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How To Start Adidas Franchise

Latest study about how to Adidas franchise in India, in this article you can get the details about the opportunity, cost, requirement, contact details, etc.

Addidas, Is a German-based multinational company So It’s a popular brand worldwide and also dominating the market of footwear & sports accessories for the 80years. Addidas is booming retails market For sports footwear and sport accessories in India.

In the year of 2014 the financial of Adidas sales Rs.737.5 Cr as compared to Reebok company. If you want to start a business in the Adidas franchise, so it’s not a tough decision to start.

Adidas Franchise Business Opportunity

If you thinking to start a business in the footwear franchise sector, Addidas franchise is the best opportunity to start a business in footwear retails industry.

nowadays Addidas is the best company for the business of footwear and sports accessories. The demand for their product for all ages people, Adidas franchise always maintain their loyalty to a quality product. In Retail footwear market Addidas has higher sales and also it has a reputed brand name.

so the market of Addidas is very big with lots of networks worldwide, therefore it is the best opportunity for an investor to start Addidas franchise.

#1. Adidas Franchise Cost

To start the franchise of Addidas it takes approx INR 25 to 50 lakh. which is included the franchise deposit, Furniture/Fixture, and Advertise with promotion.

Also, the company suggests to entrepreneurs can receive a Return of investment of Upto 15%, with a payback period of one year.

Addidas franchise Recommend start franchise in main market areas and shopping mall which has attractions of crowd people. The minimum space requirement for start franchise is 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft.

How To Start Adidas Franchise

Adidas Franchise Cost

The Adidas franchise cost is roughly about 30 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs. This amount comprises the advertising price that’s necessary in that specific place to open the market. The price amount also has the deposit to the car dealer, the price of fittings at the showroom, inside decorations like Adidas needs and furniture requirements from the Franchise showroom or place.

Adidas always urges opening a Franchise at the key crowded place or at the market places or at the shopping malls since it could attain potential appeal among the crowds of men and women in such a location. The minimum distance needed to begin an Adidas Franchise showroom is 1000 Square feet to 1500 square feet as advocated by Adidas.

Adidas Franchise Cost: INR 25 to 50 lakh

Area Required For The Franchise  : 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft

#2. Adidas India Contact Details

Adidas India Marketing Ltd,

Adidas India Contact Number

0124 4569100

Adidas India Corporate Office Address

Plot No-93

Institutional Area,

Sector-32, Gurgaon

Adidas Shoes Official Website India

Adidas Franchise Shoe Email Id

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