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Top 30 Profitable Home Manufacturing Business Ideas

Are you looking for Home Manufacturing Business Ideas? There are several people like you who are willing to start the home-based manufacturing business to become financially independent but due to lack of good ideas, they don’t know how to take a step to start manufacturing business.

Generally manufacturing business demand for the certain amount of investment, machinery units and raw material also space to start a business, but home manufacturing business is an opportunity to start a business with a single machine and it will allow you to establish the unit in your home.

Here we listed some best 30 home manufacturing business ideas that can be easily started with a very low investment but are highly profitable, this is the great opportunity for the student, woman entrepreneur and the for the person who wants to build their own earning source instead of working for others.

Lists of 30 Profitable Home Base Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Investment

#1 Agarbatti Making

Incense Stick Agarbatti Agarbatti making is a traditional business the scope for this business depends on the production and the demand for the product, Agarbatti or incents sticks are used for religious purpose also used in beauty salon spa and for meditation, therefore, the demand for the agarbatti is high in the market and it will increase during the festival season.

The initial investment of agarbatti making is low and in return, you can easily make Rs 500 to rs600 from each machine production (Rs25 to 30 per Kg of production)

Agarbatti is globally known as the incents stick the demand for the incents sticks are not only in India but there is huge opportunity in the international market too, India is exporting the agarbatti to another Asian country like China and Japan, India had exported over Rs 500 corer of agarbattis to other countries, about more than 90 foreign counties are using agarbatti, therefore, it is export-oriented manufacturing industry.

#2 Artificial Flower Making

artificial flowersAnother name for the artificial flower is permanent botanical they look real until you touch it; artificial flowers are used as a decorative item at a birthday party, wedding or any other ceremony. Because they are kept longer than the original flowers and comes cheaper than the organic flowers.

In the case of the organic flowers the climate factor is the effect on the organic flowers they are shrunk with the time but on another hand, the climate factor does not affect artificial flower  you can keep the artificial flowers as long as possible by just regular dusting and cleaning

Artificial flowers are produced using a different type of materials generally polyester is used to make an artificial flower which is available in low cost. Silk flower is expensive than that of the polyester flower because artificial flower with silk material looks more realistic, no plastic is used in silk flower except in stem and leaves.

If you are having skills to make the artificial flower you can make money using your skills.

#3 Biscuit Making

 crispy delicious biscuitsBiscuit with the cup of tea is favorite snacks in the morning; a crispy biscuit is a lovable food for every age group. You can find it in every corner shop, the biscuit is consumed on daily basis at every house, and therefore, the demand for the biscuits is high in the market.

Anyone can start the biscuit making the business with low capital investment. Many popular brands had already captured the market but you can start your venture with your unique flavor and packaging and main important is a price on the basis of this quality local manufacturer also creating their own identity.

Some biscuits manufacturers come with their unique recipes of biscuit that will become their identity in the biscuit making industry.

#4 Candle Making

candlesCandles have been used as lighting source but nowadays candles are used as decorative items in hotels and restaurants  and also used for religious purposes apart from traditional white color cylindrical candle there are designer candles are available in the market

The demand for the designer, aromatic and decorative candles is high in the market and increasing day by day for decorative purpose and this type of candle used by many households, restaurants, event parties in brightening up their interior.

The main component and elements that are needed for the candle making business are wax, Stearic acid (saturated fatty acid), wicks, and dyes to give shape to the candle.

The initial cost to start a business is much less. You can start the candle making business at home because it does not require unit setup and manpower.

#5 Cashew Processing

cashew nutCashew nut is the most consumable household in, therefore, the demand for cashew is high in the market, Cashew is a seasonal fruit, you cannot eat cashew nut in raw form it needs to process before making it edible the first cashew processing unit was started in the late 60s and now cashew nut processing industries in India has the highest rate of productivity in the world.

The demand for the cashew nut in a foreign country is also high therefore the export market of cashew is increasing day by day, therefore starting a cashew nut business id great venture.

In India, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu Are the nine states that are popular for commercial agriculture of cashew, more than 70% of overall cashew nut production is from West Coast, Ratnagiri, North Kanara and Malabar districts in Madras, Cochin, Travancore.

#6 Chocolate Making

chocolate cakeNo celebration is complete without chocolate product; chocolate is a widely acceptable food product, therefore, the demand for the chocolate product is always high in the market.

Indian people becoming health conscious and looking for healthy food; dark chocolate which is full of calories, antioxidant property, having an exotic taste and also help for stress relief

Chocolate is made up from cocoas tree, the cocoa seed need to be processed to get the chocolate, and anyone can start the chocolate making plant with low investment.

#7 Crafts Manufacturing

wooden workIf you having skills to make attractive craft then you are the one who can run the craft making a business where efficient and successfully, craft making business is the great opportunity for you to convert your skills and passion into a business,

Peoples are looking for handmade decorative items for their house and offices, therefore, the demand for the crafts are always in the market throughout the year.

While starting the craft making business you need to stay updated with the latest design of the crafts because people always choose the craft which is latest and different one.

Craft making business does not demand the high investment; anyone can start the craft making business with the home which will give the high returns on the low investment.

#8 Designer Sari Making

Designer SariSari is a traditional outfit for a woman in India, there are different types of saris are available in the market, and nowadays there is a trend of the designer sari.

If you are good at embroidery and making a design on the sari and looking for the home-based manufacturing business then the designer sari making is a perfect business option for you.

#9 Detergent Powder Manufacturing

detergent powder in cupYou can find the demand for the detergent powder throughout the year it is used on daily basis; therefore, you don’t need to worry about the market demand and potential of the business.

nowadays due to a high standard of leaving people are using washing machines and for washing machine, the use of the detergent powder is mandatory therefore the demand for the detergent powder is more than that of detergent soap.

Apart from domestic use, the detergent powder is used in the industrial sectors.

The detergent powder is having a huge consumer base so there is a great business opportunity to invest in this business that gives you high returns.

#10 Diary Making

Dairy milk cansDairy products are popular among all the age group and it will consume on the daily basis, if you are having a good source of the milk then you can start the dairy business.

You can make the dairy products and then sell it to the dairy owner. Diary product making b business comes under the food processing industry and if you are planning to run Diary business from your home then you need to check the government rules regarding the food processing industry.

#11 Disposable Cup Glass Manufacturing

plastic disposable cups Cup Glass is used to serve the water, Disposable Cup Glass are eco-friendly and easy to dispose of.

People are aware of the environmental pollution; therefore, they choose the Disposable Cup Glass over plastic cup glass because plastic cup glass is harmful to the environment due to its no disposable property.

The quality of the Disposable Cup Glass is depended upon the paper used to make the cup; anyone can start the Disposable Cup Glass Manufacturing business with low investment

Disposable Cup Glass Manufacturing business unit does not demand the lots of machinery you can run the business with the help of a single machine, therefore, the space required for the unit is less so you can start the business from home also.

#12 Book Manufacturing

vintage books The notebook is always available in the stationary list of students, offices and all other educational institutes. Therefore the demand for the exercise book is high in the market.

Generally, exercise books are available in differs size according to market demand the price of the notebook depends on the size and paper quality.

Notebook manufacturing unit does not demand lots of machinery you can start the notebook making business with the help of a single machine, therefore, it does not require the large area space for the unit, you can run the exercise book making a business from your home

#13 Food Color Manufacturing:

Turmeric food colourFood colors are made up of different food ingredients which are edible and used to make food recipes more attractive.

The market demand for the food color is always there in the market so you don’t need to worry about the product sell.

#14 Fruit Juice Production

Fruit JuiceFruit juice is now available in the packed segments; fruit juice is ready to serve an item that has some healthy benefits therefore the consumption of the fruit juice is increasing day by day.

Fruit juice production is very simple it required some machinery like pealing machine pulping machine and squeezing machine and if you are planning to package segment of fruit juice then additionally you need to buy the packaging machine, the type of the fruit juice is depending upon the selection of the raw material.

#15 Garment Manufacturing

jeans pants in shopGarment manufacturing required the knowledge about the textile industry, ready-made garment manufacturing business is today’s multi milliner industry.

People are becoming more stylish and they are conscious about their outfits. They are always looking for the new stylish garment so you can start your garment manufacturing business in this outfit conscious world.

#16 Ginger Garlic Paste Processing

Ginger Garlic Ginger Garlic Paste is an essential food making ingredient which is present in every Indian house, it is used in every Indian food to give it a delicious taste

The Ginger Garlic Paste market is increasing by 25% with the estimated cost of Rs up to 70 cores

Nowadays in fast life people are looking for the ready-made food and Ginger Garlic Paste is an essential food item, if it is easily available in the market then people are buying it without any complex, so the Ginger Garlic Paste processing unit is a great venture for the woman entrepreneur as well as for the one who wants to start their own business with low investment

#17 Ice Cream Cone Making

13 Delicious Ice CreamIce cream has marvelous popularity as the dessert the consumption is increasing over years, it is the best treat and popular among all the age group

Ice cream is available in the cup and some of have come with stick but all time favorite is ice cream with cone, ice cream cone is conical shape wafer in which ice cream is served and the best part about the ice cream cone is you can eat the cone also on another hand in the case of cup and stick ice cream there is problem of disposal of such material.

It is an unbelievable experience to taste the ice cream with the crunchy wafer cone. The demand for the ice-cream cone is high in the market. Therefore staring an ice-cream cone business is a good opportunity.

#18 Jam Jelly Making

 Jam Jelly candeJam jelly is generally made up of different types of fruits and vegetables, fruit jam contains the rich pulp of the fruits and jelly is a clear, bright and thick mixture of the fruit juice, jelly is made up of fruit juice, sugar and sometimes pectin.

Jam and jelly are used to spread on the bread in morning breakfast and jelly is used to fill the cakes and chocolates additionally by using the jelly you can make a jelly candy which is popular in every child.

Jam jelly making is a profitable business that does not demand the special unit; therefore, you can start the jam jelly business from your home.

#19 Jewelry Manufacturing

necklace handmade jewelryThe woman is always looking for the machine accessories on their outfit because they are conscious about their outfit and accessories to carry. Jewelry is a favorite wearing item or accessory in all age group women.

Nowadays there is a huge demand for handmade jewelry therefore if you are the one who is an expert in the making of handmade jewelry then you can convert your skills into money making source.

#20 LED Light Manufacturing

led cfl lighting bulbLED stand for the light emitting diode, the light emitting diode is working such as when the current passes through diode it will emit the light, nowadays LED bulb is becoming popular due to its property of low consumption of energy.

LED bulbs have a great life which is around 50000 to 80000 burning hours people are moving toward the Led bulb, therefore, the market demand for the LED bulb is already high in the market so you can make it as a business opportunity.

#21 Lemonade Making

Drink, soda, Ice, Green, GlassLemonade is locally called as nimbu paani which is favorite soft drink in India, there is nothing like the lemonade while the sun is bombarding the heat in a summer day, therefore the consumption of the lemonade is high during the summer day.

The lemonade making is very simple it does not demand some difficult technique; you can run the lemonade making a business from home

#22 Mineral Water Making

water bottle package plantMineral water is a pure form of hydrogen and oxygen equipped with the presence of minerals such as barium, iron, manganese etc., depending upon the quality of raw water, the suitable treatments are given to the water to make it standard mineral water.

Due to the increasing number of tourist, the demand for the mineral water has tremendous growth from last 5 years. Mineral water making is a profitable business which you can start with low investment.

#23 Naphthalene Ball Making

coloured stones for decorationNaphthalene ball is a consumable product and the use of the naphthalene ball is finding more in the urban areas, due to increasing awareness about the cleaning, the naphthalene ball has a good scope and growing market.

Naphthalene ball is white solid, round shape material contains 98% naphthalene and hydrocarbon, and it is an insecticide that is also used as a repellent. Once it leaves in the atmosphere it will disappear after some time period.

You can produce these balls from naphthalene flakes by a tablet making the machine. Therefore it does not demand the large area space; you can start the Naphthalene Ball Making business at your home.

#24 Noodles Making

pasta Noodles In today’s fast moving life people are choosing instant food and noodles are the good option for them, noodles are becoming popular and it is a favorite food of every child. Noodles are an extruded product made of tapioca flour and Maida, Noodles are easy to make.

Noodles making is only required the extruder machine; therefore, you can start the noodles making a business from your home which will save your money on rental areas.

#25 Papad Making

lijjat papad Everyone is aware of the brand that starts with the motive of woman empowerment whose starting profit is RS 1 and now it is a topmost popular brand in papad making industry and that brand is lijjat papad.

Papad is an Indian wafer type which is consumed with an everyday meal, the type of the papad is depend on the base material used in the papad making, papad is mostly consumable and popular Indian food item.

Anyone can start the papad making business with low investment; papad making business can be start form the home also. And it is a great opportunity for the housewives who want to earn some money.

#26 Paper Bag Making

paper bagsWe all know that the plastic bags are harmful to the environment and they are non-degradable in another hand the main factor for manufacturing paper bag is to make it eco-friendly and biodegradable.

People are conscious about the environment and they are aware of the paper bags, therefore, the consumption of paper bags are increasing and plastic bags are ban by the government, therefore, the paper bags is an only option to carry stuff.

Paper bags making business does not demand the high investment you can start the paper bags making business with low capital investment and it can start with your home that will save your investment open the rental area.

#27 Pickles Making

PicklesPickles are popular among the local market, every Indian food dish builds the pickle, and the demand for the pickle is also high in the international market.

There are different types of pickles are available in the market the type of the pickle is depend on the raw material used to produce the pickle, the production process of the pickle is very simple it does not demand the lots of machinery.

Pickle making is the profitable home manufacturing business ideas that you can start tomorrow

#28 Potato Chips Making

Potato ChipsPotato chips are slices of the potato which are deep friend with the oil and then coated with the spices and flavor as per requirement while deep frying the potato slices are passed through the dehydration process where the water contains potato is getting reduce therefore the potato chips are staying longer.

Potato chips are an innovative product which is becoming popular snakes in India in every age group and it gives considerable value to the potato and potato will preserve for a longer period of time in the form of potato chips.

Additionally, you can make French fries using the same unit and technology, potato chips making business doesn’t have any large machinery unit, therefore, you can start it from your home also.

#29 Spice Powder Making

Spice PowderIndian cannot imagine their food without spices, spices are used to make food delicious, the type of the spices depends on the base material used for the making of spices, spices are used in every Indian food, therefore, the demand for the spices are always there in the market.

India is known as the land of spices because India is the largest producer and exports the species.

The demand for the Indian spices is Not only high in the domestic market but also the demand for the Indian spices in high in the international market, therefore if you are looking for the home manufacturing business ideas then the spice powder making business is the perfect option for you

#30 Tomato Processing

tomato sauceTomato is a cheap and affordable vegetable which is available through the year, people are like to consume the processed tomato rather than raw tomato, and the tomato will be processed to make tomato ketchup, tomato soups, and sauces.

By processing the tomato fruit it will preserve for longer use, in the day to day life people are always searching for the ready-made instant food and tomato processed food is used in every instant food, therefore, the tomato processing unit is a great opportunity to start the venture.


These are the Best 30 Proven Home Based Manufacturing Business Ideas . . So if you have any query related to this Business comment us. we will definitely answer your question.

Best 30 Home Manufacturing Business Ideas


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