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How To Get Amul Franchise Business In India

Are you planning to start the Amul Franchise Business in India, here we give you details guild on the Amul franchises business.

Amul is a popular brand in dairy product, it has backup of more than 3.7 million milk producers across the country, and India is the largest producer for the milk production, therefore, Amul has played important role in India, with large supply of dairy product Amul is standing on the largest food brand which has more than 6000 franchises in India.

Amul Franchise Business|Profitablity – Investment – Contact No

Amul has more than 85% shares in butter production, market, and 67% shares in cheese production market, so now you have exact ideation about how Amul brand is famous in all over the world; if you are planning to become the part of Amul here we listed everything that you will need to know about Amul franchises business opportunity.

#1 Is Amul Franchise Profitable?

Amul is one of the oldest and trusted brands in the dairy product they have maintained their product quality and brand value from 1932; Amul Franchise is Profitable if you are able to have a supply of product maintaining a wide variety.

Amul has to help up the traditional food culture in India from the established years, you as a franchises holder; you will be able to collaborate the biggest dairy food brand which will help you to add your own brand value.

Amul product is most consumable dairy products in India, as Amul has maintained their product value so the customers automatically gain the trust over the Amul products, so you don’t have to worry about the sale of the Amul products.

The market potential of the Amul brand is high, so if you are planning to start the Amul franchises then it will be a profitable business opportunity.

Is Amul Franchise Profitable

Is amul franchise profitable? Amul is a new that’s in existence for several decades now. It’s won the hearts of huge numbers of folks who belongs to many centuries. Right from elderly folks to the current toddlers Amul products are the first option when they consider when they feel as appreciating quality foods.

Amul has satisfied countless client using its greatest degree of quality that many refuse to ramble to other brands managing products that are similar.

Food sector has ever prospered throughout ages. Provided that hunger is felt that the survival of food market is definitive. No matter the stiff competition in the food business, manufacturers that provide top quality wholesome food endure winning over rivalry always.

Amul cafe franchise termed among the finest QSR Food Franchise at India competes at a rigid way with the overseas manufacturers which are attempting to set themselves in India. Amul total annual turnover is roughly ten million crores and this comprises company from the Franchise too

Amul is among the famous brands which have shown themselves well for several decades now. Right from the time it had been coping with milk products until date as it’s expanded its product lineup hugely Amul has its special spot in the food market. Sustaining from the highly competitive food sector for a long time goes to demonstrate the achievement of Amul as a new brand new.

All of the aforementioned facts about the highly admired brand named Amul are pointers into the success you can achieve once they eventually become the Franchise of their brand. However diversified their business is in the current situation, the newest name Amul will take the amul cafe franchise through towards success and sustainability

#2 Amul Franchise Investment

Amul franchises do not charge for the royalty, therefore you don’t have to pay for any shares to Amul, the franchise holder has to invest between 1.5 lakhs to 30 lakhs according to the franchises business model that you had chosen.

The investment will differ from the location to location, according to study Amul claims that the franchises holder can easily Earn 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per month.

Amul milk

Amul Franchise Cost In India

Amul Franchise Cost In India: 1.5 lakhs to 30 lakhs

Amul franchises are cheaper than any other international dairy brand, also you don’t have to pay for the royalty charge, you only have to pay for the equipment cost, the interior of the shop, and inventory.

#3 Amul Franchises Business Model

Amul offering the franchises in their different franchises business model, you have to choose the right Amul franchise Business model according to too your requirement and capital investment.

Amul Kiosk Franchise

Amul kiosk is small Amul parlour with the area space of 100sqft to 150sqft.

You can start the Amul kiosk franchises

  • Capital Investment: INR 1.5 lakhs
  • Nonrefundable Brand Security: INR Rs 25,000
  • Equipment Cost: Rs 70,000

Amul Parlour Franchise

Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlour has the area space of 300 sqft.

You can start the Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor franchises

ice cream parlour
  • Capital Investment: INR Rs 6 lakh
  • Nonrefundable Brand Security: INR Rs 50,000
  • Equipment Cost: Rs 1, 50,000

Amul Cafe Franchise

Amul Café has the area space of 1000 to 1500 sqft.

You can start the Amul Café franchises

coffee mug
  • Capital Investment: INR Rs 30 lakhs
  • Nonrefundable Brand Security: INR Rs 3 lakhs
  • Equipment Cost: Rs 11 lakhs
  • Premises And Setup: 16 lakhs

#4 Amul Franchise Contact Number

To be a part of India’s leading dairy brand Amul, you can directly contact their Head Office at the address mentioned below:

Official Address:

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation,

PO Box 10, Amul Dairy Road, Anand 388 001, Gujarat, India

Amul Consumer Helpline: 1800-258-3333

Also for more details, you can visit their official website.

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