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How to start Ice Cream Cone Making Business

Ice Cream Cone Making Business is in huge demand  in India as well as in foreign counties, ice creams are viable in cups, some come with sticks but the most favorite is ice cream pour in ice cream cone

Are you looking for the detailed Ice Cream Cone Making Business, here you get a guide on how to start ice cream cone making business in small-scale investment

Anyone can start this business in individual or in a group; ice cream cone comes in many flavors with different forms and different colors

Ice cream cone is easy and clean to serve with no disposal, with the continuously increasing demand for ice crème; the demand for ice cream cone is increasing

Manufacturing of the ice cream cone is simple; some user-friendly machines are involved in ice cream cone manufacturing.

#1 Potential of Ice Cream Cone Making Business

13 Delicious Ice CreamIce cream has marvelous popularity as the dessert the consumption is increasing over years; the young population prefers cone ice cream over cup ice cream because of several reasons

Serving in cup required a spoon to eat and after fished it another task to dispose of which is create a problem, but in the cone, of course, there is no need of spoon to taste it they are eaten along with the ice cream

The ice cream that comes with stick or cup usually contains flavor that manufacturer company had decided, customer don’t have the option to choose; but in the case of cone ice cream you can tell them to add flavor according to your choice, you can add all the flavors that you love to taste

The bite of taste cool ice cream with crunchy wafer cone makes the exotic feeling that you never express in a word; that you missed in ice cream with stick and cup

Therefore starting ice cream cone making business is profitable for small entrepreneurs.


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#2 Licenses For Ice Cream Cone Making Business

For starting ice cream cone manufacturing business you need complete some paperwork registration and licenses

  • Firstly, you will need to register your firm. Register your ice cream cone making business as a Proprietorship or ROC (Register Of Companies).
  • Obtain Trade License and Pan Card on which the name of your industry is mentioned ice cream cone is a food item it categories under food industry so you will need to have a license from Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). This is mandatory for every food industry
  • Register your business as SSI Unit.
  • Apply for GST Registration.
  • You may also register your product brand name as Trade Mark.

#3 Area Required for Business

The location of the business totally depends on the business model

You can start the ice cream come manufacturing from your home, it only requires sufficient space to mount the machinery and some storage area to store raw material as well as that product after manufacturing

While staring the business from home you need to fulfill the requirement that mentioned by the government, there are some restriction by the government such as you cannot make any other food in the manufacturing are also do not allow pet

Home based, manufacturing area will save your money

if you are looking for the commercial area for manufacturing make sure that there is having the facility like water supply, drainage facility, and electricity supply also complete all paperwork related to land with the help of landowner.

#4 Raw Material For Ice Cream Cone Making Business

The main and basic raw material for ice cream cone is wheat flour, tapioca flour, and corn flour

Besides this, you need to process colors, flavors, sugar, salt, baking powder, essence, chocolate, and another ingredient that makes your ice cream cone more delicious

Sugar is generally used for baking quality, strength and of course for sweetness it also gives the brownish color with crispy texture

Wheat flour is an essential raw material in cone making; corn flour is another important raw material that will be mixed with wheat flour to make a consistent mixture

Tropica flour is basically used in South America and Southeast Asia. The reason behind it is the topic is made from cassava plant which grows only in the tropical climate; tropical flour is used to make a consistent mixture.

All wet ingredient like color, the essence is mixed with flour with the help of water, a Backing powder is a dry ingredient but it will be mixed with the water at the last to avoid contact with moisture, color re made up of natural edible products.

You need to buy some packaging material which is important because of hygienic purpose, after manufacturing you need to protect your ice cream cone from moisture, you can use packaging pouch as promoting material.

#5 Lists of Machinery for Ice Cream Cone Making Business

Ice cream cone making machine are important aspects of manufacturing so you need to choose the suitable machine for manufacturing, your maximum job well done once you select the appropriate Machinery for manufacturing

Automatic Ice Cream Cone Making Machine:

Automatic-Ice-Crean-Cone-Making-MachineThere are various automatic machines are available according to the capacity of production, so you need to choose by considering your required production rate and capital investment

The automatic ice cream cone machine that produces 150 to 180 pice of the cone per minute cost you around 1.50 to 2.00 lacs

This machine offers you well-finished cone, you can get the different shapes and pattern by using automatic cone making a machine

Apart from ice cream cone making a machine, you need to buy some other equipment such as cone mixer, and Cone Holders and Dispensers

Ice Cream Cone Mixer:

After selecting raw material you need to mix it well to make a consistent plate of it so you need a mixer that makes your work easier

Each mixture is quick and easy to used

Cone Holders And Dispensers

Cone holder helps to easily handle and holding purpose.

#6 Process for Ice Cream Cone Making Business:

ice cream cone making processStep 1 Create Mixture

Firstly you have to mix the corn and wheat flour with water using an Ice Cream Cone Mixer

Add the required quantity of colors and essence according to taste

Step 2 Load Mixture in Cone Making the Machine

Feed the corn and wheat flour in Automatic Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

This machine makes cone as per the mold using baking method

Step 3 Collects the Cone

While cone are baked using a cone making the machine you need to draw it from the machine

Using Cone Holders and Dispensers you can hold the cone and let it cool for few minutes and then they are ready to packaging

Step 4 packaging

After the cone making process is done you have to pack the cone for the selling purpose

You can use a polyethylene pouch to pack the 50 to 100 piece of cone

Packaging is very important to protect the product from the atmospheric change and hygienic purpose

You need a packaging machine for this process; we can use the attractive packaging material which is also used as promotional material.

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#7  Whom To Sell the Ice Cream Cone

Without customer it doesn’t matter how great and delicious your cone is, the customer is an important thing in each and every business

You can promote your business by old fashion as well as modern way, do some local events or at least attend some party or event where you can promote your product, you can offer free sample product to people and ask them for the feedback

Leave the promotional material at the party and events you can target the retailer and domestic market

You can choose a digital way to promote your business, create your own website from where you can sell and promote your brand product also you can tie up with another hosting website that will introduce your product to the customer

Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to connect with customers

Also, make a sample product and distribute it in local wholesalers and offer them some schemes on buying your product

Also, make a contact with the retailer that will help you to sell your product or at least they can introduce your bend product to the customer and it will beneficial to build the client base.


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