how to start mcdonald's franchise

How To Get McDonald’s Franchise Business

If you are planning to start the McDonald’s food chain retail restaurant, here you will get detailed about the McDonald’s franchise business opportunity.

McDonald’s is serving for the more than 7 lakh customers in India through the 250 restaurants, McDonald’s it comes with the development of licensee status.

Mcdonald’s Franchises are managed by the Two Business Entity.

1)    Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited, North & East India Mcdonald’s India Operations

By Mr. Vikram Bakshi, JV Partner, and Managing Director,

2)     Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited, South & West India Mcdonald’s India Operations.

By Mr. Amit Jatia, Managing Director,

McDonald’s Franchise | Business Model- Investment- Contact

McDonald’s is a popular brand in the food retailing industry from last 18 years; McDonalds franchise is a profitable business opportunity in India.

McDonald’s values-driven brand which is focusing on the philosophy of QSCV (which is stand for Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value), philosophy of QSCV is the main value-adding a factor for the success of the McDonald’s.

#1 Mcdonalds Franchise Investment

The investment for the McDonald’s is depending upon the area location.

McDonald’s meal

Mcdonalds Franchise Cost in India

How much does McDonald’s franchise cost in India? One of these amounts, around about Rs. 5 Cr is required as liquid funds for this enterprise. The franchise fee for McDonald’s is currently Rs. 30 Lac in India. Finally, the business charges 4 percent of total earnings as the agency fee. On a mean Rs. 10 Cr is necessary to purchase Franchise of all McDonald in India.

In India, now, food chains are among the top lucrative businesses. McDonald’s is one such food chain on earth that profits millions of customers daily. It’s anticipated that the company will surely earn a positive gain. Additionally, in franchise companies, advertising costs are reduced as people are conscious of the name, particularly McDonald’s. So with average investment, there may be enormous profit in this enterprise.

McDonald’s Franchise Investment:

Rs 6.6 Cr-Rs 14 Cr

Liquid Capital:

Rs 5 Cr

Mcdonalds Franchises Fee:

Rs 30 lakh.

As a Mcdonalds Franchisor, Mcdonalds Franchise will be charged a service fee of 4% of total sales.

On an average Rs. 10 Cr is required initially to buy Franchise of McDonald in India.

 In India, you have the option of partnership in which you can invest by selling or renting your space if any.

If you are interested to rent your space to McDonald you may apply here

#2 McDonald’s Franchise Model

#1 Traditional Mcdonald’s Franchise

Traditional McDonald’s are normally located in a storefront, food court etc

#2 Satellite Mcdonald’s Franchise

Satellite McDonald’s franchises include the store, strip centre, hospitals, universities, airport, etc

#3 STO and STR Franchise

STO Franchise is normally located in petrol pumps and gas pumps.

#4 BFL Franchise

BFL Franchise is the one that provides business facilities.

Around 50,000 sq ft area with 4000 sq. ft. The open area is needed for establishing McDonald outlet.

#3 McDonald’s Franchise Requirements and Eligibility

McDonald’s Franchise Requirements is to having land if the franchisee who does not own land, for that McDonald will charge rent and give them land. It is the rule for McDonald Franchise. They will act as a landlord if you use their land to set up McDonald outlets.

McDonald’s does not offer any direct franchise in India, the distributorship authority comes under the Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited, North & East India and Hard castle Restaurants Private Limited which are managing, South & West India.McDonald’s Franchise

Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited, North & East India and Hard castle Restaurants Private Limited which are managing, South & West India are planning to expand the McDonald’s into almost the double number of restaurants.

#4 McDonald’s Franchise Contact Details

If you are planning to start the McDonald’s franchises business then you can directly contact them on the following address:

McDonalds Franchise distributorship authority Official Address:

#1 Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited Address

Ansal Bhawan,

16, KG Marg,

New Delhi, 110001

#2 Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd Mumbai Address

Indiabulls Finance Centre,

Tower 3,10th Floor,

Tulsi Pipe Rd,

Prabhadevi, Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400013

McDonald’s Franchise Telephone No: 022 – 49135000;

McDonald’s Franchise Fax: 022 – 49135001

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