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Top 20 Chemical Business Ideas In India | Highly Profitable In 2020

Looking for chemical business ideas; No doubt the chemical industry is a key player in the growth of the economies of most countries of the world. 

At present, there are many aspiring entrepreneurs, who are eager to start their own small-scale business. Chemical business, apart from being profitable have huge export potential.

When it comes to the Indian chemical industry, its contribution to the GDP is around 67%. It affects people’s lives in numerous ways.

Chemical Business Ideas

The chemical industry has key linkages with several other Industries. Such as Automotive, Consumer durable, Textile, Engineering and Food processing.

Here are some chemical business ideas which you can start.

#1. Soaps making Business

Soaps making Business

Soaps are part of the products that are manufactured from chemical products and they are used for washing and for bathing.

There is a large market for soaps and the industry is still pretty much open for as many people that are ready to start their own soap making company.

A simple business to start in the chemical industry, a business that requires few weeks or months of training and one that you can start on a small scale, then you should consider going into soap making business.

#2. Start a Detergent Production Business

Detergent powder business plan

Detergent production business is of a large chunk of the raw materials used in the production of detergents are chemicals.

Hence; if you are looking for a business to start in the chemical industry, one of your options is to go into the production of detergents.

#3. Start a Toothpaste and Mouthwash Business

Toothpaste and Mouthwash Business

Toothpaste and mouthwash are essential commodities that are used in every household and on a daily basis; in essence, there is a pretty large market for toothpaste and mouthwash.

It is safe to classify this type of business under the chemical industry because of a larger percentage of the raw materials that are used in the production of toothpaste and mouthwash.

#4. Start a Bleach Production Chemical Industry

Bleaches are used for whitening clothes, removing stains from clothes and washing WCs, et al. there is indeed a large market for bleaches. You can successfully launch with minimal capital, a business that is profitable.

#5. Start Body Products Business

Body Products Business

Lotions, pomades, body creams, petroleum jelly et al, are all body products and they fall under the chemical industry.

As a matter of fact, it is rare to find any household where they don’t have at least one or two body products of this sort. Generally, there are huge market opportunities for body products.

#6. Start a Cortex Production Business

Ladies use cortex in painting their fingers and there are any manicure and pedicure studios that you won’t find different colours of cortex from different manufacturers. This is also a convenient business with low investments.

#7. Air freshener Production Business (Fragrance and Flavor)

This Business can be started with a little start-up capital, you can successfully set – up your own air freshener production company.

Chemical Business Opportunities

The chemical industries are a key player in the growth of the economies of most countries. Here are top 20 chemical business ideas with you can start a venture. you can choose from following chemical business Opportunities.

#8. Start the Production of Aftershave (Cologne)

Production of Aftershave

Aftershave is yet another small scale business that an entrepreneur who is considering starting a business in the chemical industry can successfully start.

There is a large market for colognes and if your product is well packaged and has various fragrances, then you are likely not going to struggle much before breaking into the market.

#9. Start a Polish Production Company

Start a Polish Production Company

Polish products are products such as shoe polish, car interior polish, tire polish, wood polish, metal and bronze polish, etc. These are products that are manufactured with various chemicals.

#10. Start a Dye Production Business

Dye Production Business

Leather dyes, clothe dyes, and hair dyes are all products in the chemical industry.

Just ensure that you produce dyes that are used for a different purpose and if your products are well packed, you are likely not going to struggle much

#11. Agro Chemical Manufacturing

Organic and non-organic fertilizers are needed in the agriculture sector and they are all products from the chemical industry. There is also a huge  market for this type of Agro Chemical Manufacturing business

#12. Nylons Production Business

Nylons Production Business - chemical business ideas

The production of nylon is yet another highly profitable and thriving business that an entrepreneur who is serious about making money from the chemical industry should consider starting.

Nylons are used in the packaging cum covering of many products ranging from foodstuffs to clothes and even brand new automobiles. This goes to show that there is indeed a very large market for nylons.

Chemical Business in India

Here are chemical business in India; As per a report of FICCI, the Indian chemical industry is expected to register an increase of 8-9% in the next decade. It’s also expected to double its share in the world chemical industry by 5-6percent by 2021. People from the chemical engineering discipline or having expertise in chemical product manufacturing, are now thinking of initiating a tiny scale venture from chemical manufacturing.

The Indian Chemical Industry contains both little and large scale units, and now, there are about 70,000 chemical production units located in the country. A significant part (in numbers) is covered in the small sector.

#13. Rubber Band Making Business

Rubber Band Making Business

If you live around a rubber plantation, one of the easiest money-spinning business that you can successfully start in the chemical industry is to go into rubber processing.

A rubber processing plant is a place where raw rubbers that are tapped from rubber plantations are processed before they are sold as raw materials to manufacturing companies.

#14. Pesticides Chemical Business

Insecticides are chemicals that are used for killing insects, herbicides are chemicals that are used in farms to kill leaf-eating insects and pesticides are chemicals used in killing pests such as rodents et al. there is indeed a large market for these products.

#15. Paints Manufacturing Business

Paints Manufacturing Business chemical business ideas

Paints are another product in the chemical industry; there is a large market for paints simply because paints are used in painting houses, road pavements, metal products and loads of other products.

Consequently, if you are looking towards starting a business in the chemical industry, one of your options is to go into the production of paints.

#16. Inks Production Business

Inks Production Business - chemical business ideas

The production of inks is yet another thriving and highly profitable business in the chemical industry. Inks are used in printing either in cartridges used by small printers in offices or in printing. 

#17. Start the Production of Adhesives and Sealants (Glues making chemical business)

An additional thriving and profitable business venture in the chemical industry that an entrepreneur who is looking towards launching a business should consider starting is to go into the production of adhesives and sealants.

There is a large market for glues, gums, and paste et al as long as you are able to favourably compete with another manufacturer of same products.

This type of business is a business that can be started on a small scale with low start-up capital.

#18. Starch Production Business

Laundries, Laundromats, textiles companies, and printing presses are places where starch is used on commercial quantities.

Starch is also used in our homes when ironing our clothes and as a matter of fact, in some parts of the world-m precisely Africa, starch is being consumed as food.

#19. Cleaning Chemical Manufacturing Business

Those in the cleaning chemical manufacturing business depend largely on cleaning chemicals to carry out their core duties. Also used for cleaning marble floors, tiles, ceramics, windows, and toilets.

If you are considering starting a business in the chemical industry, a business that is thriving and profitable, then one of your options is to go into the production of cleaning chemicals.

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#20. Agarbatti Making

agarbatti business plan incense stick Manufacturing

You can start agarbatti or incense sticks making business as small-scale. Business needs a small startup capital investment.

Generally, the Asia Pacific region is the largest producer and consumer of the incense.

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