55+ Profitable Franchise Opportunities In India With Low Investment

Today people are looking for the Franchise Opportunities because starting a franchise is another approach to start the business, the benefit of franchisees is that you can take advantages of brand recognition, you get the well-established business model, and the company supports for your startup.

Nowadays people don’t want to a part of the rat race and they are looking for the Business Ideas but they are not sure that the business would be successful or not in such cases the franchises are the best option for the beginner who wants to start their business.

In Franchise Business, the risk is very low and you have all the rights to use the well-established business model system.

And additionally, you don’t have to do marketing because the parent company gives you service in which they will do the marketing for your business.

A franchise gives you an agreement that allows you to access the business property, process, and trademark for a certain period of time.  And give you permission to sell the product under the franchise brand name.

If you are looking for the Best franchise opportunities, here in this article we gather some franchise options that will help you to choose the best and suitable franchise Business.

# List of 55+ Franchise Opportunities in India with Low Investment

#1. Patanjali

how to start patanjali franchise business shop

Investment Required: 7 lakhs to 70 lakhs

Area Required: 300 sqft to 2000 sqft

Patanjali is the most trusted and Indian brand which has exceed the revenue of 200 cores with the strategy of Ramdev Baba and acharya balkrishna, Patanjali Ayurvedic Medicines are considered as value-adding products in the FMCG market.

While starting Patanjali distributorship or Patanjali product you will require minimum 500 sq ft area and capital investment of 7 lakhs to 70 lakhs, the expected break-even point in Patanjali frenchises business is around 2 to 3 years.

#2. Domino’s Pizza

how to start dominos pizza franchise

Investment Nontraditional store: INR 50 lakhs.

Investment Traditional stores: INR 30 lakhs.

Area Required: Approx 1500 sq ft.

Official website: www.dominos.co.in

Domino’s Pizza was started with a small store and now it becomes the leading brand for the deliver delicious pizza all over the world, the Domino’s Pizza arrives in across 70 countries.

In India, Domino’s Pizza is coming under the Jubilant Food Works limited, apart from the pizza Domino’s are offering a different type of food like pasta, cake, bread, too Indian, chicken wings and many more.

There are more than 550 stores in India and it acquires the more than 120 cities of India, 72% share of pizza delivery in India.

Domino’s Pizza can be opened only as a partner of Jubilant Food Works limited

look for How to start Domino’s Pizza franchise in india

#3. Amir Chicken

start amir chicken franchise business

Investment Required: INR 5 Lakhs – INR 10 Lakhs

Area Required: 200 sq ft to 800 sq ft

Amir chicken and egg limited was founded by Mr. Vijay more in 1991. Amir chicken started the franchise in 2004.

Now Amir Chicken has more than 600 franchise all over Maharashtra and still growing.

Amir chicken is brought all the non-vegetarian products under the one roof.

The minimum space required to start the Amir chicken is 200 sq ft to 800 sq ft.

#4 CCD Café Coffee Day

CCD Café Coffee Day

Investment Required: INR10 lakh

Area Required:1000 to 1500 sq ft

Café Coffee Day is the place where people looking for something hot and special, the Coffee Day’s dispensing machines Celesta and Sienna are playing an important role in Café Coffee Day.

Café Coffee Day is proving machines which help to make the hot coffee or tea in one button touch. Even one can make the soups through the celesta machine, Café Coffee Day is Asia’s largest coffee company with the heritage of 140 years therfore this is profitable and trusted franchise opportunities.

#5 Amul

Amul Franchises business

Amul is one of the popular brands for the dairy product, they are providing franchise business model in two different business model formate one is an Amul kiosk and another is Amul ice cream parlor.

•    Amul kiosk

Investment Required: INR 2 lakh

Area Required: 150 to 300sq ft

•    Amul ice cream parlor

Investment Required: INR 6 lakh

Area Required: 300sq ft

Amul offering an excellent business model in the ice cream industry, for the entrepreneur who wants to become part of the fastest growing ice cream industry.

#6 Subway

Subway Franchises business

Investment Required: INR25 lakh

Area Required: 300 to 1000sq ft

Subway is one of the popular franchise opportunities in all over the world, it spread over the 102 countries it has 39,000 branches, in India subway has 357 storefront and it is constantly increasing day by day.

If you are wishing to start Subway franchise then you will require the capital investment of the 25 lakhs with the area of around 1000sqft, the break-even in subway franchise business can be achieved at the rated minimum 40% per year.

#7 Euro Kids

start Euro Kids school franchise business

Investment Required: INR 10 Lac –INR  20 Lac

Area Required: 200 sq ft to 500 sq ft

Euro kids are started there in 1997 with the idea of providing education to young children and they had started franchise opportunities in the year 2001.

Now it has more than 1000+ Preschool and it spread over 3 countries, 350 cities and has more than 300,000 children.

#8 KFC

start KFC franchise business

Investment Required: INR 1 Core

Area Required: 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft

Kentucky fried chicken known as KFC is very popular food and brew brand which is originated in the US which was started in 1939, KFC first franchise opening in 1952, and it now well establishes the brand in India.

look for how to start KFC frnchise in India.

#9 Lakme Salon

 start Lakme Salon franchise business

Investment Required: INR 25 lakhs

Area Required: 2000 sq ft to 3000 sq ft

Competitors: Yardley, Revlon, Garnier, L’Oreal etc

Lakme is most accepted brand in a beauty product, which is not only famous in India but it is most popular among all the world, beauty product has huge demand wile wedding season and Lakme is one of the trusted brands in beauty product thoierfor people prefer the Lakme product overall another brand

Lakme establishes franchise in 75 cities in India, to open Lakme showroom you will need 25 lakhs as an investment in which they will provide the training on Lakme product and beautification so you will serve the best to the customers.

#10 DTDC

start dtdc courier franchise business

Investment Required: INR 1.5 lakhs

Area Required: 300 sqft to 500 sqft

DTDC is standing for “desk to desk courier and cargo”, DTDC is one of the popular courier company, DTDC is preferred as an uninterrupted logistics, express and retail service. If you are looking for the franchise business under 2 lakhs then DTDC franchise opportunities are the best option for you because it does not demand the large area space to open the DTDC office.

You can start the DTDC franchise with the investment of 1.5 lakhs INR, the area requirement for DTDC courier is around 300sqft to 500sqft, they will provide you with basic software which is useful in daily works.

#11 Jawed Habib

start Jawed Habib salon franchise business

Investment Requires: 5L to 10L

Area Required: 500sqft

Jawed Habib is popular salon franchise which is one of the leading Hair & Beauty salon chains in India, the company currently spread over the 21 states and 85 cities in the country, the company was started by the jawed Habib with the vision to provide the quality hair style and beauty service to the customers.

If you are planning to get the jawed Habib franchise opportunities you will require an investment of 5 to 10 lakhs INR and this franchise term for 4 years.

#12 First Cry

Start First Cry.com Franchise Business

Investment Requires: 10L to 15L

Area Required: 1000sqft

The first cry is a popular brand for the kids wear. the first cry is started with the mission of providing the best quality product at a low price with great online shopping option. the franchisor will provide you marketing which you will require to run a business successfully.

#13 Dr. Batras

Investment Requires: 20L

Area Required: 500sqft

Dr. batras is a well known heathcare business brand,dr batras franchise have more than 100 clinics and more than 250 trainie homeopath service all over india. DR batras homeopathy clinics are started at 1982 and they staretd offering franchise disturibution in 2012.

If you want to start the health and medical related business then Dr. Batras is recommended franchise opportunities for you.

#14 Lenskart

Start Lenskart.com Franchise business

Investment Requires: 20L to 30L

Area Required: 1000sqft

Lenskart is the company that provides the optical lenses and frames, it is one of the fastest growing eyewear business, lenskart is started with the mission of giving vision in affordable price. Lenskart has a special program for woman entrepreneur which you can check out on lenskart official website.

Lenskart is started at 2010 by Peyush Bansal and now it has more than 170 profitable stores in all over India, if you are planning to start the lenskart franchise opportunities then you will required area space of around 100 sq ft and it must be located in a potential area such as an optical store, clinics, malls etc.

Apart from area and investment you will have to come with an excellent educational background.

#15 Pizzahut

Pizzahut franchises business

Investment Required: INR 30 to 40 lakh

Area Required: 500sq ft

Pizza hut is ranking in top ten fast food business in India, it is a 15-year-old internationally highly praised brand. Pizza is a favorite meal in every young age group, there are more than 175 pizza hut home delivery service units are present in India

If you are wishing to start the pizza hut franchise business you will require a capital investment of the 30 to 40 lakh and area space of 500sqft.

#16 hero motocorp

hero motocorp

Investment Required: INR50 lakh to 1 cr

Area Required: sqft

Hero motocorp is one of the leading brands in automobile sector they are formerly known as hero Honda motors limits, they have the mission of becoming largest two-wheeler company, they are known for their style and technology.

Hero motocorp has won business leader award for the year 2013, if you arw planning to start6 the franchise business in the automobile sectors then Honda moters limites is strongly recomendaed franchise opportunities.

#17 Express car wash

Express car wash

Investment Required: INR 10 to 20 lakh

Area Required: 2000 sqft

The express car wash is a unique machines car cleaning concept which is launched by the man-machine group, in this concepts car are pampered by the high-pressure cleaning machine, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners etc

If you are planning to start the car washing business then express car wash is a great option.

#18 alien (car infotainment)

alien (car infotainment)

Investment Required: INR 20 to 30 lakh

Area Required: sqft

Alien is an evolution in-car infotainment system by Global and Glorious Group of Companies.  It is started in Faridabad in 1988, the Italian car infotainment system is designed in Japan and manufactures in India.

Alien infortainment come with the touch screen upto 10 inches with Bluetooth, Google Play store, 360-degree view, on way conference etc.

#19 Archies

Start Archies gallery franchise business

1)    Archies Gallery

Investment Required: 20 lakh

Area Required: 500 sqft to 750 sqft

2)    Paper Rose Store

Investment Required: 12 lakh

Area Required: 300 sqft to 500 sqft

Archies is an international franchise outlet which is popular for cards and gifts since 1979, They offer two types of franchise one is Archies gallery and another is the paper rose store.

For Archies gallery you will require 500 sqft area and 20 lakh investment, and for other franchise opportunities which is paper rose store you will required 12 lakhs investment with the area space of 300 to 500 sqft, if you are looking for the best franchise business ideas these two are most profitable franchise business opportunities because people are always buying gift and the demand for the gifts and card are high during the valentines day, new year and such various events.

#20 BSA


Investment Required: INR 10 lakhs to 20 lakh

Area Required: 1000 to 1200 sqft.

BSA (Birmingham small arms)is the bicycle company and they already had more than 400 franchises which are running successfully, if you are wondering why should buy a bicycle franchise in this modern world where vehicles are spreading their craze rapidly but if you surf the market you will realize the bicycle demand.

If you are wishing to take a BSA franchise then you will require 1000 sq ft area and capital investment of 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs, in your investment for the franchise they will provide you proper training and make your staff able to sell the bicycle.

#21 Funz

Investment Required: INR 20 lakh to 30 lakh.

Area Required: 500 sqft

Funs infinitum technologies Pvt Ltd is an entertainment based company which has only 10 franchises, therefore the scope of having franchises of funs is great over here if you are looking for the low-risk business model that already running successfully then funs franchise business is a great option.

You will be required a space of minimum 500 sqft and have financial strength of sending INR 20 lakhs and they offer you training and equipment required to run the business efficiently.

 #22 khadims footwear

khadims footwear

Investment Required: INR 1 lakh

Area Required: 1000 sqft

Khadim’s is a popular brand in footwear for kids, young, adults, khadims manufacturing and marketing fashionable and modern elegance footwear in affordable price for every age group.

Khadim’s is established in 1965 and now it has 600 retail outlets in more than 21 states in India , If you are planning to start the franchises in the footwear industry then khadims footwear franchises is one of the best options for you, for such franchise opportunities you will need at least 1000sqft areas and capital investment of the 1 lakh.

#23 Green trend salon

Green trend salon

Investment Required: INR 30 lakh to 40 lakh

Area Required: 1000sq ft

Green trends were awarded as best salon marketer for the year 2014, Green trends salon is spread over the 270 outlets in India, if you are planning to start the retailer franchise business in salon industry then green trends are a profitable option.

#24 Baskin robin

Investment Required: INR 10 lakh

Area Required: 130 to 500sq ft

Ice cream is the most popular treat and Baskin Robin is in the top list of the ice cream seller brand, Baskin Robin is started at 1993 in Mumbai and now they spread all across the world. A product of Graviss Foods Pvt Ltd. Has more than 500 outlets.

If you want to start the business in the ice cream industry then buskin robin is recommended franchise option for you. You will need the investment of 10 lakhs and area space of minimum 130 sqft.

#25 Aptech Arena animation

Investment Requires:20l

Area Required: 1000

Aptech Popular brand among the educationkal sector, aptech limited brings arena animation franchise opportunity with great profit potential. Arena animation is a leading educational institute in animation and multimedia traning in india.

#26 mahindra first choice wheel

mahindra first choice

Investment Required: INR 30 to 50 lakh

Area Required:1500 sqft

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd (MFCWL) is a part multinational Mahindra Group which was started by Mr. Anand Mahindra to enter into automobile industry in 1999, they started the franchsies option in 2003.

If you are planning to start the automobile franchise opportunities then Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd is one of the profitable business options for you, to start the Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd you will require the area space of 1500 sq ft with a capital investment of 30 to 50 lakhs.

#27 Kidzee


Investment Required: INR 12 lakhs – INR 15 lakhs

Area Required: 2000sqft to 3000sqft

Competitors: Euro kids, International Ltd, Treehouse playgroup

Kidezee is the top leading brand in Asia which comes under the educational sector; kidzee provides the education, training, and development to the children.

Kidzee has expanded its franchises more than 15 years, and successfully changing the life of 4, 50,000 students, the minimum required amount of areas to start the kidzee frenchises is 2000sqft to 3000sqft, and the investment required is INR 12lakhs to INR 15 lakhs which also includes service and other equipment charges, Kidzee will provide you with a training program to run the business successfully.

#28 Café Udupi Ruchi

Café Udupi Ruchi

Café Udupi Ruchi is one of the best vegetarian restaurant brands that serves 100% natural food to their customers.it is a heaven to the vegetarian customers, they serve from breakfast to dinner including South, North Indian, and Continental Fusion.

Café Udupi ruche is provided three startup options so you can choose the right option by considering your investment and area location.

•    Kiosk

Investment Requires:15 to 20 lakhs

Area Required: 70 to 150sqft

•    Café Model

Investment Requires: 60 lakhs

Area Required: 1500 sqft

•    Highway Food Court Mode

Investment Requires: 1cr to 1.5cr

Area Required: 4500 sqft

#29 Gelato Vinto

Investment Required: INR 5 lakh and 30 lakh.

Area Required: 100 sqft and 300 sqft

Gelato into is the food and brewage based company which is interested to start their franchise business in India, therefore it is a great opportunity that you don’t have to miss, the capital investment for the gelato vinto franchisees is around 5 to 30 lakhs in which they will give you a necessary training and make your staff able to serve your customers with the polite and good service.

#30 cancer healer center

cancer healer center

Investment Required: INR 30 to 50 lakh

Area Required:1100 to 1300 sq ft

Cancer healer center is east listed in 1997 by dr. hari Krishna with the commitment of providing the best care to the cancer patients, the main aim of Cancer healer center is to fight against cancer and help the patient to live a happy and rewarding life, now Cancer healer center is functioning under the guidance of Tarang Krishna.

If you are love to provide the medical service for cancer patient then you can start the Cancer healer center franchise opportunities.

#31 pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana)

pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana)

Investment Required: INR

Area Required: sq ft

pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan viskas yojana) is coming under the skill India scheme which was launched by prime minister Shree Narendra Modi in 2015, the pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana) is launched with the motive of the growth of youth of India in different skills.

The pmkvy(pradhanmantri Kushan viskas yojana) scheme is intended to increase the employment rate from 5% in 2014, you can start the pmkvy (pradhanmantri Kushan Vikas Yojana) franchise, for more details you can check the official website of the pmkvy scheme.

#32 India first robotics

India first robotics

Investment Required: INR50 k to 2 lakh

Area Required: 1000sq ft

India first robotics is a robotic training and manufacturing company which has more than 115 training centers across India, IndiaFIRST robotics has collaborated with Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt of India and Savitribai Phule Pune University.

IndiaFIRST robotics is building iniad first robot museum at ahemadabad, if you are planning to start the IndiaFIRST robotics franchises you will require caoital investment fo 2 lakhs apart frpm investment you will also require the robotics knowledge.

#33 Kumon

Investment Required: INR5 to 10 lakh

Area Required: sqft

Kumon is the worlds leading afterschool enrichment program, Kumon is founded in Japan in 1954, Kumon has more than 25,000 centers in all over the world and they are serves for more than 4 million children across 50 countries.

Kumon is one of the interesting franchise opportunities for an entrepreneur who are looking for a challenging and creative business model.

#34 DPMI ( Delhi Paramedical Management Institute )

Investment Required: INR10 to 20 lakh

Area Required:2000 to 3500 sq ft

Delhi Paramedical Management Institute (DPMI was founded by Vinod bachetti in 1996, it is an institute of paramedical science. they maintain their glorious performance for 10 years in guiding students to the paramedical sector.

If you are planning to start the Delhi Paramedical Management Institute franchise business then you will require a capital investment of 20 lakhs and area space of 3000 sqft.

#35 Danzofit


Investment Required: INR30 to 50 lakh

Area Required: sqft

Danzofit is indias first and most popular dance fitness band which is founded by Dr nikita mittal in 2013, danzofit is unique and high-intensity workout, All workouts, and choreographies are crated with a unique combination of ‘injury-free’ & ‘progressive’ movements.

by 2015 danzofit had launch 3 centers in pune, if you are wishing to start the danzofit franhises business then you will reqired 30 lakh investment.

#36 Smart School Junior

Investment Requires: 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs

Area Required: 1000-2500

Smart school junior is the preschool and it has franchises between the 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs. If you are the person who wants to start the business and had enough knowledge about the educational system then you can prefer the smart school junior franchises which are a best franchise opportunities for a beginner.

#37 SMC Globel Securities

SMC Globel Securities

Investment Requires:2.5L

Area Required: 500sqft

SMC global securities are an Indian financial service provider which is founded in 1990. SMC global securities include services like share market, online trading, IPO, mutual funds, etc

SMC global securities can be established in 500 sqft with the initial investment of 2.5 lakhs.

#38 Career Launcher

Career Launcher

Investment Requires: 2l to 5l

Area Required: 1500sqft

Career launcher is an educationally based business company, CL educational service provider led by IIT-IIM alumni, CL company is established in 1995, career launcher focuses on academic excellence and technological innovation.

Career launcher focus on

  • Engineering preparation
  • MBA preparation
  • Banking service
  • Law exam preparation
  • Career counseling
  • International education

CL started franchises from last 17 years, if you are planning to get the CL franchise you will need the minimum 1500 sq ft area and the investment of 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs INR, apart from area and investment you will required graduation degree and energetic professors.

#39 Café Desire

Café Desire

Investment Required: INR 2 lakhs

Area Required: 1000sq ft

Competitors: café coffee day, barista

Café desire is fast growing and oldest brand, which will be known for their instant coffee, tea, and desirable drinks; they come under the manufacturing business. And they are providing a franchise from last 15 years in India.

To start the Café desire business you will need the minimum 1000 sqft area, and the investment required is 2 lakhs and in this investment, they will provide you a coffee vending machine also gives you a training about how to run the Café desire business.

#40 global acadamy  of badminton

Global Academy of Badminton

Investment Required: INR 10 to 20 lakh

Area Required: sqft

global academy of badminton is badminton academy which aims to provide the best facility and infrastructure to the young generation. Also, they are providing the best class acadmy for badminton talents.

If you are intesrted in sports and want to start the business in sports industry then you can consider global academy of badminton as a franchise business model, global academy of badminton had started franchise distrucution in 2016.

#41 Breakout

Investment Required: INR 30 to 50 lakh

Area Required: sqft

Breakout is an escape game which was started in Bangalore, in this breakout game team is locked in the room filled with changes and puzzles, the team working together to solve the puzzle and changes to escape from the room.

People are looking for such games, therefore, the poipularity of breakout is increasing day by day, you can look the breakout franchise business model as a profitable venture to start the breakout franchises you will require the capital investment of the 50 lakhs and area space of 4000 sqft to build an escape room.

#42 GreenTech auto

Investment Required: INR 20 to 30 lakh

Area Required:2500 to 3000 sq ft

GreenTech Auto LLP is manufacturing E-rickshaw, E-rickshaw spare parts they ensure that they are using top quality material with ultra-modern machinery, and then they will be shipped them to their customers.

GreenTech Auto LLP is providing franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start the journey in the eco-friendly transportation industry.

#43 E-bike

Investment Required: INR 50 lakh 1 cr

Area Required: 1100sq ft

Ebike is one of the revolutionary startup wichs has the motive of providing environment-friendly transportation system. Ebike is the platform which offers electronics transportation modem which is run for 200kms after charging for 2 hrs.

Ebike is a fresh concept and now people are aware of the environment-friendly product, therefore, starting e-bike franchise business is one of the profitable franchise business option.

#44 Jugnoo- franchise business


Investment Required: INR 5 lakh

Area Required: sqft

Jungoo is funded by paytm rocketship.vc & Snow Leopard Technology Ventures. Jungoo is first autorickshaw aggregator which has more than 23 million ridea in India, jungoo is 3rd largest taxi aggregator in India.

Jungoo is spread over more than 47 cities, jungoo has services like Auto & Taxi-Rides, Groceries, Food Delivery, Meals and Logistics etc, Jungoo is looking forward to expanding autorickshaw and taxi service and they invite franchises who help them to achieve their targeted mission.

#45 joy e-bike

Investment Required: INR 10 to 20 lakh

Area Required: 500 to 1000sq ft

Joy e-bike is one of the leading brand in the e-bike market, Joy e-bike is started in 2016 which is ARAI certified electric bicycle and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

Joy e-bike is promoting the new innovative, eco-friendly mode of transportation, by considering the awareness about the environment they provide the eco-friendly two-wheeler bike. Joy e-bike is looking for the franchise opportunities by which they can expand their business all over the India.

#46 India rides

Investment Required: INR10 to 20 lakh

Area Required: 800 to 1000 sq ft

Inidariders is coming under the M/S Tanmay Bohra Car Rental Pvt. Ltd. Which has authority to rent out the vehicle, eeach vehical is insured commercially and has the permit to rent out, people who are looking for the rental vehical to explore the cities they have a very good option of thr indiariders rental vehical.

If you are planning to start the franchise’s business in transpiration industry then India rided is a best franchise opportunities.

#47 bike studio

bike studio

Investment Required: INR 20 to 30 lakh

Area Required: sqft

LA Sovereign Bicycles Pvt Ltd. Was published in 2006 to join the venture in bicycles and kids toy market, bike studio is a trademark under the LA Sovereign Bicycles Pvt Ltd. Bike studio provides bicycles from the last 50 years.

If you are planning to start the business in the bicycle manufacturing industry then bike studio is mostly a recomendaed option for you because the capital investment required for the bike studio is less as compared to another leading brand In bycycles trade.


#48 car mall- franchise business opportunity

Investment Required: INR 50 lakh to 1 cr

Area Required: 3500sq ft

Car mall is one of the famous shops to sell and buy pre-owned cars under one roof, car mall has experience in dealing with pre-owned cars with all relevant information on financing, pricing, insurance etc,

Car mall has tied up with the bank for auto loans, car mall has more than 8500 satisfied customers in every city, car mall is a trusted and popular brand in the automobile industry.

#49 Appollo Diagnostics

Appollo Diagnostics

Investment Required: INR2 to 5 lakh

Area Required: 200 sqft

Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited is a well-known brand in healthcare, appollo diagnostics provide diangnostics facility for every age gropu.

Apollo diagnostics has always proactive in newly meet changing pattern of diseases and offer good quality medical treatments.  Apollo diagnostics Was founded in 2002 with the aim to bring healthcare of international standards with the reach of every individual.

#50 studio 99

Investment Required: INR10 to 20 lakh

Area Required: 300 to 3000 sq ft

Studio99 is  Brewbaker which is one of the leading coffee shop chains in India which was started in 2013 and now it has more than 52 shops in India. Studio 99 salon also run the Brewbaker Events & destination Weddings successfully.

Studio 99 is establishment idea comes with the unsatisfied customers, once studio 99 doing a destination wedding and due to heavy date on wedding season they had to finish their work as soon as possible so the bride is not satisfied with service, this incident leads to the establishment of studio 99 salon.

#51 plus fitness 24/7

Plus Fitness 24/7

Investment Required: INR 1cr to 2cr

Area Required: 4000 to 7000sq ft

Plus fitness 24/7 is leading 24 hours gym franchises network. Which has the international headquarter in Sydney and national office in Ahmedabad,India.

If you are passionate about the fitness industry then you can start the Plus fitness 24/7 franchises network.

#52 Medzone (ethix group)

medzone (ethix group)

Investment Required: INR2 to 5 lakh

Area Required: 130 to 200 sq ft

Medzone is India’s most popular pharmacy which comes under the part of Ethix Health Care a conglomerate company serving the medical fraternity for over last 20 years.

Medzone is the perfect destination for over 1000 of customers daily from all over India. medzone franchises allow you to use their brand name and help you to manage your own business with the long-lasting cutomers relationship.

medzone is one of the profitable franchise opportunities.

#53 Louis unisex salon

Investment Required: INR 5 to 10 lakh

Area Required: 500 to 1000 sq ft

The Louis Unisex Salon is an exclusive Global network of beauty products, Louis has more than 200 salons in 57 cities which ate fulfill the beauty demand and building networks.

if you are planning to start the salon business then Louis Unisex Salon is best franchise opportunities, to start the franchise business model of Louis Unisex Salon you will require a capital investment of 5 to 10 lakhs and area space of 1000 sqft.

#54 unispa salon

Investment Required: INR10 to 20 lakh

Area Required: 300 sqft

Unisa has a private limited company which is related to the fish therapy, they are using the eco-friendly and disposable product in the therapy, unispa has the more than 35,000 happy customers.

If you are planning g to start the unispa salon then you will require the right knowledge about fish therapy. Apart from this, you will require the area space of 300 sqft to install setup for fish therapy.

#55 kama Ayurveda

kama Ayurveda

Investment Required: INR30 to 50 lakh

Area Required: 400 to 500 sq ft

Kama Ayurveda is a leading name in ayurvedic treatment which was founded in 2002, Kama Ayurveda has provided traditional, unadulterated holistic solutions. The brand has beauty buyers which are looking for safe and efficient products.

Kama Ayurveda focusing on natural pure ingredients which are used in products, if you are planning to start the business in the ayurvedic industry then KAMA Ayurveda franchise opportunities is one of the profitable ventures for you.

#56 Vega

Investment Required: INR10 to 20 lakh

Area Required: 50 to 100sq ft

Vega Industries Private Limited, founded in 2000, which is known as Tri-Star Products Pvt, Ltd., is a part of the indeutsch Group. Vega is craft exported in India

The company’s aim is to become India’s first stop solution for innovative and most affordable beauty products. Vega is the well-established& reputed brand for high-quality beauty products &accessories.


#57 jockey India

Investment Required: INR30 to 50 lakh

Area Required:800 to 1200 sq ft

If you are looking for the garment franchises option then you can get yourself engaged with the jockey India which is trademarked under JOCKEY-INDIA: PAGE INDUSTRIES LIMITED.

Jockey India is brand which is well known for the Innerwear/Leisurewear for Men and Women in Indi which is started in 1994.

#58 carz spa

carz spa

Investment Required: INR 5 to 10 lakh

Area Required: 1000 to 1500 sq ft

The carzspa is car care service which provides various services to keep car look absolutely unblemished. Carzspa is coming under the trademark of tulips auto India private limited.

Cazspa is initially providing service only to car dealers but now carzspa is taking care of the car of every individual car owners, if you are good with auto care industry then you can run the carzspa franchise business very efficiently. this is one of the best franchise opportunities.

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