Chalk Making Business (7 step guide) Small Scale Manufacturing

Chalk Making is a profitable small-scale business, in developing county still, chalk is essential for writing on board in schools

Chalk is round shape brittle stick which comes either white or colored

Literacy and Govt. regulation for making primary education compulsory it is conventional that demand of chalk will be increasing for next coming years

Apart from school chalks are used in furniture market, constriction work, tailor education institutes so the market for chalk goes beyond from educational purpose

So if you are initiating Chalk Making business this article will help you to get through an idea and planning for Chalk Making business

#1 Potential of Chalk Making Business

($1200 To $1500 USD)
($ 3000 TO $ 3500 USD) PER MONTH
(1000 Pic @ $1.50USD)
(Min 250 sq ft)

Around 60% of educational institutes are still using the chalkboard for teaching. it makes chalk an essential stationary item in the educational sector

Also, chalk is cheaper than the modern equipment used to write on board. So chalk have a huge demand in the private sector throughout the year

#2 Licenses For Chalk Manufacturing Business

In beginning chalk influencing business initially to decide your organization’s ownership pattern and enroll with ROC Registration Of Company.

You should apply for Trade License and Pan Card for open a Current Bank Account with your company name

You may enlist your business as SSI Unit.

The BIS determination for chalk pastels are IS: 2694-1963 formed white school chalks and IS: 4222-14967 shaped hued chalks.

It is fitting to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Pollution Control Board.

#3 Area or Location for Business

student_teaching_on_black_board_with_chalkThe best area for any business is close to the objective market.

A chalk generation organization would do fine when situated in an urban region where there are numerous schools and additionally people who utilize chalk much of the time

You can either buy a site or take the less expensive course; that is rental it for a predetermined period of time

You don’t need much space to produce chalk making business, it can be started on a small scale business unit and the production can be done at home also.

#4 Raw Material for Chalk Making Business

In chalk making the real basic material is Plaster of Paris, the chemical or scientific name for POP is calcium carbonate. Other than this you should have China clay, white cement, lubricant, and different colors.

And if you are making color chalk then you need different colors

Generally, calk comes with cardboard paper box so you need to arrange to package for chalk

List Of Raw Materials Are Needed For Chalk Production:

Plaster Of Paris: Commonly called “POP,” this is the main raw material required for chalk production. The chemical name for POP is calcium carbonate,”

Which is instant forms a hard paste when mixed with water. Apart from chalk production, it is also used in hospitals for molding casts around broken bones

Clean Water: It is basically required for mixing the ingredients, most common in all manufacturing business

Lubricant: oil is used as a lubricant during chalk production. Which usually mixed with kerosene the mixture is used to line the interior of the mold to avoid the chalk from sticking to the chalk mold.

Colors: colors are required as per your production for colored chalk

Before starting your chalk making business, you must find out suppliers from whom you will be sourcing the raw materials for low cost

Try to find two to three different suppliers for each material because you never know when a supplier will run out of the service.

#5 Chalk Making Machine

There are various chalk making machines are Available in the market you need to choose the correct one according to your desired production.

There Are Two Types of Manually Operated Machines Are Available

Aluminum Metal Chalk Making the Machine:

Gunmetal Chalk Making the Machine:

You can also buy automatic chalk making a machine, that include automatic features like powder mixing, water supply, filling of material and talking out off after production

One can get 120000 to 150000 piece of chalk per day with the use of automatic chalk making the machine

We will also need some equipment for chalk making process such as Scrapers, Paint brushes, Dryer, Hand gloves etc.

List of Machinery And Equipment

Chalk Mold: This is the significant mechanism utilized for chalk Production it is made up of either plastic, rubber or metal however it is normally with a wooden edge, yet is chalk made of metal.

The form vary depending on the quantities of opening present in chalk mold, some could have up in excess of 240 holes

The production of the chalk with one mold depends on the holes present in the mold

Scrapper: Scrapper is flat metal that used for scrapping the surface of the chalk mold

Paint Brush: Paint Brush is used to apply lubricants on the chalk mold before filling it up with raw material POP

Dryer: Dryer is utilized to dry the chalk after it has been expelled from the chalk mold

The dryer is electrically worked and is for the most part utilized as a part of huge scale creation,

But for little scale generation utilizing the sun is perfectly alright to save cost.

Hand Glove: Hand glove is used to protecting the hands while mixing the water and POP

Packaging Materials: for Packaging Materials is the nylon and branded cartoons and box needed that attracts the customers

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#6 Chalk Manufacturing Process

Chalk Piece Making

chalk piece making process, There are numerous measures for making chalk clarified below.

From the manual procedure the blending, lubricating, filling, removing, and set of chalks is carried out by manual way whereas in automatic machines it’s done with the support of machines.

Step 1 Create Mixture

Take a pop (plaster of Paris), calcium carbonate and other additives like whitening agents or coloring agents and mix the entire ingredient with water to make uniform paste mixture

A good quality mixture is required to make brittle chalk for smooth writing so you need to be careful while making a mixture for chalk

Step 2 Mold Lubrication

Use the lubrication liquid on mold, so chalk does not stick to the mold while removing it from the mold

Lubricant consist of Groundnut oil and Kerosene and in ratio 1: 4, or you can use cooking oil as a lubricant

Step 3 Pour The Mold

Pour the mixture of POP (plaster of Paris) and calcium carbonate in the chalk mold

Allow it for 10 to 15 minutes to solidify

Step 4 Collect The Chalks

Once the mixture is solidified, open the mold and collect the chalk from the mold, remove extra material from chalk

Step 5 Keep It For Drying

After removing chalk from mold keep it in sunlight to dry for 1 to 2 days

Step 6 Packaging

Once you have done with the chalk making process you need to pack the chalk for selling and transportation

You can pack the chalk on the carton box on which you can print your brand and other information that will attract the customers

#7 How or Whom to Sell Chalk

After the enrollment of the business is done and all kind of plans are in proceeding for starting the business,

You have to find a fitting business sector and customers to offer your conveyed things.

Your sensible market is diverse enlightening establishments like pre fundamental, basic and discretionary schools, instructional exercise houses, and stationary things’ shop et cetera.

The Places to Sell Chalk Are Mention Below

  • Stationary
  • Hardware shop
  • Industries
  • University


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