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20 Profitable Food Manufacturing Business Ideas

Are you looking for the Food Manufacturing Business Ideas? Here we listed 20 best Food Manufacturing Business Ideas. That will help you to choose the business which is appropriate for you.

Food sector has high growth and profit potential because the food business easily starts and by considering our population you can easily find the market for your food product. Because these one billion peoples are cannot survive without food.

List of 20 Food Manufacturing Business Ideas with Images

#1 Bakery

bakery shopBakery business needs to community research the baking food concept come from the western country and nowadays it is becoming more popular.

The consumption of bakery product is increasing day by day as all we know that the morning is incomplete without the bite of crunch and crispy biscuit, bread becomes a popular breakfast in the morning and birthday parties are incomplete without the cutting of the cake.

While starting bakery business you need to aware about the area location where you are planning to start the bakery.

#2 Cashew Processing Business

cashew nut factory workersIndia is leading country in the cashew crop production and cashew processing; it is major producing crop after tea and coffee.

Cashew nut is the rich source of energy, vitamins, nutrition, and antioxidant which also cures cancer. People are consuming it on the daily basis. Therefore the demand for the cashew nut is high in the market.

You cannot eat the cashew nut in the raw form you need to processed to make it edible, in this article we give you the exact business plan and cashew processing steps which will help you to start and grow your business.

#3 Diabetic Food Manufacturing

vegetarian diet foodCarbohydrates and overeating are causing diabetes. The role of carbohydrates in diabetes is multifaceted. There are foods items are specifically used as diabetic food for diabetic patients. There is no ill effect by taking diabetic food.

Diabetic food manufacturing business ideas is one of the fast-growing industry, There are some sectors of India where diabetic food is manufactured, Diabetic food has the great export scope and the machinery required for the production of the diabetic food are easily available in the market.

#4 Diary Business

milk in glassDiary products are popular among all the age group and it will consume on the daily basis, if you are having a good source of the milk then you can start the dairy business.

You can start your own dairy farm or you can make the dairy products at your home and then sell it to the dairy owner. Dairy product making business has come under the food processing industry and if you are planning to run a dairy business from your home then you need to check the government rules regarding the food processing industry.

#5 Fruit Juice Production Business

Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is ready to serve food item and on other hands, it has some health benefits, in summer days there is nothing like the fruit juice, therefore the consumption of the fruit juice is more in the summer season.

The raw material of the fruit juice depends on the availability and your choice of selection. For fruit juice production you will need the pealing and squashing machine additionally if you are planning to sell the packed segment of fruit juice you can buy packaging machine for the packaging of the fruit juice.

Packed fruit juice is easy to preserve.

Food Manufacturing Business Ideas

Here are food manufacturing business ideas; Would you need to start a company in the food processing business? Are you seeking lucrative food company thoughts?

Additionally, it is possible to discover a great deal of opportunities . The Indian food and supermarket is the planet’s sixth-largest concerning volume. Along with the food processing sector accounts for 32 percent of the nation’s total food industry.

Initiating a food company is simple to begin. And since the population density is large in our nation, you’ll see always a market for your goods. Additionally, the financial institutions such as banks deliver several kinds of loans and subsidy into the meals entrepreneurs.

#6 Ginger Garlic Paste Processing Business

Ginger GarlicGinger Garlic Paste is an essential food ingredient which is present in all Indian kitchens; Ginger Garlic Paste is used in every Indian recipe to make it more delicious. People consume the Ginger Garlic Paste on the daily basis.

In today’s fast moving life people are looking for the ready-made food, on other hands the Ginger Garlic Paste is essential food ingredient so if Ginger Garlic Paste is easily avoidable in the market then people will buy it, The paste market is increasing by 25% with the estimated cost of Rs up to 70 cores therefore you don’t need to worry about the market demand for the Ginger Garlic Paste.

#7 Grape Wine Manufacturing Business

image result for grapes wine beerThe grape Wine industry is a rapidly growing industry, Grape wine is fermented grapes juice with 13 to 30% of alcohol present in grape wine, and India has the largest production and growing demand for the grape wine.

The awareness about the wine over other hard drinks is also the important factor to growing demand for the grape wine .by considering the market demand and the raw material availability it concluded that the grape wine making is a great opportunity.

#8 Honey Processing Business

image result for Honey processing businessHoney farming needs an attention and bee handling, the moisture content in the honey plays an important role, honey, with 20% more moisture is thinner in consistency.

Farmers collect the honey and sell it in the local market but nowadays honey-farming become a professional business.

Honey is a consumable ingredient in food as a sweetening agent, it has some medicinal benefits, and therefore the market demand for the honey is always there so you don’t need to worry about the market potential.

If you are looking for food processing business and having a good areas space for beekeeping then the honey-farming is the best option for you, additionally, the wax that relies upon the honey-farming is used in candle making so you can sell it as raw material.

#9 Ice Cream Making

image result for ice cream coneIce cream has marvelous popularity as the dessert the consumption is increasing over years, it is the best treatment and popular among all the age group.

It is an unbelievable experience to taste the ice cream in the summer season. The demand for the ice-cream is high in the market. Therefore staring an ice-cream making business is a good opportunity for one who wants to start the food manufacturing business ideas with low investment.

#10 Lemonade Making Business

image result for Drink, soda, Ice, Green, GlassLemonade is also called as nimbu paani in India, which is favorite soft drink in India, there is no other soft drink that beat the lemonade while the sun is bombarding the heat in a summer day, and therefore the consumption of the lemonade is high during the summer day. And the demand for the lemonade is high during summer days

The lemonade making is very simple; it does not demand some difficult technique. You can start the lemonade making business with the help of a few pieces of machinery.

#11 Mineral Water Processing Business

mineral drinking water plantMineral water is a pure form of hydrogen and oxygen equipped with the presence of minerals such as barium, iron, manganese etc., depending upon the quality of raw water, the suitable treatments are given to the water to make it standard mineral water.

Mineral water is passed through the various treatments before it packed into the plastic bottles

Due to increasing numbers of domestic as well as an international tourist the demand for the mineral water bottle is increasing from last 5 years. Therefore the market potential of mineral water is high; you can start the mineral water making business with low investment.

#12 Noodles Manufacturing

image result for noodlesToday’s fast-moving day to day life people are looking for instant food and noodles are the good option for them, noodles are becoming popular and it is the favorite food of every child. Noodles are an extruded product made of tapioca flour and Maida, Noodles are not ready to serve food but they are easy to make.

If you are looking for the food manufacturing business ideas then the noodles making is a good option for you.

#13 Papad Making Business

image result for lijjat papadEveryone is well known about the brand that starts with the motive of woman empowerment whose very first profit is RS 1 and now it became the topmost popular brand in papad making industry and that brand is lijjat papad.

You can call Papad as Indian wafer which is consumed with an everyday meal, the type of the papad is depend on the base material used in the papad making, papad is mostly consumable and popular Indian food item.

#14 Pickle Manufacturing

image result for mango PicklesPickles is popular in the local market, pickle is present in every Indian food dish, the demand for the pickle is also high in the international market. Therefore the export market of the pickle is growing rapidly.

There are different types of pickles are available in the market, the type of the pickle is depended on the base material used to make the pickle, the production process of the pickle is very simple it does not demand the lots of machinery.

Pickel making is very profitable food manufacturing business ideas that you can start tomorrow.

#15 Potato Chips Manufacturing

image result for potato chipsPotato is the largest growing crop in India, the potato chips is an interesting innovation that gives the considerable value to potato it will preserve for a longer period of time in the form of potato chips

Potato chips are the crunchy and crispy slice of potato that deep fried in oil and then coated with the spices and flavors, while deep frying, potato chips will go under the dehydration process where all the moisture content in potato will decrease and it helps to preserve the potato chips

Potato chips are becoming favorite snakes, therefore, the demand for the potato chips is quite good in the market, therefore, you don’t need to worry about the market potential.

#16 Rice Mill

image result for clipart of factory, mill, companyRice Plant Mill provides food for 65% population of India, Rice is an important crop in India it occupies the 45% of overall grins production, every Indian consume rice in the daily meal.

The rice will be grown in the form of paddy which will not consume directly it needs to be processed to make it edible, rice is highly consumable food in India, India has the largest market for the packed rice segment.

If you are looking for a food processing profitable business then the rice mill plant is the best option for you, here in this article you will get the detailed study and business plan for the rice mill plant.

#17 Spices Business

image result for Spice PowderIndia is a land of spices; India produces and exports a large number of spices. Chili Powder and Garlic Powder are on the top of the exporting spices list. Spices Business is a best food manufacturing business ideas of all time.

Indian cannot imagine their food without spices help to bring aroma, color and good taste of food, Commonly consumed spices in India are turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin etc; spices are always in the glossary list of every Indian home, the consumption of the spices is very high.

#18 Sunflower Oil Processing

image result for sunflower oilThe main raw material in sunflower oil processing is the sunflower seed, the refined sunflower oil is going through the purification process which is followed by processes like mechanical cleaning, hydration, neutralization, bleaching, freezing, deodorization, and nitriding.

Sunflower oil is used on the daily basis to cook the food, therefore, the consumption of the sunflower oil is very high and the market demand for the sunflower oil is always their in the market, therefore, you don’t need to worry about the market potential of the sunflower oil.

#19 Tomato Processing

image result for tomato sauceTomato is easily available and largely growing crop in India, the tomato processing products are also popular over the world the most popular product of the processing tomatoes are sauce, puree, juice, ketchup etc

Tomato processing product can be easy to preserve and they are ready to serve food item, nowadays people are looking for such readymade food, therefore, the consumption of the tomato processing for is high and market demand for the tomato processing food is increasing day by day.

#20 Salted Snacks Namkeen Manufacturing

image result for sweets making processSalted Snacks Namkeen Manufacturing business has lots of scope due to huge market demand, the namkeen or salted snakes are used during tea and drink hours. These products are very much popular not only in India but also overseas countries.

The main raw material for the salted snacks product is Gram pulses & spices apart from these raw material various food additives & colors may be used to provide sophistication in the products.


Here we have given 20 Best Food Manufacturing Business Ideas. So if you have any query related to this Business comment us. we will definitely answer your question.

20 Best Food Processing Business Ideas with LOW Investment


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