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How to Get Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

Latest study about How to Get Apollo Pharmacy Franchise in India, here you will get full details about Apollo Pharmacy Franchise cost, requirement, area, profit, contact details, etc.

It’s a recession-free business, because families may compromise on luxuries but not in purchase medicines to keep maintain health free business It Medicine is like an essential need of good live life, Pharmacies can be operated around the year, round the clock.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Information| Cost, Profit, Contact No

Apollo Pharmacy is the most leading platform in the pharmacy industry; it is the largest branded network in India region. Apollo Pharmacy is offering genuine medicines with 24-hour service. Apollo Pharmacy VP Atul Ahuja said year by year added to 250 outlets with grown 30 to 35 % every year.

This pharmacy company had a turnover of 1,150 cores in the last financial year. He mentioned that medicines feasible to home delivery, but the law says that dispensing of the medicine have done by qualified pharmacists.

The online store of Apollo Pharmacy has more than 5000 products in different categories like Vitamins and supplements, Baby care, Personal care, Health foods, and OTC.

In addition to this, Apollo Pharmacy Franchise has more than 400 Apollo Brand Products, in various categories. The category may include vitamins and supplements, health food, oral care, skincare, personal care, baby care, OTC, etc.

#1. Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Benefits

The Apollo Pharmacy franchise has Good network in global. This business is always touching to the new level of the market, so Is Apollo Franchise Benefits to the franchisor, Check out how you can be? 

The Reputation of the Brand:

Apollo pharmacies have a good brand name in the market and so the franchise owner will get a great discount from the wholesalers.

Apollo Pharmacy Profits:

Medicines, hospitals, and pharmacies are the most important things in human life and this industry never goes to the influence of economic rise and falls.

Expand Apollo Pharmacy:

Apollo pharmacies Provide smart and detailed access to world technologies with access to the newest drugs in the market is also access to partnerships and expands to the business.

Quality Learning:

The owner will learn about medicines and health care knowledge by engaging in the pharmacy field. Management of prescription and arrange the medicine according to their logbook for all details about sales or stocks of medicines.

#2. Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost 

If you want to start Apollo Pharmacy Franchise total investment cost is approx Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakhs for sing unit franchise.

The company offers two kinds of opportunities in India for Apollo Pharmacy.

  • Single Unit Franchise
  • Master Franchise

1. Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Investment

Pharmaceutical Strip Manufacturing
 Single Unit Franchise Investment
  • Area: Depending on location rent cost will 10,000 to 25,000 per month.
  • Monthly expenses: Monthly expense will be Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000, on the refrigerator will cost around Rs. 10,000 to 25,000 used for drugs such as insulin, vaccines, medicines & other product.
  • Stock: Minimum Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 For Initial stock, so medicines need to restocked as per demand and expiry date.
  • License: Roughly Rs. 25,000 will be cost, included Rs. 3,000 registration fee
  • Computer & Printer: approx Rs. 50,000 cost
 Master Franchise Cost: 
  • Investment Cost: Rs 10 to 15 lakh cost for master franchise.
  • Salary of Pharmacists: average salary Rs. 1.65 lakh to 2 lakh per year.

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2. Area Required for Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy 

To start Franchise of Apollo pharmacy in your area should be needed for commercial retails space to establishing the store.

And you can start Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy which many hospitals, more locality, clinic, etc.

3. Basic Qualification for Apollo Franchisee

  • An individual should have a good track record of running a successful business venture
  • A person has the dedication to give his time to the clinic
  • An individual will be interested in the healthcare industry
  • He will strictly aware of the guidelines provided by Apollo Pharmacy terms & conditions.

4. Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy Training Program

  • They arrange Training Program for the franchisee
  • Franchise Fees included in the Software/Hardware Support
  • Apollo Pharmacy Training Venue will be on Franchise Site
  • Franchise available in(Central, Southern, Northern, Eastern, Western) India Regions

#3. Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Contact Details

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Address

No 65/68, Murugesanaickar Complex,

Loyal Tower 3rd Floor,

Thousand Lights,

Chennai – 600006

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Contact Number

(044) 28245800

Apollo Pharmacy Website


#4. How to Apply For Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

If you want to start Franchise of Apollo Pharmacy, please visit the official website of Apollo pharmacy and fill the application form as instructed.

If you are shortlisted, Apollo Pharmacy company officials will contact you for further discussion.

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