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How To Get Eurokids Franchise

If you are looking for the Eurokids Franchise or then you are at the right place. In this article, we look at the investment required, eligibility, procedure and EuroKids details to start EuroKids franchise in India.

Today’s children could emerge as the future doyens of innovation, artistry or endeavours of their preferred kind under the tutelage of a system that identifies and hones their innate talents.

Critics of the pre-school system of education have little idea of the role it plays in igniting a child’s mind, however trivial it may seem.

Eurokids was initiated in the year 2001 as a pre-school that caters to the children by providing a unique learning experience to children of tender age.

In a shorter duration of 16 years, the institution has established a network of more than 1000 pre-schools spread across three countries.

In this article, we look at the investment required, eligibility and procedure for starting a EuroKids franchise in India.

Eurokids Play School Franchise

Eurokids play school franchise; With roughly 884 preschools in 311 cities and towns around India, EuroKids is quickly gaining popularity since the initial and the most wanted preschool franchise in the nation today.

They have a presence in the nation with usable primary and secondary schools under the title EuroSchool.

EuroBooks, a branch of EuroKids International Ltd is a pioneer in the children’s publication section in India. This branch has attracted many globally recognised brands such as Noddy, Barbie and many other people into the lifestyles of these kids.

Eurokids Franchise Details | Investment- Profit- Contact No

EuroKids international was founded in the year 1997, with 2001 as the year of the initiation of eurokids franchise model of business.

The establishment is currently headed by co-founder Prajodh Rajan, under whose aegis the company registered a mammoth growth in the number of its preschools (from 2 to the current tally).

They are also a founding and active member of various industry associations such as the National Association of Preschool Educators (NAPSE), Association of International Schools (AIOS) and Early Child Association (ECA).

Desired Profile Of Eurokids

EuroKids considers entrepreneurs of the following kind to be their valued partners:

  • Passionate To Work with Children.
  • A Spirit Of Entrepreneurship Combined With A Strong Zest For Success.
  • Financial Prowess.
  • Driven To Devote His/her Entire Efforts To The Day-To-Day Operations Of The School.
  • Preparedness To Complete A Comprehensive Training Program And Become Proficient In All Aspects Of Operating A Eurokids Preschool.
  • Committed To The Cause Of Rendering Quality Education To Children.

The Internal Initiatives Of Eurokids

  • Speak
  • Motion Based Learning
  • Learn2Play
  • Eurogym
  • Wellness @ Eurokids
  • Euro Music

Each initiative plays a profound role in the development of the children.

#1 Eurokids Franchise Investment

The investments matter on the size of the location of school and numbers of students studying.


EuroKids Franchise Investment:

INR 12-20 lakhs.

EuroKids mandates entrepreneurs to invest a sum of INR 12-20 lakhs. which includes the start-up franchise fee and the ambiance and equipment costs for the school.

Eurokids Franchise Cost

How much does the Eurokids franchise cost? EuroKids provides you with this chance using the first investment of INR 10-15 lakhs, which comprises the startup franchise fee along with the ambience and equipment costs for the faculty.

They need the assumptions on the ground floor, which includes a floor space of 2000 sq. ft. with an open outdoor space.

They’ve a normal franchise agreement having a term period of 3 decades.

The Franchise Fee is 5 lakh

The Eurokids playschool is expected to enjoy an ROI (Return on Investment) of 50%.

The payback period of the capital could be anywhere between 1 to 10 years.

Eurokids have a standard Eurokid franchise agreement with a term period of 3 years. (The franchise agreement is renewable.)

Also, the investment includes staffing requirements vary according to the number of students at the centers. They instruct its franchisees to maintain an adult-child ratio of 1:6. For instance, every 42 students require 4 teachers, 2 maids, 1 center head, and 1 security personnel.

#2 Entrepreneurship With Eurokids

Entrepreneurship with Eurokids ranked among the top 5 Eurokids play school franchise chains in India.
EuroKids offers the aspiring entrepreneur with an investment-friendly opportunity providing scalable returns, thanks to its experienced management and a professional team of kindergarten experts.

EuroKids caters to the franchise by according them with operational support, training (based on the EuroKids curriculum), skill enhancement programs, and the likes of it.

These qualities rendered them the distinction of being the 4th ranked franchise of Eurokids (among all sectors) in Annual India franchising rank of 2010.

The institution has also tied up with State Bank of India (SBI) to address the financial needs of franchisees. Moreover, the franchise is set to benefit from the initiative of Edge 360 degree.

Euro kids play school franchise is being facilitated by Edge 360 degree with the means of support to establish, operate, and develop the business also with infrastructure.

#3 Eurokids School Play Franchise Area Required

The location requirement is that the premises should be on the ground floor, which has at least 2000 sq. ft floor area space for the school.

There are also some training sessions on business analysis. Eurokids Franchisees and their staff members receive an initial as well as regular training for the EuroKids curriculum and methods. Good returns on investment of Franchise Of Eurokids.

#4 Eurokids Franchise Contacts Details

Once you a part of EuroKids group has an opportunity that could span an entire lifetime.

The entity provides and expects a long-term association from its partners, though the former or the latter can part ways in accordance with the terms of the contract.

For More Details Eurokids Franchise Contacts:

EuroKids group email: 

EuroKids group contact Number: 9320063100 

EuroKids group website:

Eurokids Head Office Address

Eurokids International Private Limited,
Dani Corporate Park, 1st Floor,

158 Vidyanagarimarg, Kalina,

Santacruz (East), Mumbai-400 098

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