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Candle making business  (7 Steps to Start Candle Making Business | Small Scale Manufacturing) is a profitable small-scale manufacturing idea. Candles have been used as a light source for more than 5,000 years. But nowadays it can also be used for the religious purpose and as a decor item in home and hotels. Candles are a symbol of celebration, romance; soothe the senses, ceremony, joy, and décor items.

Apart from the old cylindrical white candle that we regularly use to lighten the room, there is also a very potential market for stylish and decorative candles.

We all know that the basic components for the making of the candle are made from wax but let us tell you the interesting fact about candle manufacturing is that the first candle made in Ancient Egyptians by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat.

Before we get through steps of ‘Candle Making Business’ with affordable capital, let you introduce the main component and element that needed to manufacture candle .the components are wax, Satiric acid (saturated fatty acid), wicks, dyes to give shape to the candle, production machines, and packaging or packaging machines.

Candle Manufacturing Business Plan

First you need to draw a candle manufacturing business plan; Regardless of the size of your business, developing a business plan is vital. It enables you to think of the long run, establish the base of your new, and construct a framework for achievement. Within this part, we will highlight 8 measures to construct a plan.

“Business plan” can seem intimidating, but do not worry. We propose keeping it brief and easy. Do not worry about getting all of the details together flawlessly.

Your aims and candle making business in india construction are very likely to change and adapt over time, particularly in the first months, so see that as a flexible blueprint to begin.

#1) Potential Of Candle Business

Candle making is one easier business to a beginner because of the following reasons:

The good demand of candle is there in a market throughout the year

The initial cost to start a business is much less. You can start the candle making business at home because it does not require unit setup and manpower

designer glass candle making businessThe arability of raw materials for this business is easily getting through the local market even from the globe online.

The demand for aromatic and decorative candles is increasing day by day for decorative purpose and this type of candle used by many households, restaurants, event parties in brightening up their interior.

Not only decorative point of view people can buy the candle because it has the good impact in yoga and meditation.

By considering the demand of the market for the decorative and traditional candle you can easily sell your candle in the local market also the online platform is open for you to launch your candle making business.


candle business profit margin

#3) License For Candle Making Business

If you are planning to start Business from your home:

This business does not require specific setup and workshop so you are planning to run this business from your home, then the tread license is enough to start the business.

If you are planning to start candle making business commercially:

Then first you must have to register your business

Then apply for business pan card and Trade License from your local authority

You can register your business as SSI Unit also can apply for a business loan

Apply for the trademark to protect your brand name

And finally, apply for sales tax registration

#4) Raw Materials

We know that the wax is basic material for the making of candle, but from past few centuries different type of wax are utilized in candle making, substances like wax, Stearic acid are melt at high melting point  temperature and pour it into dyes of specific shape with candle wick(braided cotton that holds fire on candle) for candle making

List of Raw Material

  • Paraffin: standard white colored wax made from petroleum or oil shale
  • Stearic acid: saturated fatty acid
  • Wicks: braided cotton thread

In standard commercial candle amount of substances are 60 percent paraffin and 40 percent stearic acid in some case to regulate softening or melting point of wax some amount of candelilla or carnauba waxes (wax from carnauba palm)

As we mentioned above different types of wax are used to candle making some of them are described below

  • Paraffin wax: standard white colored wax made from petroleum or oil shale
  • Beeswax: natural wax produced by the honey bee
  • Carnauba wax: wax that made from leaves of the palm tree and also called as Brazil wax and palm wax
  • Bayberry wax: this wax is derived from fruit

For the making of decorative candle different type of colors and aroma is used with wax and paraffin and mold it with the designer dyes that give it attractive look and shape

#5) Area Required For Candle Business (location)

You can start candle making business from your Home or any place

It does not require a specific area for setup

#6) Machinery Required for Candle Business

candle making machines
Image Form commons Wikimedia

There are different types of machines are available for candle making and selecting one of then by considering your business is a difficult task to do wrong machine selection can affect on your business

Mainly candle making machine is of three types:

Manual candle making machines, Semi-Automatic candle making machines, and Fully-Automatic candle making machines; that are classified on the basis of workload sustain capacity, production quality, production capacity and cost of the machine

Manual Candle Making Machines

Various types of handy machines are available in markets according to production requirement; You have to choose it by your production

In manually operation machine you have to pour the raw material into the machine then it will mold and make a candle

Then the manufactured candle will take one by one manually the production rate of the manually operated machine is 300 to 1800 pieces per hours

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Semi-Automatic Candle Making Machines

This technique is advance than the manually operated machine and also more accurate and efficient

Therefore the specification of this machined make it user-friendly and more accurate

The instant cooling is provided in this machine by using a water supply

Fully-Automatic Candle Making Machines

Fully-Automatic candle making machines are made of the fine quality material which keeps it aside from other two type of machine

The production rate is also high, which is about 240 pieces per minute

Also, have water regulation for coolant purpose

Apart from this, the machine has an extra slot for designer candle making where you can make a candle with different shape using a different mold.

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#7) Whom to Sell

A candle is one of the types of craft and nowadays  Crafts selling is not a tough task  at all because people are interested to buy some attractive crafts to decor home and hotels even in offices they use to craft

Online Sales

Online selling Marketing of candle businessThis is the age of the digital era. So you can sell candle online, the online market can be a huge market for your candles making business. And an easier way to sell your candle by presenting some pictures and description about candle

A superior method to offer online is to either have your own particular internet business site or pay to have your things recorded on a setup blessing website. You can also create your own website to sell candle


Boutiques are another awesome method to discount your candles and are a superior fit for a top of the line target advertise. An expert, extravagant introduction for your candles is essential.

Crafts and Gift Shops

 On the off chance that you are a characteristic social butterfly and can connect with different entrepreneurs you will experience no difficulty getting your candles into some claim to fame blessing looks around town.

Frequent will consent to offer your item on transfer for a level of the deal. Remember that the rate you provide for the shop proprietor is the cost of working together. On the off chance that you do this right, you will, in the long run, have your candles in a few high rush hour gridlock territories all finished town. That is an extraordinary presentation and well worth seeking after. Ensure you make a custom tag for each light with an awesome plan and your telephone number and web address on the back. This is the means by which informal spreads – and that can mean gigantic benefits not far off.

Agriculturists Markets

Specialty appears agriculturists markets – anyplace you can set up a table and get a great deal of stroll up a business is something worth being thankful for. Offering candles in such scenes are impeccable since individuals can see, feel, and notice your item. This makes the ideal climate for drive purchasing and that is cash in the bank. Expenses for seller’s stalls fluctuate enormously relying upon the setting. Specialty demonstrates to have a tendency to be the most costly, trailed by bug markets, at that point agriculturists markets. The higher the movement, the more costly space moves toward becoming. One disadvantage is that you will require a critical stock and potentially some signage before you starts.

 Local Shops

Neighborhood shops are a decent prologue to the universe of wholesaling. Become more acquainted with store proprietors and their product offerings, share your image and items, and stay in contact. Try not to restrain yourself to nearby channels, since bunches of flame creators fruitful target shops in different states.


CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS is a High Return on Investment Business. The good demand of candle is there in a market throughout the year. So if you have any query related to this Business comment us. we will definitely answer your question.


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