial consultant are assist their client with choosing right investment and all other financial options including retirement planning, educational loans etc

People like to create a robust investment and want to secure their life financially but they don’t know from where to start, so if you are professional experience as financial management then you can start the financial consultant business with the online platform.

#32. Ghostwriter – Online Business Ideas for Students

If writing is your passion or you are the one who is an expert about the writing on the different topics then you are about to become the ghostwriter for someone who needs you. As a ghostwriter, you have to write on something or someone which require some research so make sure that you are able to do the right research on your own.

Ghostwrites write the eBooks, manuscripts, report, article, feature stories, articles, screenplay, scripts event song lyrics, so if you are the one who loves to write then you can be a ghostwriter and earn some handsome money. Ghostwriting is right Online Business Ideas for Students

#33. Instagram consulting and sponsorship

Instagram is growing popularity and it becomes another platform to promote he business as well as you can sell the product using the Instagram, so business are well known about the importance of the Instagram accounts but they are unable to start and learn how Instagram work for business so they looking for Instagram consultant who will help them to handle their Instagram account and run campaign on Instagram.

Additionally, you can run Instagram sponsorship; if you have the great Instagram following then you can sell the spacer product using your Instagram account.

#34. Tax consultant

Tax preparation is time-consuming, detail-oriented, confusing and the tax law is frequently changed by Indian Revenue Service. And it is a headache to people and therefore they are looking for the tax consultant

If you are the expert in figures and solving problems of financial and you can be keep updated with the changing laws of tax then tax consulting is the best online business opportunity for you.

You can work for individuals to fill out their yearly tax forms, specialize in small-business tax preparation. You can earn some handsome money from commission.

#35. Making theme

today’s digital era people establish their presence in online, so they are creating websites and always looking for the website theme and templates to build their website page more attractive and user-friendly.

If you have knowledge about the designing websites you can make good money by creating an attractive website theme. Making website theme is the great online business idea that gives you good profit on low investment.

#36. Online marketing consultant

Once a website is done with the blog and SEO optimization, the search engine marketing begins, the expert in SEO management is responsible for marketing website.

SEO management use different marketing strategy and technique, some marketing technique included the article marketing, social bookmarking, forum posting, writing press releases, submitting your site to a number of search engines and directories, and blog posting

Most businesses are doing pay their own staff to do marketing they will pay for an external marketing consultant who will promote their business by an efficient way of marketing.

#37. Travel Consultant Online Business Ideas


People looking for a break from their daily life so they are planning for a long tour and searching for the travel consulting service who will plan all the things like transportation, accommodation, and local tourist guild so you can help them to get all those services in their budget.

If you are good in all those stuff and want to become travel consultant then you can tie up with long distance traveling business service and offer online registration for accommodation for clients; hire a tourist guide to make their journey more informative and entertaining.

#38. Podcasting

Podcasting is simple the creating content in the audio format which is easily consumed by your audience, it can engage better with the audience than text writing contain.

Once you gain the trust of your audience through the podcast, you can monetize you contain with sponsorship and offers, podcasting are one of the best online business ideas.

#39. Audio book narrator/Voice over artist

If you have a good and attractive voice then you can become the audio narrator and there are some online hosting sites such as voice 123 and voice-bunny which allows you to post your audio online.

#40. Web-hosting

Web hosting required a server, c-panel, hosting website etc, additionally, if you are not able to set up your own server then you can tie up with other web hosting companies, you can sell web space on the commission basis and earn good money.

#41. Hosting paid webinar

If you have enough knowledge about the specific subject and you like helping others then you can become an e-teacher, to tours are in high demand people are looking for the mentors and guidance

If you are good with something then people are ready to pay for your webinar, so you can start the hosting paid webinar.

#42. Become a Web Developer

Website Developer

The most common misconception about the web developer business is that it is easy to start a business, this misconception leads to developers are not planning the exact business plan.

In web developer you don’t just need to access web you have to design the web with your designing skills and efforts while starting web developer business you should have to draw business plan by considering the sorting out the time, finances, marketing skills, management skills, and other such technicalities.

If you have skills to become web developer then you can start a business as a web developer.

#43. Build Niche Sites

When it comes to online business there are there are many online business ideas to start with, building niches website is one of the best sources of passive income.

The main ideas behind the building niches website are targeting the specific group of keywords and put the SEO efforts to rank the website for a specific keyword to get organic traffic. While starting a business you must choose the low competitive keywords so you can rank very quickly, after that you can target the long tail keyword and build the authority of the website.

#44. Create SaaS (Software as a Service)

The customers, businesses, retailers service providers are planning to jump into the software as a service market, you can take advantage of this market change by creating SAAS for the clients.

as software as a service provider you have to have a strong understanding of what customers want and by considering customers demand you have to create the SaaS.

#45. Desktop Publisher

Desktop publisher are preparing text and graphics materials such as form, brochures, flyers, books, logos, newsletter, letterhead, adverts, proposal etc

If you have knowledge about the word processing or graphics designing you can choose the one niche or both to start business ass desktop publisher.

The desktop publisher is very challenging and lucrative business, it is not easy at the starting but with the right businesses plan you can run the desktop publisher business successfully.

#46. Informational Product Creator

Are you perfect in some of the skills or topics and interested in selling information in the form of online product, then you can start the business as an information product creator which is a trendy online business ideas?

You can easily make money by simply creating valuable information online product and sell it to the right customers, starting a business as information product creator is challenging and time taking task.

#47. Internet Security Consultant


Now a day every business and system in incomplete without internet use, every sector is moving on the internet but there are lots of problems creating while using the internet, by considering the increasing rate of cybercrime, starting internet security consulting business is a profitable online business ideas.

Ad an internet security consultant you can provide the service to the customer where you can protect the internet usage and consult them for the secure use of the internet.

#48. Making a Plug for WordPress

WordPress in providing a great experience for SEO  to social media sharing, even they have provided the customer theme and plug-in option to take your website into next level, plugging are functionality than make our websites functions automatically

You can make plug-in for the WordPress which is one of the best online business Ideas.

#49. Social Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has done their part in building and launching ideas or services, despite everything they do right up ’til today. Utilizing a similar guideline, the crowdfunding business is hoping to alter another arrangement of associations. Rather than supporting best in class business visionaries, these stages are embarked to fill in as the impetuses for social causes and philanthropies.

#50. Tester or Reviewer

Testing or Reviewing is an important process to follow in software testing. Testing Process ensures that each and every function mentioned in Software is working perfectly or not.

The common mistakes which are check during the test or review process are.

Spelling mistakes, Grammar, Template format, Functionality coverage, Replication.

Online Business Ideas In India Without Investment

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