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Top 10+ profitable Leather Business Ideas – low investment

Are you looking for leather business ideas? And are you searching for the business opportunity in leather processing industry? Here in this article, we gave you a profitable leather business ideas by which you can select the one suitable business to start with your own.

The leather business has revenue globally; the demand for the leather industry is increasing due to the increasing demand for the design of the fashionable leather product. The leather industry is multiple in different sectors such as tanning & finishing, leather footwear & footwear components, leather garments, leather goods including saddlery & harness, etc

List of Top 10+ Leather Business Ideas

Artistic Leather Goods Making is becoming famous because of the unique skills of artist work and antique leather products, authentic looks and well-finished product. Here we have mentioned some leather business ideas.

#1. Leather Bag Making

Leather Bag Making

Leather bags are used for a different purpose, most common leather products which are used for carrying purpose are a wallet, ladies purse, handbag, laptop bag, office bag etc. leather bags look more attractive therefore people are choosing the leather bags over other material.

Increasing awareness about the fashion trend in young generation is a major reason for the increasing demand for the different leather bag if you are planning to start the leather bag; manufacturing business then is id profitable venture the raw material availability is high in the Arunachal Pradesh and Orissa states

#2. Leather Garment Making

Garment Making

The leather garment making industry is the industry which is connected to the latest fashion trends, therefore if the fashion trend changes it will directly affect on the market demand so you have to be updated with the trends.

If you are the person who has enough knowledge about the leather product and passionate in fashion and designing wears then the leather garment-making business is definitely the best option for you.

People are love to wear leather garment, therefore, the demand for the leather garment is never getting down in the market, the demand for the leather garment is high in the export market as well the major market for the Indian garments are USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Greece, Sweden, and Portugal.

#3. Leather Belt Making

Leather Belt Making

If you are searching for the leather business ideas, leather belt making business is one of the great leather making business that you can start with the low investment.

Leather waist belt is a western wear accessory item that carries by both genders and popular in all the age group, also it has functional value apart from the fashionable significance, the demand for the fashionable leather belt is always in the market as well as the demand for such leather product is high in the export market.

#4. Leather Furniture Making

Leather Furniture Making

The demand for fashionable Leather furniture is increasing day by day, this product as the good export market. This is one of the profitable business ideas which you can start with the considerable investment

If you are planning to export the leather furniture then you have to check the buyers and need to apply for the IEC import-export code which is mandatory to export and import of any product.

#5. Leather Gloves Making

Gloves Making

Apart from fashion and décor product, the leather is used as protective gloves in the industrial purpose, leather gloves are the protective apparel which is essential in railways and defence, the major consumers for the leather gloves are industrial sectors.

Due to the rapid expansion of industrial and constructional industry, the demands for the leather gloves are also increasing, therefore if you are planning to start the leather gloves making the business you don’t have to worry about the market demand

Leather Gloves making is one of the best Leather Business Ideas.

Best Leather Business Opportunity

#6. Leather Tannery

The leather tannery generally the processed animal skin to produce durable decomposition leather, leather tanning is the process which involves the permanent alteration of the protein structure of the animal skin, starting leather tannery business demand for the high capital investment.

#7. Leather Purse / Hand Bag Making

Leather Purse Hand Bag Making

Women are very conscious about their outfit and fashionable accessories they always looking for the fashion item that also can be used as the productive ways, women love to carry the leather purse and leather handbags the always looking for the fashionable and trendy leather bags, therefore, the demand for the leather purse and handbags are increasing day by day.

#8. PU Laminated Split Leather Making

The PU Laminated Split Leather is an evolution in the leather manufacturing field and it has a very high demand in the market. This leather industry already gained wide popularity in the fashion world and they used to produce different types of fancy leather products.

PU Laminated Split Leather Making is one of the trending business ideas, so if you are looking for the leather business ideas PU Laminated Split Leather Making is one of the best option or you.

#9. Wrist Watch Straps Making

Wrist Watch Straps Making

The wristwatch is the necessity of the present day and it has the production value and nowadays it is becoming a fashion accessory, therefore, people always prefer to wear the wristwatch on every day.

The wristwatch strip is an integral part of the wristwatch; it has good market demand in the production of the wristwatch and replacement of the strips. Apart from large-scale manufactures, there are some small-scale leather strips making a business that can be running from home

#10. Leather Craft Business

Leather Craft Business

The common leather crafts items are clutch purses, decorative items, key holders, book covers and pet collars, the leathercraft has a high demand in the market and now there is a trend of the leather interior

If you are the one who has a passion for crafts making and want to convert your passion for earning source then Leather Craft Business is the best option for you.

#11. Leather Decorative Sheet Production

Leather decorative sheets are one of the creative leather producing business ideas that you can start with low investment even from home also

Leather decorative sheets are used to decorate the interior ceilings and wall panels, people want their houses, offices and restaurants more attractive and comfortable so they are looking for the interior décor items so you don’t have to worry about the product demand.

#12. Leather Aprons Making

Aprons Making business

Aprons are the protective wear which is essential for industrial works, the principal material to produce the leather apron is Chrome Tanned Leather or Split Leather, chrome tanned split leather is largely used to produce the leather apron because of some factors such as price of leather and properties of chrome-tanned leather which are suitable for industrial apron manufacturing.

these are the top 10+ Leather Business Ideas which you can start with low investment. while starting Leather Business Look for How to start leather business.


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