Low Investment Manufacturing Business

Top 7 Low Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas

Are you looking for Low Investment Manufacturing Business then you are at the right place, here in this article you will get the top 7 list of manufacturing business ideas. Which will help you to choose the right business opportunity?

Manufacturing products are popular business; low cost manufacturing business can be started at home or rental space with money that you saved from your monthly income.

Low Investment Manufacturing Business

The cost of the Machinery required to start the low investment manufacturing business is very less. This type of business gives you good returns.

Here we listed down top 7 low investment manufacturing business ideas.

#1. Candle Making Business

Candle making business is the best option for one who is looking for the small-scale manufacturing business ideas, candle making business is great to venture to which give you a good profit on the low investment.

The successful candle making business owner cans make Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 2,50,000 per month. You can exceed this digit by selling more candles.

Candle Making Business Opportunity

Due to additional use of the candle you don’t have to worry about the market demand for a candle.

In India candles are large uses in religion purpose; candles are also available in different shapes and design which are used in birthday parties, marriages, funerals; some of hotels and restaurants are using a candle to make they’re interior more beautiful and attractive.

Candle Making Business Requirements

Anyone can start the Candle making business with low investment while selecting the area for candle making the business make sure that the area has enough space to mount the machinery and to store the raw material as well as manufactured candles.

While starting any business you need to complete the paperwork related to the business; candle making business does not demand the lots of paperwork.

Before starting the candle making business you just have to register your business with the ROC (registration of business) and need to apply for the licenses which are required for candle making

While starting the Low Investment Manufacturing Business the main question is how to manage the investment, and looking for the government scheme; for government scheme and facility, you have to apply for MSME registration.

Candle Making Is Easy To Process.

The raw material requires for candle making business is paraffin, Stearic acid, and wicks; where Paraffin is standard white wax which is a standard raw material for candle making.

There are three types of candle making machinery available in the market you have to select the machinery according to the production and your budgets.

  • Manual Operated Candle Making Machinery
  • Semi-Automated Candle Making Machinery
  • Fully Automated Candle Making Machinery

Manual operated candle making machinery include the heating device and candle moulds

In the manually operated candle making process the paraffin wax is heated and turn into liquid form them few amounts of the Stearic acid is added to a liquid which acts as a softener

The liquid paraffin is poured into the candle mould which in which is connected, and leaves it for cool then the paraffin turn into the solid structure; once paraffin gets solidify, the candle is drawn from the mould.

Whereas the fully automatic machinery gives lots of option by which you can manufacture the designer candles, therefore choose machinery wisely.

Candle Making Business Marketing Strategy

After manufacturing and packaging of the candle, the last but not least task is the marketing of candles. You can sell the candles in the local stores whole the designer candles are sold into the gift and craft shop.

Apart from the local and wholesaler market, you can choose the online way to sell you candle where you can simply represent your candle product on online product selling sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal etc.

#2. Agarbatti Manufacturing Business

agarbatti business plan incense stick Manufacturing

Agarbatti is world widely known as incents sticks which have a huge market demand not only in the domestic market but also incents sticks are exported to 90 other foreign countries.

Agarbatti aking is an evergreen traditional business in small-scale manufacturing business category and it gives a profitable return on investing small capital. Agarbatti making plant with the three pieces of machinery can give you around Rs 5,00,00 annually.

Agarbatti making business is the best option for Low Investment Manufacturing Business.

Agarbatti Manufacturing Business Opportunity

In India, Incents sticks are used daily for religion purpose. Therefore the demand for the agarbatti is always there in the market and it will increase while festival seasons.

India exporting incents sticks to other countries and now they are shearing the concept and manufacturing formulas with countries like Japan and China where the demand of the aggarbatti is high.

By considering all the demand for the agarbatti it is beneficial to initiate the agarbatti making business which is best Low Investment Manufacturing Business.

Agarbatti Business Requirements

Agarbatti making business does not demand the specific area; you can start the business with a location having around 500sq ft area.

While selecting the area for the incent sticks business make sure that the location of the business has a facility like water supply, drainage facility, and electricity supply.

The documents required to start the agarbatti making business is same as the document required for other service-oriented business; accept the pollution control certificate, agarbatti making business deals with some chemical, therefore, you need to take the pollution control certificate from local authorities.

The basic raw materials for agarbatti making are charcoal powder and bamboo sticks, other raw materials are gunpowder (sticky powder), perfume, Sawdust, Jikit Powder, Nargis, Gelatin Papers, and Crude Paper.

Agarbatti Making Process And Machinery

To get the uniform mixture, the charcoal powder and other ingredients are mixed with the help of the powder mixer machine.

The uniform mixture is poured into an agarbatti making machine in which the bamboo sticks are already loaded.

The uniform mixture of charcoal and gunpowder is wrapped around the bamboo stick with the help of machinery, the final output gets from the agarbatti making machinery is raw aggarbtti which further sent for the perfume adding where the aroma ingredient is added onto the raw aggarbatti.

The perfume added agarbatti are dried with the help of dryer machine And then packed using the packaging machine.

Agarbatti Promotional Strategy

There are two types of aggarbatti one is raw aggarbatti another is perfumed agarbatti

For perfume adding agarbatti, you need to buy aroma ingredient to add into the mixture required for agarbatti making or you can sell the raw agarbatti to the perfume adding industry where they add the perfume on the raw agarbatti.

Agarbatti business is one of the best manufacturing business ideas with low investment

#3. Spice Powder Manufacturing Business


Spice powder manufacturing is a business that ensures a good return on low capital investment.

India is the largest producer and exporter of spices, it is an essential ingredient used in every Indian recipe to make it more delicious. spice powder making is one of the best Low Investment Manufacturing Business

Spice Powder Business Opportunity

The demand for the different types of species is increasing day by day. India producing 50 different types of spices which are having good demand in domestic as well as in the international market.

Spice powder is used in every Indian home kitchen also domestic kitchens like hotels and restaurants Spices are ready to use.

Therefore the demand for the spices is always there in the market, the export of the spices give you more profit, to export the spices to another country you need to apply for IEC (import-export code) code which is mandatory to export the products.

Spice Powder Business Requirements

Spice powder making business can start in an area with space around 500 sq ft.

You can split the area into two sections one is for the storage of the raw material and another is to mount machinery where you can produce and packed the spice powder.

Spice powder making business is categories under food processing industry; therefore, you need to apply for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI).

Apart from the regular documentation, there is some registration according to the specific type of raw material used to make spice powder, such as;

  • Black Hole And Ground ISI-1798-1961
  • Chili Powder ISI-2445-1963
  • Coriander Powder ISI-2444-1963
  • Curry Powder ISI-1909-1961
  • Turmeric Powder ISI-2446-1963

The raw material is deciding the type of the spices, commonly used spices are Chili, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cumin, Cloves Cardamom, etc.

The grinding machine is the main machine required to grind the raw spice and convert into the powder.

The process for the spice powder making is very simple anyone can start the spice powder making business.

To make spice powder, initially raw spices are get clean and the impurities are removed from the raw spices, then let them dry into the sunlight or you can use the solar dryer so the moisture content of the raw spices is reduced, after solar drying process you need to roast the raw spice and then load it on the grinding machine, once the roasted raw material is loaded on the machine you don’t need to handle it manually just seatback.

By using the Grinding machine you will get the fine powder of spices.

Spice Powder Marketing and Promotional Strategy

You can sell your product to local or retailer and wholesaler in your city

Apart from the traditional marketing strategy, you can use online marketing to grab the customer.

Low Cost Manufacturing Business

If you are planning to start Low Cost Manufacturing Business here we have given the low investment manufacturing business which you have to choose according to your capital investment.

#4. Detergent Powder Making

Detergent powder business plan

If you are looking for the small-scale manufacturing business then the Detergent powder making is a profitable venture, anyone can start the detergent powder manufacturing business with low investment.

Detergent Powder Making Business Opportunity

The detergent powder is used on a daily basis; therefore, the demand for the detergent powder is steady throughout the year. Due to its huge consumer base, it is a great opportunity to start the detergent powder making business.

In urban areas, the demand for detergent powder is increasing due to the use of washing machines; in the rural area, people are replacing detergent cakes with Detergent powder. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the market demand for detergent powder.

Detergent Powder Making Business Requirements

One can start a detergent powder manufacturing plant with a 1000 Sq Ft area, so machinery can mount over it and raw material have their separate storage area.

Before initiating the detergent powder making business you need to get the licenses which are mandatory for detergent making business

The licenses required for the detergent powder making business are same as the licenses required for the other product base business but additionally, you need to apply for IS 4955-1968 registration for household use of detergent powder and to initiate distribution network you have to get ‘Distribution Agreement Paper’.

List Of Raw Material Required For Detergent Powder Manufacturing

  • Carboxyl Methyl Chloride Or Cellulose
  • Colour
  • Lather-Producing Chemical
  • Perfume
  • Soda Ash Or Sodium Carbonate
  • Sodium Perborate

The Machinery Required For Detergent Powder Making

  • Blender
  • Conveyors
  • Sieve
  • Cyclone
  • Furnace
  • Blowers
  • Mixing
  • Vessels
  • High-Pressure Tanks And Reactors
  • Pulverize
  • Neutralizer
  • Spray Dryer

Process For Detergent Powder Making

There are different types of re method by which can detergent powder is produces

  1. The Blender Process
  2. The Agglomeration Process
  3. The Slurry Process

Detergent Powder Promotional Strategy

Once the detergent powder product is ready it will be packed out for selling which is a tough task

You can hire your promotional team which will help you to sell and market the detergent powder or you can offer a retailer that helps to sold-out your detergent powder or at least helps to introduce your product to a customer.

You can target local media that speak about your product.

#5. Chocolate Making Business

chocolate making Business- Low Investment Manufacturing Business

Chocolate is the weak point of every child and it is a popular treat for every age group. Chocolate is made up of cocoa beans.

There are different types of chocolate are available in the market like unsweetened chocolate, Bittersweet, semisweet, or dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, White chocolate, and Cocoa powder.

Chocolate Making Business Opportunity

Chocolate is present in every celebration without chocolate treat parties are incomplete

Chocolate is having some medicinal use it has some amount of calories, antioxidant property, having an exotic taste and also helps for stress relief

You will get the chocolate in every corner shop the demand for the chocolate is always there in the market.

Chocolate Making Business Requirements

You can start the chocolate making business with the area location of 500 sq ft. you need to choose a hygienic area where you can make your sweet candies

Before selecting are for candy making look for the government rules mention to start the food processing business.

Chocolate Making Business generally run at stores, therefore, the store typically required certificate of occupancy(CO), that is legal proof describe that your building is obeyed the government regulations

Chocolate making is categories under the food processing industry; therefore, you need to apply for the FSSAI license which is mandatory for every food industry.

Food sampling selection is the most important part of this business that taste and quality of your food product depend on the raw material

The raw material required for the chocolate candy making is raw chocolate, sweetening agent, colour and flavouring agent

Machinery Required For The Chocolate Candy Making

  • Cutters
  • Melting
  • Panning
  • Tempering
  • Cheese Waxing Machines
  • Chocolate Refrigeration
  • Depositing
  • Moulding

Process For Chocolate Candy Making

The process for chocolate candy making is very simple, anyone can make chocolate candy by following some common methods

For chocolate candy making you need to melt the raw chocolate on the melting point using the commercial oven. And another ingredient will be added into melted chocolate.

The melted chocolate and ingredients are poured into a mould to get the desired shape

Leave the mixture of chocolate and ingredient into a mould for solidification

Once chocolate gets solidify to remove it from the mould and wrap using packaging paper. Print some information on packaging paper of chocolate. Which mention your brand and information related to chocolate ingredients.

Chocolate/ Candy Marketing Strategy

The smell of your Chocolate is depended on how you promote your chocolate brand.

You can contact event management agency and tell them to introduce your product to the customers that will help to increase your client base and make more contact related to your Chocolate Making Business.

You can make a sample of your chocolate product and offer it to the parties and other events; Leave promotional material at this party and events.

Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

Here we have listed manufacturing business ideas with low investment which will be the profitable business ideas for the entrepreneur who want to start their own venture.

#6. LED Light Manufacturing

LED Light Manufacturing

LED stands for Light-emitting diode, it is a semiconductor which emits light when current pass through it, LED becoming popular nowadays is available in different colours ranges of LED bulb colour vary from 2700k to 6500k.

LED bulbs have a good working life which is around 50000 to 80000 burning hours. and it is bestLow Investment Manufacturing Business

LED Light Manufacturing Opportunity

LED light consumes less electricity and gives bright light as an output. Low consumption and high output results in electricity saving. LED bulb saves 50% electricity as compared to a traditional bulb. LED bulbs are durable and the price of the LED bulb is less.

Due to electricity-saving, durable property, and less price, people are moving toward the LED bulb. Therefore the demand for the LED bulb is increasing day by day.

LED Light Manufacturing Business Requirements

The LED bulb manufacturing plant can start with the approx 500 sq ft area where you can mount the machinery and store the raw material which is required to LED bulb making.

To start LED bulb manufacturing you need to get some license and permission from local authorities.

All documents required for the LED bulb manufacturing is same as other business additionally you need to Register for no pollution certificate because LED bulb manufacturing industry deals with some hazardous element that the cause pollution, therefore, it is mandatory to get NOC from Pollution Control Board.

Raw Material Required For LED Bulb Making

  • Connecting Wire
  • Heat-Sink Devices
  • LED Chips
  • Metallic Cap Holder
  • Miscellaneous Parts
  • Packaging Material
  • Plastic Body
  • Rectifier Circuit With Filter
  • Reflector Plastic Glass
  • Soldering Flux

List Of Machine Required For LED Light Manufacturing

  • Candlelight Assembly Machine For LED
  • High Speed LED Mounting Machine
  • LED Chip SMD Mounting Machine
  • LED Lights Assembly Machine
  • LED PCB Assembly Machine
  • LED Tube Light Assembly Machine

The process for LED bulb manufacturing is not complex anyone can start the LED making business

To manufacture LED bulb, the crystalline semiconductor is manufactured under a high-pressure chamber; semiconductor is the main component in the LED bulb.

When current pass through semiconductor it emits the light. After manufacturing of semiconductor other components are mounted with the semiconductor and finally LED bulb is packed for the transportation and selling.

LED Bulb Marketing Strategy

You can sell you an LED bulb in a local electronics shop or wholesaler of your city.

Additionally, you can sell your products on B2B websites like Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Exportersindia, etc. or B2C websites like Amazon, Flip kart, Snap deal, etc

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#7. Paper Bag Making Business

Paper Bag Making Business

The important factor about the paper bag making is its eco-friendliness, paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable items, paper bags are the best option over plastic bags and essential for every commercial use for packaging their products

Paper bag making is great opportunity for one who is looking for Low Investment Manufacturing Business

Paper Bag Making Business Opportunity

All we know that the plastic ban all over the world, and people are aware of the environment; on other hand paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable items.

So it is the right time to get enter in the paper bag making business.

Paper bags are used on a daily basis for General purpose, industries to pack their semi-finished goods, jewelry packaging, Paper bags for medical use, Party bags, Shopping bags, to carry food items, etc.

By considering all the above point is concluded that the paper bags making is a profitable business that gives you good returns on low capital investment.

Paper Bag Making Business Requirements

Paper bags making business can start with the area of 1000 sq ft space.

Paper bags do not require lots of documentation you just need to register your business with ROC (registration of company) also take GST number and tread license

Additionally, apply for MSME which will give you benefits from the government and you are eligible to take government facilities.

The main raw material for paper bag making is craft paper, another raw material required for paper bag making is ribbon, glue, designer items for a handle, eyelid etc

There is a different type of automatic and semi-automatic paper bag making machine are available in the market you need to choose the right one on the basis of the production and your investment

The Machine Required For Paper Bag Making

  • Cutting Machine
  • Eyelet Fitting Machine
  • Lace Fitting Machine
  • Printing Machines
  • Punching Machine.
  • Testing Scale Machine

Process For The Paper Bag Making

Process for the paper bag making is very simple and with the help of machinery, it became more efficient.

For paper bag making you need to cut the paper roll into required size and then the sides of the paper are stick with the help of gum.

You can print the design and some user-friendly information on the paper bags which will help to attract once printing is done paper bag is punched using punching machine to attach the handle on it’ Attaching the string handle to holes of the paper bag is done with the machine.

Finally, your paper bags are ready to use, Paper bags are packed in the carton box for transportation.

Paper Bag Promotional Strategy

Marketing of your brand is an important task in every business, without the proper marketing, you are not able to attract customers,

You can create an attractive logo and used it into promotional material such as business card, pamphlets, letterhead and even printing on bags.

Business With Low Investment in India

What are the businesses with low investment in india; Starting your own business can be an overwhelming undertaking. However, not after the daily and dull 9-5 office regular anymore and creating all choices yourself is among the world’s very best feelings. But not everybody can satisfy the dream of conducting a business, generally as a result of inadequate funds. However, not anymore! With many low investment company thoughts, which also yield great gains, now you can start your own company and turn your passion into a profession.

Let us take a peek at the most lucrative low investment company thoughts in India.

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