how to start domino's pizza franchise in india

How to Start Domino’s Pizza Franchise India ?

Are you interested to start the Domino’s pizza franchises business in India, here in this article we give you details about the Dominos Pizza Franchises Business?

Domino’s Pizza was established with a small store in 1960 in united state and now it becomes the leading brand for the delivery pizza all over the world.

The Domino’s Pizza now spread over 70+ countries including India.

Domino’s Pizza can be opened only as a partner of Jubilant Food Works limited in India, apart from the pizza.

Domino’s are serving a different type of food like pasta, cake, bread, too Indian, chicken wings and many more.

There are more than 550 domino’s stores in India and it spread over the more than 120 cities of India.

Domino’s has the 72% share of pizza delivery in India.

Dominos Franchise in India

If you wish to put money into a pizza business or restaurant string and get Dominos Franchise in India, then the Domino’s pizza business is a great option. A company is a sort of license a franchisee requires to allow access to a company or franchisor’s based advice, approaches, and brands to permit the franchisee to advertise a solution or present an agency below the organization’s name.

However, it ought to be an extremely effective one. Domino’s is among the top brands in the company for Pizza. It is fantastic to flavor, quick shipping and sensible costs are the businesses which pull a good deal of clients to it. Additionally, it attracts a great deal of entrepreneurs to commence a Domino’s Franchisee.

How to Get Domino’s Franchise in India?

Definitely you are having the right question; How to Get Domino’s Franchise in India? Let’s have a Fast view over the Background of Domino’s Pizza franchise in India. In India Domino’s Pizza is beneath Jubilant FoodWorks restricted and the first shop of Domino’s Pizza in India premiered in 1996 at Delhi.

Presently besides veg and non-veg Pizzas Domino’s is supplying many other food items such as varieties of pasta, Garlic bread, Butterscotch Mousse cake, Taco Indians and chicken wings and are extremely popular with the clients of Domino’s. Presently there are approximately 552 Domino’s pizza shops across 130 cities in India holding jaw dropping share of about 62 percent of pizza marketplace and 72 percent share of pizza delivery in India.

NOTE: Domino’s franchise in India could be opened just as a spouse of Jubilant FoodWorks restricted, so be conscious of any scammers making sure you for Domino’s franchise at India.

So to Get Domino’s Franchise in India you need to contact Jubilant FoodWorks 

#1. What makes Domino’s Pizza so much Demand-able? (Potential of Business)

If you are looking for the food retail business and has enough capital investment then starting dominos pizza franchises is profitable business option for people like you.

Domino’s Pizza has the total asset of 837.8 million USD in the year 2017.

Domino’s Pizza is coming under the Jubilant Foodworks, they have rights to distributes the Domino’s pizza franchises in India.

The Domino’s Pizza is focusing on delivering the delicious pizza with the great shipment and customers friendly service.

They are reputed brand to deliver pizza in 30 minutes otherwise it will be free to customers.

Domino’s Pizza is come with the mission to be the Best pizza delivery Company in the world.

As they are serving the best food they also working on the delivery services they believe that the once pizza is delivered to the customers doorstep and when they opened the pizza family and friends come together to share the pizza.

Hence, they give tag line ‘Yeh Hai Rishton Ka Time’.

#2. Domino’s Franchise Business Models in India

Dominos pizza provide the franchises in different franchises business models.

You have to choose the right franchises according to your investment and requirements.


1) Traditional store

Traditional stores are the Retail Shops which are located in a retail location where it has appropriate parking for delivery vehicles.

Dominos pizzas traditional stores sell the pizza and other authorized products through the shops and with the delivery option.

2) Non-Traditional Stores

Dominos pizzas Non-Traditional Stores are generally offering only carry out service which is dominos delivery they may have the sit-down facilities which is depending on the location and the area space of Non-Traditional Stores.

Non-Traditional Stores are generally located at office buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, toll roads, airports, zoos, convenience stores etc.

3) Transitional Stores

Transitional Stores are the place of dominos pizza where the menu is customized as per the location, dominos pizzas Transitional Stores is located in the fewer potential customers.

Transitional Stores are generally offering the carryout service; the location is approved by the franchisor.

#3. Investments and Space required to start
Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India

Dominos pizza is providing the franchises in a different business model which has different capital investment and area location.

Investment for Domino’s Pizzas Non-traditional store

The nontraditional store where sit down service, as well as carry out service, is available.

Investment Nontraditional store: INR 50 lakhs.

Investment for Domino’s pizzas Traditional stores

The traditional store is the place where only the carry out service is available.

Sit down service is may include as per the location and the area space.

Investment Traditional stores: INR 30 lakhs.

Eligibility and Requirements to Start
Domino’s Pizza Franchise

The success of the dominos pizza is depended upon the performance of the franchises partner

The franchises partner are generally called as Dominoes;

While selecting the franchises partner domino’s prefer the skilled entrepreneur because the success of donations franchises is depended upon the people skills, administrative skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, etc.

Step1) To start the franchises of the dominos pizza you have to apply the Application for the Domino’s Pizza franchises

Step2) Once your application is shortlisted they will send you the documents for the Telephonic Interview.

Step3) If the telephonic interview will be the positive the franchise development manager will set the franchises development meeting.

Step4) franchises development meeting is to discuss the details about starting and developing Domino’s Pizza franchise store.

Step5) Once a positive result will come through the franchises development meeting they will provide the financial data for due diligence.

Step6) Once you will get the financial data you have to follow the orientation program and learn the process to run the domino’s store successfully.

Step7) The final and important step is to sign the franchise agreement as per term and conditions declared by the franchiser.

Step8) Once you became Authorizes franchise of the Domino’s Pizza.

The franchisor will give you the training program to launch the Domino’s Pizza store.

#4. Contact Details for Applying Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India

To start the domino’s pizza franchises in India, you can contact the following address

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited Registered & Corporate Office,

 B 214, Phase II,

Noida – 201 305,

Phone – +91-120-4090500,  Fax – +91-120-40905599.

You can also visit the official website for more details.

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